Get To Know LIGHTSUM’s Lovely Maknae, Jian

Not long ago, Cube Entertainment debuted a new girl group named LIGHTSUM. Consisting of 8 members, all of them are attractive and full of talent, including the youngest one in the group, Jian. Having been working very hard to make her dream as a singer come true, Jian has been drawing attention from fans and other K-pop group fans. Through this article, Channel Korea will bring you closer to getting to know LIGHTSUM’s Jian, so keep on reading!

LIGHTSUM’s Jian’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Ji-an (김지안) Stage Name: Jian (지안) Birth: Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea, November 4, 2006 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Blood Type: N/A Height: 167 cm Weight: 49 kg Nationality: Korean Position in LIGHTSUM: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae Occupation: Rapper, Singer Label: Cube Entertainment Years Active: 2021 – present Associated With: LIGHTSUM

15 Fun Facts About Jian That You Have To Know

Jian’s family consists of a mother, father, and older sister She attended Chungsin Girls’ Middle School Her nickname is Jinyangi (it also means Ji-cat) Jian used to train with former JYP Entertainment trainees like Kim Si-eun and Wang Jiayu since Jian was also a former JYP Entertainment trainee Her MBTI type is ENTP Her favorite colors are black and burgundy Her favorite food is sushi Jian loves to watch TV, especially anime series She also loves binge-watching K-dramas and idol performances Jian’s role model is BLACKPINK’s Jennie Jian is very good at playing ball games Jian explains that she wants to be a singer that brings pleasure to people She has such a positive personality She can also make friends very easily since she is an ENTP person While she was in kindergarten, she learned Taekwondo for 2 years

Are You Curious About LIGHTSUM’s Jian’s Ideal Type?

After getting to know about LIGHTSUM’s Jian’s trivia and fun facts, you must be curious about her ideal type as well. Even though many people, especially LIGHTSUM and Jian’s fans, are very curious about her ideal type, Jian herself hasn’t spoken up about it yet. But still, we do hope that she will reveal it one day!

Jian’s Pre-Debut Era and Other Activities

Long before her trainee days at Cube Entertainment, Jian used to be a JYP Entertainment trainee. However, it didn’t last that long since she moved to Cube afterward. It seems like Jian’s destiny indeed is to be a singer since during her first birthday doljabi Jian grabbed the money and a microphone. The microphone makes sense if Jian’s dream is to become a singer. Luckily, she eventually made it to debut as one of LIGHTSUM’s members!

Jian’s Debut With LIGHTSUM

Jian was revealed as the 4th member of LIGHTSUM on April 20, 2021. Then, she was able to officially debut with the other 7 members on June 10, 2021, by releasing the group’s first single, “Vanilla.” In the group, Jian is the youngest one, and she is in charge of the main rapper and sub-vocalist positions as well. Despite her baby face and pure image, Jian can turn the table by looking fierce while she is rapping on the stage! A few months later, the group announced that the fandom name of LIGHTSUM is SUMIT on September 17, 2021. Later on, LIGHTSUM also made its first comeback by releasing the single album Light a Wish on October 13, 2021.

Watch the Fan Cam Performances of LIGHTSUM’s Jian

Get ready to fall for LIGHTSUM’s Jian’s charm by taking a look at her focus fan cam performances here:

During the group’s performance of “Vanilla,” LIGHTSUM’s Jian showed off such a bright and powerful performance! With a bright outfit, her charms also shone even brighter. The way she danced and sang following the rhythm was very attractive as well!

LIGHTSUM’s Jian looked different while performing “Vivace” with the other members. If she is known for her cute and pure image, this time she emphasized elegant and chic vibes in her performance, especially during her rap. We bet every eye was only on her! That’s everything about LIGHTSUM’s Jian! She must be very proud of her current situation since she has been putting in the effort to debut as a K-pop idol. Are you also in love with LIGHTSUM’s Jian? Tell us your response about that, and you can share this article on your social media as well!

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