Full Profile of LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong

Birth Name: Lee Yu Jeong (이유정) Stage Name: Yujeong (유정) Birth: Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea, June 14, 2004 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Nationality: Korean Blood Type: AB Height: 160 cm Weight: 41 kg Position in LIGHTSUM: Sub Vocalist Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2018 – present Label: Fantagio, CNC School, Stardium, Cube Entertainment (present) Associated With: Produce 48, LIGHTSUM

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Yujeong’s nicknames are Yudaeng, Rabbit, and My Melody Her MBTI type is ISFJ Yujeong’s specialties are musicals and cheerleading She can play the piano as well Another talent that she has is doing aegyo Yujeong once appeared with Park Bo-gum in a Coca-Cola CF She is included with the short members of LIGHTSUM Yujeong’s role models are IU, Taeyeon, and BTOB’s Sungjae She loves the My Melody character very much She loves to play the piano, watch YouTube videos, and do cover dances Her parents advised her to join a cheerleader club to overcome her timid personality Yujeong became a cheerleader for 5 years

Wanna Know About LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong’s Ideal Type?

Many fans are also curious about LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong’s ideal type since she has shown off her bright personality, which is why most fans are in love with her! Unfortunately, Yujeong has never talked about her ideal type, but we hope we will find the answer sometime in the future!

LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong’s Pre-Debut: Appearance on Produce 48 and Other Activities

Since she was younger, Yujeong has been fond of dance, which continued as she grew older. Before Yujeong joined Cube Entertainment, she joined other agencies such as Fantagio, Stardom, and CNC School. In 2018, Yujeong participated in the survival show Produce 48 as a representative of CNC School.

However, Yujeong didn’t make it to the final round, and she got eliminated with the final rank of 51. Later, Yujeong joined Cube Entertainment as a trainee and debuted as a member of LIGHTSUM in 2021.

LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong’s Debut Era

LIGHTSUM is the new girl group under Cube Entertainment, and it debuted on June 10, 2021, by releasing the first single titled “Vanilla.” Previously, it was announced that Yujeong would be the 8th member of LIGHTSUM as well as the last line-up for the group.

Yujeong and the other LIGHTSUM members made their debut stage on M! COUNTDOWN while performing the single “Vanilla.” During her debut with LIGHTSUM, Yujeong also gained much attention due to her bright and cheerful image. She says her charms are bright like the sun, her cute image, and her fresh image. Even though she is a sub-vocalist, her dance skills are also awesome!

Check Out LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong’s Focus Fancams Here!

Once you watch LIHGTSUM’s Yujeong’s live stage performances, you will fall for her charms endlessly!

Yujeong looks gorgeous during the “Vanilla” performance at M! COUNTDOWN. She mixes the feminine and sporty style matched to the upbeat music. How she danced and sang harmonized with the music and looked very satisfying, right?

As adorable as usual, LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong looked even more charming during the fancam of “Vanilla” from SBS’ Inkigayo! It feels like she always looks bright with her wide smile and stays focused on her performance. Her style with the short lime green dress also looks very youthful! Yujeong has proven her talents as a rookie idol after debuting with LIGHTSUM! Even though her journey on Produce 48 didn’t go well, she eventually made it with LIGHTSUM! What do you guys think about LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong? Share your opinion through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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