Basically, there are quite a lot of K-Pop idols who started their career as an idol along with their siblings. They came up to the same agency, or even went to the same audition in an attempt to become South Korean idols. Through their ups and downs, the existence of siblings has given them such unconditional support to pass their hard times. Do you want to know more about popular siblings in the K-Pop world? Find out the answer by scrolling down and reading the content below.

IZ*ONE’s Lee Chae-yeon and ITZY’s Lee Chae-ryeong

First of all, there are IZONE’s Chaeyeon and ITZY’s Chaeryeong. Since their first appearance, the two of them managed to steal the attention of a lot of people. Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong started their K-Pop idol career since quite a long time ago. Their first appearance was in the popular K-Pop Star in 2013, followed by an appearance in SIXTEEN, a survival show from JYP Entertainment, as one of the contestants. Even though they are siblings, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong demonstrated their abilities and competed fairly as contestants. Unfortunately, none of the two made it in neither K-Pop Star, nor SIXTEEN, but eventually, they found another way to become K-Pop idols. Chaeryeong continued her training in JYP Entertainment and became a member of ITZY, while Chaeyeon joined the show Produce 48 and managed to become a member of IZONE. People’s reactions towards their sisterhood are also mostly positive. The audience adores Chaeyeon’s and Chaeryeong’s visual appearance since they have such a delicate appearance and have a lot of similarities, right? They also never consider each other as a rival, but rather, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong are supportive of each other’s career. This could be seen on various occasions where the two were involved taking part in the same event. Considering that the two are now famous K-Pop idols, they are quite busy focusing on their activities with their respective girl groups. Chaeryeong is busy with her promotions with ITZY, and she made her most recent appearance with ITZY at the Gaon Music Chart Awards in January 2020. And also, ITZY won The Rookie of The Year award. Meanwhile, Chaeyeon is focused on her activities with IZONE. Even though IZONE was involved in a lot of bad rumors and controversial issues, and even news about the group’s disbandment were circulating, the group has nevertheless persisted and they have recently even been reported of making a comeback in the near future.

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BTOB’s Ilhoon And Solo Artist Joo

Jung Il-hoon from BTOB and the K-Pop female singer and actress Jung Min-Joo are another pair of famous siblings in the K-Pop world. The two of them started their careers separately, namely, BTOB’s Ilhoon made his debut in 2012, while Joo started her career back in 2008. The fans also gave a lot of respect towards these siblings, mainly due to their caring attitude towards each other. People also think that there are a lot of similarities in the visual appearance of both Joo and Ilhoon, with the only difference being their gender. At first, Joo wasn’t telling anyone that she was Ilhoon’s sibling because she was worried that people might think that Ilhoon is becoming ‘famous’ because of her career in the entertainment industry. Eventually, Ilhoon was the one who revealed that he is Joo’s brother which was followed by Joo’s confirmation afterward. Currently, Ilhoon is still involved in his activities with BTOB. He is also involved in other entertainment activities such as producing a song, writing a song, collaboration with other artists, and a lot more. One of his latest news was his single “Spoiler,” which was released in 2019. For those of you who haven’t watched the music video of “Spoiler,” check out the video below.

What about Ilhoon’s sister, Joo? She got married in 2019. Since she got married to a non-celebrity, her wedding ceremony was a private one and only attended by family and close friends as well. A fun fact from Joo’s wedding announcement at that time was Ilhoon also accompanied his sister for her pre-wedding photoshoot. And of course, they looked like a real couple and happy together.

Solo Artists Jessica And Krystal

Who doesn’t know these duo sisters, Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung? Most of you are probably in love with them as well. Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung started their careers as K-Pop idols at different times, but in the same field. Jessica used to be a member of Girls’ Generation since 2007 before her departure in 2014, while Krystal started her career as a member of F(x) in 2009 and until now. Both of them were famously known as the ‘Jung Sisters’ and the ‘Ice Princesses,’ since Jessica and Krystal were mostly seen with their cold expression, regardless of their kind personality in their real life. Even though currently Jessica and Krystal aren’t really ‘active’ in the entertainment industry, but their influence has remained the same. Moreover, Jessica has expanded her scope with her fashion business, while Krystal with her modeling sessions. What about the public impression of the Jung Sisters? Mostly, the audiences are in love with affection, closeness, and compactness of the sisters. Since Jessica and Krystal are being good sisters to each other, no wonder people also love their personalities as well. Through their reality show Jessica & Krystal, people could finally see the real-life and real relationship between these cold princesses. When Krystal was doing her activities, such as filming a new series, Jessica also often sent her and all of the crew a coffee truck as a sign of support. Meanwhile, after Jessica’s departure from SM Entertainment and got a lot of negative reactions, Krystal was the first person to step up and support her sister and has continued to do so to this day. What a beautiful relationship, right? Not long ago, Krystal appeared at a fashion awards event. It was the Madame Figaro Fashion Gala event which took place in Beijing, China. Not only that, but Krystal was the one and only K-Pop idol who has received the Asia Style Award. Moreover, there are also some of her movie projects such as Her Sweet and Sour and her first independent movie titled Shouts of A Father. Meanwhile, Jessica Jung is still focused on her fashion business through her brand, BLANC & ECLAIR. Since it is one of the popular and big fashion brands, Jessica can often be seen traveling around the world to promote her brand and take part in a fashion enthusiast meeting as well. Through her Instagram, @jessica.syj, we can see her busy schedule as a businesswoman.  

