However, we’re not going to talk about SNSD or Girls’Generation in general. Instead, we’re going to talk about one of the members that used to be called a cutie and Sunny bunny but now that she has grown up as an elegant lady, let’s just call her… Girls’ Generation’s Sunny! Sunny is one of the SNSD or Girls’ Generation members who is in charge of singing and rapping. Sunny is also the shortest member along with Taeyeon the leader. But even so, Sunny is a talented Radio DJ who had her own radio show called Sunny FM Date. She also has appeared in some theatrical dramas and showed her amazing voice there. Well then, what part about her achievements are we going to talk about, you may ask. Being a Girls’ Generation member and a successful artist in general, you must be wondering what kind of house Sunny lives in? She’s a grown lady, she must be living alone in a luxurious house that is bought from her own money. Well, if you’re curious that much, then just scroll down and find out more about it in this article because we’re going to provide you with all the details. Stay tuned!

Sunny’s House First TV Appearance

The first time Sunny showed her house to the public was when she appeared in an episode of the reality show titled Life Exchange Reality that aired on November 9th, 2017. In this episode, Sunny had to exchange or swap her life with Korean actress Ha Jae-sook. The actress showed that she was nervous just by seeing Sunny’s front view apartment. It showed how mesmerizing Sunny’s place is. Sunny also showed her cute interaction with her fellow member, Yoona by video-calling her from her apartment. Even Yoona, a big star in Korea, was amazed by Sunny’s single apartment and said that she wants to visit Sunny’s house later, to which Sunny right away responded positively. What a cute relationship!

About Sunny’s Apartment

It was reported that Sunny’s residence was located in one of the elite areas in Seoul, Seongsu-dong. The apartment is near the Han River and also the Seoul Forest. Little did we know, Sunny’s apartment is also in the same building as her fellow labelmates, Super Junior’s Lee-teuk, Eun-hyuk, and Dong-hae. The apartment looks so luxurious and is really wide. Every inch of the room shows how glamorous it is. Let’s take a look at some detailed photos of the inside of Sunny’s apartments.     Looking at these photos makes us want to work harder so we can buy a luxury property just like Sunny, don’t you think? Well then, let’s work hard from now on so that we can enjoy life like this!

Apartment With A Good View Of The Sunrise And The Sunset

In the episode of Life Exchange Reality where Sunny showed her apartment for the first time, the MC Shin Dong-yup was amazed by the amazing view of the apartment. There was even a guest who said that Sunny must be enjoying the view by drinking quite a bit. Because indeed, having that kind of beautiful scenery really makes us want to just enjoy life, don’t you agree? And with the beautiful and amazing scenery like that, since the apartment is located in a strategic place near the Han River and the Seoul Forest, you must be guessing that it must be really nice to see the sunrise and the sunset there. Well, you’re right! Of course, it is going to be really beautiful when we see the sunset and the sunrise there. Well, let’s take a look at some photos, shall we? Don’t worry if we still can’t have a house like Sunny’s apartment that shows a really mesmerizing view like that. At least we can see it from photos and adore it from here. Let’s take a look at another photo, then.  

Sunny’s Cooking Skills VS Complete Kitchen Set

If you’re a fan of SNSD, you must know that is Sunny a very good cook or not. And you must be curious about how she cooks inside her luxurious apartment. It must be wonderful to see her glamorous kitchen set and her cooking skills combined. Sunny who lives alone in the apartment, and is only accompanied by her cat, uses her kitchen to cook her own food, and also for her cat. In one of the episodes of Real Life Men and Women, Sunny showed her kitchen set and how she cooks in it. However, in the first few minutes, Sunny was so upset at how inside her kitchen there is only instant food. She started panicking right away because she was supposed to welcome guests and she couldn’t provide proper food. Looking at how cute she is when she prepared the food, we can tell that she maybe doesn’t cook that often… right? Or she must be just nervous, hehe. It could be! But then again, Sunny prepared a really cute snack for the housewarming party. So cute, just like she is! Thank God that the guests liked the food. They were also amazed by how luxurious Sunny’s kitchen set inside her apartment is and pointed out that Sunny has a beer dispenser in it. The guests also said that the house’s scenery is even better to see in person instead of just from the TV. Let’s take a look at the complete video to find out more!

Sunny’s house is indeed so delightful to see.

Sunny’s Apartment Net Worth

After seeing how beautiful and luxurious Sunny’s house is, now there must be one thing that comes to your mind. Of course, it’s the cost! How much do we have to pay for living in such a wonderful apartment with a breathtaking view as if the whole of Seoul is owned by you? Well don’t get shocked, the net worth for Sunny’s luxurious single apartment is 2.7 billion Korean won, which equals to about 2.4 million US dollars. If you think that the numbers are crazy, think about how beautiful the apartment’s scenery is, and how luxurious all the properties inside are. The apartment might be so expensive and all, but Sunny worked so hard to get in what she has and to the place where she’s in right now. And now that she has achieved it, then it is worth it for her to get all of this. Congratulations, Sunny!

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