The K-Pop world is no exception to this rule. Leaders of a boy group have a stake in determining the existence of the group they lead. Not only “regulating,” but they are also obliged to ensure that the group remains solid and that any problems that exist can be resolved as quickly as possible. The leader of a K-Pop group is not a mandatory position, but most groups tend to have one. The majority of times the leader is the oldest member of the group but sometimes the member who connects the best with all the other bandmates will become the leader. He is expected to be mature, charismatic and to be able to take care of the other members, motivate his colleagues and represent them in various ways (speaking in interviews, on stage, etc.) Of the many leaders in the K-Pop industry, these are some of the best K-Pop boy group leaders who are flawless. We are going to continue with a detailed outline for some of them. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you with several of the most terrific and the best leaders of the K-Pop boy groups. So, keep reading!

#1 BTS’ RM

Kim Nam-joon was born on September 12th, 1994, in Ilsan-gu, South Korea. He is better known as RM (formerly Rap Monster). He is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is the leader and a rapper in the South Korean boy group BTS, managed under Big Hit Entertainment. The reason why BTS’ RM deserves to be on this list is: He’s a good leader and really cares for all the members. He works so hard for his group, BTS (he has a main role in producing many of their songs). He knows how to give everyone the strength to go up on stage, he knows how to treat everyone even when they are feeling bad he knows that when the members are down he should check on them; RM is the best leader alive even if he is not the oldest and may be clumsy but he is worth it when it comes to leadership. He’s the best leader and he really takes responsibility.

#2 GOT7’s JB

Lim Jae-beom was born on January 6th, 1994, in Goyang, South Korea. He is commonly known by his stage name JB. He is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor who is the leader of the South Korean boy band Got7 and part of the subunits Jus2 and the boy band duo JJ Project. JB was chosen as the leader on the grounds that JB is the main vocalist, composer, producer, and song lyricist on GOT7’s albums. Not only that, but JB is also known as a leader who is responsible, firm and always directs his group to a better direction. JB knows when he must be serious and not be lenient with the members. JB always thinks of GOT7’s image every time he wants to do something, even JB himself said that he is GOT7’s image so he must always be careful if he wants to do something. There are many factors why JYP Entertainment entrusts the leader position to JB even though he’s not the oldest member, among them are:

JB is a member with the longest trainee period since 2009; JB has the most experience in the entertainment world compared to GOT7’s oldest member Mark; JB is a member who is responsible, independent, and considered the most mature in the group. This is recognized by all GOT7 members, all members will definitely come to JB if they have a problem and need someone to talk to. Even their two maknaes Bambam and Yugyeom have said that they can only talk openly to JB.

#3 Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Christopher Bang was born on October 3rd, 1997, in Sydney, Australia. He is better known by his Korean name Bang Chan. He is an Australian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer known as the leader of the South Korean boy group, Stray Kids. He and other members produced songs on the Mixtape album, and also became an important part of Stray Kids’ debut album I Am Not. This ability may not be separated from the trainee period he has lived for approximately 7 years. The reason why Stray Kids’ Bang Chan deserves to be on this list is: While still a trainee, Bang Chan formed and selected himself a member of the Boys Project team who is now a member of Stray Kids. He chose his members based on 3RACHA, a group he had previously formed with Jisung and Changbin. He is a strict leader, but he is also someone who is caring and kind. While practicing, Bang Chan is known by his members as being very strict and sometimes making members afraid. However, he turned around to be a very caring and kind person to his members outside of training time. He even willingly cooked food for his members in the dormitory. In addition, fans have also found Bang Chan helping a JYP Entertainment staff who seemed troubled to carry heavy items. Besides that, since childhood, Bang Chan really liked the moment where he made other people happy. Therefore, he wants to be a singer so that he can continue to make people happy.

#4 EXO’s Suho

Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22nd, 1991, in Seoul, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name Suho (meaning “guardian” in Korean). He is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, and model. He is a member and leader of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its subunit EXO-K. Suho is known as a very patient leader. He is also gentle and has polite behavior with all EXO members, and to others. From EXO-K leader, Suho is now EXO’s leader and of course, the task is getting harder. But it has been proved that he can run his position as a good leader. The reason why Suho deserves to be on this list is:

Because Suho is the strongest and toughest person in EXO.

