This was the first comeback from EXO after those two members left. It was a very big comeback. In particular, it was the first time for EXO to release not only two versions of album, but 20 versions. Yup, it was a lot. The 20 versions were actually because EXO has 10 members and each of the members’ albums were made in two languages, Mandarin and Korean. Let’s have a little throwback to that era, EXO-L! But first, let’s play the music video once again!

Comeback and Teaser

As it was a big comeback, SM Entertainment made a lot of preparations for it. Before launching the teaser for Call Me Baby, SM Entertainment teased the fans with Pathcode videos. In the pathcode videos, each member was at a different time and place. That was making fans curious. Let’s see the compilation, below.

Many theories and speculations showed up, until finally, we found out that if we picked the first letter of the cities, we got L, B, A, B, E, M, A, L, Y, and C. Then, if we rearranged the letters, we would get Call Me Baby. Yup, the pathcode videos were actually the clues for the title track of the newest comeback. The Pathcode videos were released digitally on March 27, 2015, three days ahead of the album. There is a funny thing behind the Pathcode videos. As they were very mysterious and many fans tried to find out what they meant, some fans also became like Sherlock Holmes to solve each puzzle. Among them, there were some who got frustrated, because the level of difficulty was quite high. EXO’s members were asked about the mystery behind the Pathcode videos. During a press conference for the album ‘EXODUS’, Chanyeol revealed that even the EXO members were confused about the promotion of ‘Pathcode’. Chanyeol admitted, “We have heard about the explanation, but I’m still not sure. I can’t solve everything, but if fans love us, I think they will be able to finish it easily. I can solve D.O’s thinking“. On the other hand, D.O added, “How often I watch it, I can’t solve Chanyeol’s puzzle.” Meanwhile, Kai said that there were many significant changes made to form a new image, the music video for the comeback would have a unique concept. Well, it was a very big comeback with many mysteries in it. Let’s just flashback to see the Call Me Baby teaser music video

About The Song, Call Me Baby

“Call Me Baby” is the title track of EXO’s second studio album, titled Exodus. The song was released in Korean and Chinese versions by SM Entertainment on March 27, 2015, as the lead single for the album Gladly. Call Me Baby gained a lot attention from the public, as the album sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. The Korean and Chinese music videos for Call Me Baby were released on March 30, 2015. The videos mainly feature Exo’s performances of the song at a warehouse setting and against a white backdrop, and were filmed in a one-shot style. The Korean version later became the third most-watched K-pop music video on YouTube in 2015. Surprisingly, the Korean version music video of Call Me Baby surpassed 200 million views on YouTube on September 23, 2018. The music video became their second music video to do so. Do not forget to click the next page!

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