AKMU’s Chan-hyuk And Su-hyun

AKMU, or AKDONG Musician, is a duo consisting of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun who started their entertainment career from K-Pop Star 2. Eventually, they debuted in 2014 under YG Entertainment as members of AKMU. Since their childhood, both Chan-hyuk and Su-hyun have been showing their passion for music. No wonder, they could finally go to the casting for K-Pop Star 2 and later become trainees at YG Entertainment. During their childhood, Chan-hyuk and Su-hyun used to live in Mongolia with their missionary parents before returning to South Korea to pursue their music career. There are some of you who might not see it at first, and think of Chan-hyuk and Su-hyun as a ‘couple,’ however, they are actually siblings. Chan-hyuk is the older brother and of course, this makes Su-hyun the younger sister. People also like their closeness as siblings. And of course, as any other siblings, Chan-hyuk and Su-hyun also get into an argument or fight sometimes, but despite all of that, both of them are very supportive of each other as well. When Chan-hyuk went to his military service in 2017, Su-hyun was writing beautiful letters for him and asked the soldiers to take care of his brother there. Such a cute relation, right? Currently, the two siblings, members of AKMU are quite focused on their careers in the entertainment industry. Since Chan-hyuk was discharged from the military service in 2019, AKMU amazed the fans with their comeback. One of the latest projects from AKMU was the single “How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You’re The One I Love!” For those of you who haven’t heard the song, just click play on the video below!

And also, one of the latest updates from Lee Su-hyun from Instagram @akmu_suhyun was a portrait of her while she was in the KBS Cool FM! Meanwhile, Chan-hyuk also posted one of his latest updates on Instagram @akmuchanhk! It was a picture of the views from a bedroom, and also there’s a mirror selfie of Chan-hyuk as well!

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5URPRISE’s Gong-myung And NCT’s Do-young

Next, there are Doyoung from NCT Dream and Gong-myung from 5URPRISE. These two brothers are popular with their similar visuals, and also for their career as members of famous boy groups as well, since NCT Dream and 5URPRISE are really huge, right? There are a lot of great moments together of Doyoung and Gong-myung, which has made people very fond of their brotherhood. Gong-myung started his career first, before Doyoung. He debuted as a member of 5URPRISE in 2013, while Doyoung started his career with NCT in 2016. But currently, Gong-myung is more focused on his career as an actor, and Doyoung is still active as a boy group member. Even though Doyoung and Gong-myung are busy with their personal schedules, it doesn’t really matter for them because they always take the time to support each other. An example of their close relationship is when NCT received their first Golden Disk Award, Gong-myung was there to give his brother the award directly. When Doyoung and the member of NCT were on the stage, Gong-myung went to Doyoung and hugged him tightly. Doyoung and Gong-myung also used to appear in the same television show, Tomorrow’s King of First Pitch together. They appeared with Hanbok and joined the game within the show happily. Another one of their moments in the same television show was when Doyoung was a guest star on We Got Married. He was cooking for Gong-myung there, then Gong-myung also revealed that Doyoung used to cook for him in their house. One of Gong-myung’s latest updates is about his role in the drama series Melo Is My Nature, or famously known as Be Melodramatic in 2019. He played the role of Chu Jae-hoon, and his appearance in the drama also got a lot of compliments from the viewers, even got the top rank drama as well. Meanwhile, Doyoung is still busy with his activities with NCT like appearing in television shows, tours, promoting their single, and a lot more. Doyoung and NCT are also busy with their YouTube Channel, and they are constantly uploading their activities videos within the channel as well.

TWICE’s Jeong-yeon And Actress Seung-yeon

Turns out, Gong Seung-yeon is the older sister of TWICE’s Jeongyeon. Even though the two of them are famous in their own way, their careers started separately. Seung-yeon started her career as an actress in 2012, while Jeongyeon made her debut as a member of TWICE in 2015. Seung-yeon used to be trained to be a singer in SM Entertainment. But she decided to leave the agency due to her reluctance in singing. Then she started making small appearances in CFs, and found her career as an actress. She also gained popularity as a model, TV host, and being a brand ambassador as well. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon went to the audition from JYP Entertainment and passed the 6th audition. During her trainee days, she also took part in the SIXTEEN survival show from JYP Entertainment. She made it to the finale of the show and was chosen as one of the members of TWICE, debuting in 2015. Even though Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon are quite busy, they always take the time to support each other as well. Seung-yeon often attends the events of TWICE and supports her little sister. She is also close with Jeongyeon’s K-Pop idol friends. Not only that, but both of them have such humble personalities. On certain occasions, Seung-yeon and Jeongyeon have become volunteers for an animal protection center. They decided to visit the place and did some community service for the animals as well. One of the latest projects from Seung-yeon was her role in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency in 2019. She played the role of Gae-ttong/Yoon So-hyun. The drama was kind of a historical drama, and Seung-yeon acted as the female lead character there. She was also paired with actor Kim Min-jae. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon is busy with her TWICE schedule. Through TWICE’s Instagram account @twicetagram, we can see a lot of TWICE members’ activities including Jeongyeon’s. And also, have you heard the latest single from TWICE, “Feel Special?” You can listen to the song by playing the video below.

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