Not just that, Kangin had also debuted as an actor. This tough man was more active in film than in drama series. His first film was ‘Attack of the Pin-Up Boys’, in 2007, and he played as the Captain of the Judo Society. But, behind his warm smile, Kangin has been involved in many scandals, starting just two years after his debut. Would you like to more about it?  Keep reading.

A Conflict Between Kangin and MBC

The conflict first occurred in 2007, between SM Entertainment and MBC. SM insisted that they have Kangin move to the SBS show ‘Explorers of the Human Body’, instead of staying on MBC’s show, ‘Sunday Sunday Night Dong-An Club’, where he was the regular MC. As a result of that conflict, MBC decided to ban Super Junior from appearing in any future performances there. Kangin’s position was fileld by Big Bang’s T.O.P as the MC for Show! Music Core. Kangin could no longer act as the MC for ‘Nothing is Impossible’ and ‘Sunday Sunday Night Dong-An Club’ until the conflict was resolved. MBC also demanded SM Entertainment’s apology if they want their artists to perform through their network again. Kangin decided to leave his position as the MC and, after his departure, the two shows were canceled due to low ratings. After a week, MBC started to invite Super Junior again on their show called ‘Giving Children a New Life’. The entertainment director of MBC claimed that Super Junior’s ban was never made official, but just a decision made by the program’s producer.

Assault Case At Gangnam

In 2009, Kangin was arrested because of his involvement in a fight between two men that took place outside a bar at Nonhyeon Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul. Reported from an eye witnesses account, two men entered a room where Kangin and his friends were and began a heated argument. Kangin left the bar, but the two men followed him outside and began displaying acts of violence. Another eye witnesses says that Kangin was just trying to stop the fight. Then, a nearby surveillance camera was checked and the altercation was immediately reported to the police. He was brought to an interrogation session to aid the investigation, along with four suspects. One of them insisted that Kangin assaulted him, but it was later proven that the idol only acted in self defense. Because of this matter, Kangin was dropped as the main model for Andre Kim’s fashion show. And after Kangin’s appearance in Super Show 2 in Hong Kong, all his future work commitments were temporarily postponed.

Kangin’s DUI Hit and Run Scandal

One night the same year, around 3 a.m, Kangin collided with a parked, empty taxi, and lthen left the scene of the accident. Five hours later, Kangin brought himself to the police. Tests proved that he had a blood alcohol content of around 0.082% when he arrived at the station. He then failed to show up at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station at 2 p.m on the same day for further investigation. He had to be called again the next day. Kangin and SM Entertainment released a public official apology shortly thereafter. All Kangin’s activity through the end of the year was cancelled by SM because of the scandal. A month later, Kangin made an appearance on a new clothing brand website, ‘SPAO’, but netizen were outraged due to SM’s declaration that Kangin’s were being suspended. Later on, the photo was on the site ws taken down due to netizens strong reactions to the scandal. Kangin was summarily indicted for drunk driving hit and run, he was also fined about ₩8 million by the Seoul Central District Court on January 13, 2010.

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