Arrested For Driving A Car While Drunk

AB6IX’s Young-min surprised people with his irresponsible act when he got caught driving a car while drunk. Then how did it happen? The incident happened on May 31st, 2020, and at that time Young-min was hanging out with several friends who were out together drinking. And unfortunately, he also drove his car alone under the influence of the alcohol on the way back to the dorm. Young-min had met with his friends privately, which is why he went home by himself without the other AB6IX members or manager. It was also reported that Young-min went to the dorm at midnight. Then he was caught by the local police for a DUI case, which is known as Driving Under the Influence. Not only that, but this incident caused his driving license to be revoked for a while. Even though luckily, he wasn’t involved in an accident and no harm was done, the case is serious as it has the potential to cause significant harm to people. This particular case also made an impact and influenced the activities of AB6IX, not to mention that the fans and people surrounding him were also worried and showed their concern.

AB6IX’s Young-min’s Apology About His Controversy

Right after the incident, Young-min expressed his regret by written an apology message to people, especially the fans, on June 4th, 2020. The apology letter was written in his own handwriting and then posted on the official AB6IX fan café. In the letter, Young-min expresses his regret as well as embarrassment for making an irresponsible act that could not only endanger himself but also other people. Young-min felt disappointed after making the fans worried, especially when they have been waiting for a long time for him and the group to make a comeback. Moreover, he felt embarrassed for not being a good leader, since he didn’t show such a kind attitude as the oldest brother towards the fellow members. Later on, he also revealed his apology towards the agency and the whole crew who were already preparing AB6IX’s comeback. Due to his reckless behavior, the comeback had to be delayed. Young-min felt deep regret, which is why he also said that he would be accepting all of the criticism as well as reflect on himself. As a closure, he also expressed a sincere apology to his family. Not only that, but Brand New Music also confirmed the incident through an official statement. Regarding Brand New Music, Young-min deeply reflected on himself for all of his faults, and he also prepared himself for any potential further investigation by the police if there was any. Moreover, Brand New Music announced that Young-min would be non-active and halt all of the promotional activities with AB6IX. Meanwhile, the rest of the activities would be continued by the other four members as well. Then the agency also expressed their apology to the fans after causing worry and concern, in addition, they promised to take all of the responsibility for the incident that occurred, as they wish that the same incident doesn’t happen again in the future.

Netizens’ Reactions

Even though fans are usually supportive of their idols, sometimes certain conditions inevitably bring about disappointment in the idols as well. Just like AB6IX’s fans who felt furious and sad towards Young-min, despite all of his words in the apology letter. Mostly, the fans were really mad since a DUI case is really dangerous, and they were also disappointed that Young-min could be that clumsy. Some of the fans also forced Young-min to leave AB6IX as a way of showing responsibility. The fans also shared their thoughts about Young-min’s incident, such as: “Even though Young-min has written an apology letter, but it doesn’t automatically mean that everyone should have forgiven him. There’s a lot of people out there who lost the one that they loved because of a DUI case, and Young-min might be one of the culprits of that,” “The leader has left the group, oh geez,” “He really did kick his own luck out the door, drunk driving is a crime,” “Nice decision. I hope he stays away from the alcohol in the future, even if he becoming a non-celebrity person,” “He has been realized that AB6IX members and other crew went to a hard time for preparing their comeback, but Young-min was involved in an incident exactly eight days before their comeback,” and many other comments that they left on the internet. Netizens also thought that the incident might be haunting Young-min for a long time, in addition to the fact that he just made his debut with AB6IX not long ago. It also made people’s view of him to change, not to mention the fact that he was involved in a controversy. However, there were also several fans who thought that Young-min’s decision to leave the group might be way too harsh for him. Although they did realize that Young-min’s DUI case is also taking a risk, the fans also think that he should remain in the group. Well, what about you, readers, what do you think?

The reason netizens praised the agency

Even though at first, Young-min’s agency revealed that he would be non-active within AB6IX’s promotional schedule, but eventually it lead them to a statement of Young-min’s decision to leave the group. After the news broke out, netizens started praising the agency for being responsible for their artist’s incident. Brand New Music was involved in a long discussion about Young-min’s incident, and the final decision was his departure from the group. However, the fellow members of AB6IX would continue their promotional schedule and comeback with four members only. Mostly, the netizens expressed their compliments for Brand New Music by saying: “The agency was really good at handling that incident,” “I wish that the other agencies will do the same if something similar might happen with their artists,” “They’re good at clearing up their entertainment business,” and many more.

Official statement from the agency about AB6IX’s Young-min

The leader Young-min must’ve felt really responsible for his drunk driving incident, which made the news of his ‘sudden’ departure really surprising for the fans. Brand New Music released the official statement regarding Young-min’s departure from AB6IX on June 8th, 2020. As an opening statement, Brand New Music extended their gratitude towards AB6IX fans who have been supporting and cherishing the group from the beginning up until now. However, they were very sad to announce the update news about Young-min, especially after the DUI case. Then after a long discussion, Young-min decided to leave the group in order to avoid any potential harm to the fellow members since he also respects all of them. Brand New Music was really sorry for all of those people who have been involved and struggling very hard for the AB6IX’s album promotions, but due to the agency and team’s condition, they have to re-arrange every detail. In addition, Brand New Music also stated that the group would be making their comeback and continue the entertainment activities as a four-member group. As a closing statement, the agency also expressed their sincere apologies especially for the fans, then asked them to keep their support and love towards AB6IX in the future.

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