Because only Suho is able to hold back his tears, he doesn’t drip when other members or EXO-L (EXO fans) see him. When Kris, Luhan, and Tao left them, Suho was the strongest. When the other members cried on stage, it was Suho who approached them, patted Chanyeol’s back so he stopped crying, encouraged Baekhyun and spoke on behalf of Sehun. If you ever see Suho crying at some time, it will not be because he is weak but because he has been too strong all this time.

Because Suho is a person who is polite and always humble how much achievement he and his group, EXO have achieved.

The more he brings EXO to win awards and great achievements, so Suho will be the one who will bend lower. Then he won’t stop saying his gratitude and love for fans. This made him and EXO more loved by many people.

Suho is someone who has been hurt so deeply, then miraculously he was able to heal himself.

It is common knowledge that Suho had been a trainee together with SHINee members a few years ago. Then when SHINee debuted in 2008, he was left behind. Unimaginable feelings when he left his debut and saw his best friend was busy with their respective activities. But Suho proved that he was able to successfully debut with EXO.

Suho is a person who is never tired.

Suho and EXO are people who are never tired of practicing and working hard for fans. EXO-L, of course, still remembers the story of a former makeup artist from SM Entertainment when she had to dress EXO’s lack of sleep because they continued to practice and took a lot of time. In many variety shows, other members have revealed how Suho would call them and remind them when it was time to practice. And after all that he went through, now Suho is never tired of giving victory speeches over hundreds of awards that EXO has and will achieve.

Suho has a myriad of talents and does not forget to be supported by extraordinary visuals.

Suho’s singing and dancing talent certainly can not be doubted on the stage. He has also shown his acting talent when acting as the main character in the dramas The Universe’s Star and How Are You Bread. It is near perfect when the visual, one of the ‘flowers’ at SM Entertainment, has been recognized by many people. Even many people dubbed EXO the crown princes of SM Entertainment.

#5 MONSTA X’s Shownu

Son Hyun-woo was born on June 18th, 1992, in Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul, South Korea. He is better known by his stage name Shownu. He is the leader, main dancer, and lead vocalist of the South Korean hip-hop boy group, Monsta X. Aside from having a good voice, Shownu as a leader also has his own charisma when on the stage. His beautiful posture and dance movements make all eyes fall in love and also he is known as the father in the group because of his maturity and calm and shy attitude. Aside from being a leader, Shownu is also a choreographer who is active in creating most of the group’s choreography. He is a humble person and never introduced himself as ‘leader of MONSTA X.’ The other members adore him and have said that he is a true leader.

#6 Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Park Jeong-su was born on July 1st, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. He is known professionally as Leeteuk. He is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter, and radio personality. At the age of sixteen, he was discovered by SM Entertainment and became a trainee at SM Entertainment’s Starlight Academy. After five years of training, he debuted as a member of the boy group Super Junior in November 2005 and since then, he has also further participated in the agency’s projects Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. Super LEADER, maybe a decent title pinned on Park Jung-soo aka Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader. Leeteuk is also always in the top ranks as the best leader in the K-Pop world. What are the advantages of Leeteuk? Obviously, it is difficult to describe it, only seen from the physical. Leeteuk doesn’t look serious, doesn’t look fierce, instead tends to be funny, giggles, and is rather ridiculous. His role as a panelist and MC at various events also disguised firmness, perseverance, and discipline as a leader. From the words of Super Junior’s members, Leeteuk is portrayed in several dimensions. For Heechul, Leeteuk is a mature friend, even though many years have gone by, but in the last two years they have been warm, there was a time when Super Show 3, Leeteuk and Heechul shared their feelings about Super Junior’s future, personal matters, and other issues. In essence, Leeteuk was finally able to conquer and fill the heart of Heechul who was known to be closed-minded. For the maknaes Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, Leeteuk has an important role. Ryeowook is closed and tends to be shy, but he can talk openly and devote his fear of the future, career, etc. to the leader, and it gets a bit more cheerfully as now. Kyuhyun who is outside of Super Junior is friends with TVXQ’s Changmin and SHINee members, when he is upset and needs a place to vent while traveling with Super Junior M, always remembers and calls Leeteuk. He maintained Super Junior in such a way that it lasted more than 14 years with the charts increasing. When members one by one vacuum with or without problems that are heating up in the media, Leeteuk remains standing calm and maintaining the cohesiveness of the team.

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