In this article, we will see in more detail about the fashion items or look that is often used by Red Velvet’s Yeri. If you are attracted by her looks from some of the photos she often uploads on her Instagram, let’s copy and find out more about fashion items from Red Velvet’s Yeri that can make you look like a K-Pop idol with her charisma. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down below and find out more about Red Velvet’s Yeri’s outfit that you should try on!

Yeri’s Airport Fashion

Airport fashion has become one of the biggest concerns of fans towards the K-Pop idols they like. Some attention is also directed at K-Pop girl groups because each member has the characteristics of the outfit they choose and wear when they are at the airport. Besides that, the members will look more casual and not too flashy than their usual appearance if they are on stage in their respective costumes. In this section, we will look at Red Velvet’s Yeri’s fashion style when he is at the airport to attend some of the planned schedules. Red Velvet’s maknae, Yeri, always looks very fashionable and very relaxed with fashion items that she often wears. The image above is one of Red Velvet’s Yeri’s performances showing airport fashion following her tastes. Red Velvet’s Yeri, who wore thin make-up when arriving at the airport, was seen wearing a Leather Jacket Collar that costs $ 326 and Low Denim Pants that costs $ 210. To support her fashion style, Yeri wore shoes from Dwalker V2 that costs $ 115 from Discovery Expedition and several other accessories, such as a Mini Love Bag that costs $ 450 from Pinko and a $ 450 CD Necklace from Dior. Besides that, Red Velvet’s Yeri also often shows some of the collections of fashion items she uses for airport fashion from expensive fashion brands. The image above shows Red Velvet’s Yeri wearing an $ 80.87 Sleeveless Turtle Neck from ENOR, Rach Reversible Coat that costs $ 1,028 from rag & bone New York and My ABCDior bag for $ 3,900 from Dior. The clothes can be considered as a very classy fashion because they show fashion items such as a coat that is very long and comfortable to wear during winter. Not only that, but Red Velvet’s Yeri also showed her style in dressing when he appeared in public. For airport fashion, this time, Red Velvet’s Yeri uses more casual clothes, such as the Pepsi Logo Hoodie that costs $ 96 from Guess, Tropic 504 Cap that costs $ 48 from Kangol, Big Chunky P shoes that cost $ 73 from MLB and Rico Bag II Jester Red that costs $ 133 from Marhen J. Outfit worn by Red Velvet’s Yeri is very reflective of the energy of teenagers in general. He looks charming with round glasses that she wears to support airport fashion.  

Yeri’s Sporty

Sporty looks are one of the performances that are rarely used by girl groups. However, some like to match their collections or are working together as models of sportswear so that they can be seen wearing clothes and sporty outfits like Red Velvet’s Yeri, who was once appointed as one of the models for Reebook and looked very well suited wearing the latest looks with collections from the brand. Let’s look at some of the sporty looks from Red Velvet’s Yeri below that you should copy!

A post shared by YERI FASHION & STYLE (@yerikimstyle) on Apr 25, 2020 at 11:00pm PDT Red Velvet’s Yeri looks beautiful and sporty for the ‘Dazed Korea May 2020 Issues’ photoshoot by wearing a sporty outfit from Reebok. Some of the items she wore were Classics Tennis Dress that costs $ 50 and Classic We Sell Gold Crew Socks that costs $ 12 from Reebok. With a sporty appearance, Yeri still looks very pretty and deserves to look at it because we usually know that sporty looks are always synonymous with shorts and t-shirts as well as long socks and sports shoes to support that appearance. The dress can also be an option for sporty looks, and Red Velvet’s Yeri has proven this without reducing its natural beauty.

A post shared by YERI FASHION & STYLE (@yerikimstyle) on Apr 25, 2020 at 10:42pm PDT Furthermore, Red Velvet’s Yeri wore Classic Vector Crop Top that costs $ 25, Az Princess shoes that cost $ 64, and Pleats Skirts that costs $ 39 from Reebook. This all-in-set fashion from Reebook still prioritizes feminist looks for women who are still shy about using a sporty look because now, fashion has been upgraded following the changing times and interests of many people. Red Velvet’s Yeri again proved that with sporty looks, teenage girls will still look beautiful with that appearance.

A post shared by YERI FASHION & STYLE (@yerikimstyle) on Apr 24, 2020 at 4:04pm PDT The image above shows sporty looks in general. Still, with the same brand, Red Velvet’s Yeri wore a Classics Sweatshirt that costs $ 50, Workout Ready Shorts that costs $ 25, Az Princess shoes that cost $ 64, and Classic Socks that costs $ 12 from Reebook. Although this sporty look looks ordinary and, in general, is very identical to items like this. Still, this sporty look can inspire many people if they want to choose a sporty fashion item that is simple and comfortable to wear while exercising, without making their movements limited.

Girlfriend Material

There are many concepts or looks from every girl group member who very often wears very feminine clothes and resembles girlfriend material look. In this section, we will see several Red Velvet’s Yeri’s appearances that show a collection of clothes that are very beautiful and make us feel like they were invited to a date by the Red Velvet’s maknae. As women, we need to imitate Yeri’s clothes and fashion outfit to get the same look as Yeri so we can also emit a sweet and beautiful aura like the idol.

A post shared by YERI FASHION & STYLE (@yerikimstyle) on Apr 2, 2020 at 8:09pm PDT Red Velvet’s Yeri updated her Instagram with a post that was like a magazine photography session. The 1999-born idol looked simple but still elegant with the girlfriend look she chose. Yeri wears a Double Trench Overfit that costs $ 262, a Basic Slit Skirt that costs $ 113 and a Waved Half Open Shirt that costs $ 97 from EIEN29. Besides that, Red Velvet’s Yeri also added some accessories to support her appearance by choosing the red bag from Drum.D for $ 181 and One Star Mule for $ 65 from Converse. This outfit is perfect to wear in winter because the material is very thick and long makes people who wear them warmer.

A post shared by YERI FASHION & STYLE (@yerikimstyle) on Mar 23, 2020 at 12:11am PDT If you like something more straightforward, Red Velvet’s Yeri has also posted one of his Instagram photos wearing a $ 41 Billie Sweater from Brandy Melville while holding a Moschino Toy that costs $ 110 from MOSCHINO and a $ 1.25 Pepito Pepites snack. Many comments that give praise about the fashion outfit that Red Velvet’s Yeri uses every day because she looks terrific even with thin make-up and simple fashion looks. The member who has a real name as Kim Ye-rim has indeed become one of the fashion icons of Red Velvet because of his style that is always a stylist.

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