Therefore, through this article, Channel-Korea already provides information about all Stray Kids members dating rumors history. For those of you who still get curious, you can check this article and read until the end. Stay tuned!

Stray Kids Members Never Speaks Publicly about Their Relationship Status

Stray Kids members are never talked about their relationship or even their crushes. They are never speaks publicly regarding the private life or even showing the sign of their love stories. However, almost Stray Kids members was certainly involved in dating rumors with some Korean idols or even they were paired by fans to have a relationship with other idols. Before knowing more, you can check their dating lists here:

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Dating Rumors

Among Stray Kids members, Hyunjin is the most member who has many fans and is popular in the group. So, no wonder he called rumored with other female idols such as aespa’s Karina and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie. Let’s check the details here!

Hyunjin Involved Dating Rumors with aespa’s Karina

In September 2021, Hyunjin was involved in a dating rumor with Karina from aespa. Both of them are claimed by fans to have a relationship because Hyunjin’s phone’s wallpaper was allegedly Karina’s photo. The rumor was spread started by a K-netz has shared a screen capture from Hyunjin’s handphone’s wallpaper and the suspicious also evoked cons in the comments column. The thought that there are two possibilities, namely that they are really dating or Hyunjin is actually Karina’s fan. Moreover, they both were sent a love emoji with the same color on the online platform. Responding to this rumor, on September 7, 2021, Hyunjin immediately brushed off all of the rumors by showing his wallpaper more clearly. The wallpaper actually a sketch from a drama that he was watching at that time.

Hyunjin and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie’s Dating rumors

Besides Karina, Hyunjin also paired with Minnie from (G)I-DLE. It is because they both had many cute interactions and were caught by fans in the piece moments. Actually, Hyunjin and Minnie’s rumors aren’t like Karina who was being accused to be dating secretly. So, neither Hyunjin nor Minnie didn’t respond to these rumors. If you want to see their cute interactions or fans’ edited, you can click the video below!

Stray Kids’ Felix’s Dating Rumors Lists

Not only Hyunjin, but Felix also once get involved in dating rumors with other female idols. So, who are the female idols’ names that have been called Felix’s girlfriend? So, here are them!

Felix and TWICE’s Sana

Felix and Sana are an artist under JYP Entertainment, whereas Sana is Felix’s sunbae (senior). Even though they were senior junior, both of them had once called as a couple. Felix and Sana are very close to each other, so people think thank they both are in a relationship. However, they were a good friend when they have been meeting in 2018. Until now, there’s no proof and it is just speculations.

Felix and ITZY’s Ryujin

Same as Sana, Ryuji and Felix are in the same agency, but the difference is that Ryujin is Felix’s junior. In 2020, Felix and Ryujin are be accused to date each other. People thought that they were coming to the same cafe together, but actually, Ryujin came an hour after Felix. Not only that, previously Ryujin admitted that she’s a big fan of Stray Kids. So, because of this fact, people claimed Ryujin and Felix are really close like a couple.

Stray Kids’ Han and (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Dating Rumor

Han also once called to be dating (G)I-DILE’s Yuqi even though not as much as Felix and Hyunjin. Some people think that Han and Yuqi are secretly dating it is because when (G)I-DLE was an in-game session on a TV program, then they must guess a word from “h”. Then, Yuqi slipped and even mentioned Han’s name after that she realized it and stopped. However, this rumor is only a fans’ thought which might be an inadvertency.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Dating Rumor with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

Many people thought that Bang Chan and Soyeon are a real couple. It started from Dispatch that revealed about their dating and many people are believe in.

Stray Kids’ I.N Dating Rumos

I.N is one of Stray Kids’ members who was never caught in dating rumors or something. Until now, Dispatch, fans, or media never spread rumors about himself with a female idol. Apart from that, I.N surely has his own ideal type of woman who will accompany him in the future. This maknae of Stray Kids likes someone who women who are intelligent, cheerful, and always smiling in every way. Not only that, he wants that person also to have someone warm-hearted and very supportive.

Stray Kids’ Changbin Dating with Stay’s C Sieun

Stray Kids’ members are many involved in dating rumors with (G)I-DLE’s members, it also happened to Changbin. He was avowed by fans to have a special relationship with StayC’s Sieun. In 2021, Dispatch revealed a new gossip about a new K-pop couple that year. It started when Sieun’s pas was open in public about her ex in JYP Entertainment because she was a former trainee there. Based on Weibo, people choose Changbin as Sieun’s ex-boyfriend. However, this rumor wasn’t responded to by Changbin or even Sieun.

Stray Kids’ Seungmin Dating Rumors

The last dating rumor of Stray Kids is about Seungmin. As time goes by, Seungmin has no record of this case, he never had a dating rumors history. However, Seungmin also has his own version of his ideal type. Seungmin likes someone who is able to try something new with him. Also, he has specific criteria, namely, that person must be a good chef, in other words, she should be good at cooking. So, that’s all information regarding all Stray Kids’ members’ dating rumors history. After reading all of this, you can put your thoughts in the comment section and share them with your friends.

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