Need a song to boost your mood? “Happiness” is the answer! This song is perfect for a party or a gym playlist! The song was released in 2014 as Red Velvet’s debut song. The variations in the beat will not make you bored even if you have listened to this song a hundred times. Also, the powerful dancing and voices will make you amazed! This song conveys a message about you should feel empowered and love yourself more by appreciating the small joys in life. Wanna know their secret on how to be happy? “In the morning, I wake up. And I tell my mom I love her (Ah, my sweet daughter). The happy feelings that follow me are so cute that I’m happy (she’s talking).” That is the snippet of the lyrics which represent the bright teenager life! The colorful music video also can brighten up your day! With diverse footage and animated scenes, they wear cute cheerleader outfits and their hair is a statement and bold like their lyrics: “Sometimes, you gotta be bold.” They all have the same brown hair with ombre but with a different color at the end of the hair. Irene with pink hair, Seulgi with yellow, Wendy with blue, and Joy with green hair. They look so youthful here because they are just rookies who had just jump in into the K-Pop world. If you’re wondering where is Yeri, keep on scrolling! The Music Video

Live Performance


The first Music Video with Yeri in it. Yes, Red Velvet is finally complete with Yeri as the youngest member. This song is of the R&B genre and is set as one of the two title tracks from their first mini-album Ice Cream Cake. They promoted “Automatic” and “Ice Cream Cake” at the same time. If you need a song to make you feel calm, “Automatic” definitely should be on your playlist. This song is also perfect for a rainy day where you just want to stay home or to accompany you when you study. Their voices will melt your body and make you feel relaxed. This song doesn’t have rap parts so all the members sing here and you will realize how good their voices are. The song is about a girl who has fallen deeply in love with someone, so this song is also perfect for those of you who are in love with someone at the moment. The lyrics are also sweet and romantic. Red Velvet uses a more mature concept for this song to match their “velvet” concept. In the MV we can see how all the members are blonde and wear vintage-looking white top and black jeans with contact lenses, like dolls. Let’s be honest here… Not all people love this concept, some people might be frightened because it reminds them of some horror movie. But it’s true that we can’t resist how aesthetic the MV is and how addictive the melody of the song is. Music Video

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Ice Cream Cake

A completely different concept from the previous song, “Automatic.” The concept of this song is more cheerful, brighter, fun and cute, representing the group’s “red” side. This song is described as an electronic song with a mystical music box sound. The beat is fast enough to make you feel energized just within 3 minutes. “Please give me that sweet taste, ice cream cake With a flavor that fits this special day The ice cream that’s on my mouth Makes your heart pound and you’ll come to me” The lyrics tell the excitement of a girl being attracted to her boyfriend, using “ice cream cake” as a metaphor for the girl’s feelings. It suits the happy mood perfectly! Moreover, this song is one of the most memorable for Red Velvet because they got their first win in a music show since their debut. Are you looking for some unique fashion inspiration? You definitely should check out the music video. You will notice that they change to different clothes multiple times and they all have their own uniqueness. One of the outfits that caught people’s attention is the glowing white fur jacket. There are more outfits that are unique but still wearable, the plaid outfit with hat and tennis skirt, for instance. The “ice cream cake” gestures are also easy to follow which added a plus point to rate this as an addictive song. This song was promoted at the same time as “Automatic” and yes their hair is blonde, the same as the previous song, but they still have a slight difference, they have different blonde hair, there are various blondes, some darker blonde that is almost orange and lighter blonde. What do you think about the style of their outfit here? Perfect for your bright mood right? Music Video

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Remix Version 1

Remix Version 2

Dumb Dumb

The title track of their first full album, The Red. Another song for those of you who have just fallen in love with someone. This song is talking about a girl’s cute feelings becoming awkward in front of her crush. Another song that should be added to your upbeat playlist! The groovy beat and uptempo dance track will make your body unable to resist moving. Also, this is the song you can remember just by listening to it once, very catchy and then quickly becomes insanely addictive. The “dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” part since the first verse will linger in your head. “Like a mannequin Everything is so awkward I should just act like I do normally But whenever I see you, I act so stupid” This MV delivers the meaning of the song really well. We can see from the dance above that represents the lyrics. It’s not Red Velvet if there’s nothing unique. Even though the red dress with apron and braided ponytail hair is the signature of this comeback, but there are other unique costumes that only Red Velvet can pull off, like the gif below. If you only see the top part it’s just a normal baggy shirt with a solid color but the bottom will catch your attention. The shorts with only one leg stocking. Next, these jeans also made the whole K-Pop world surprised and wondering why the stylist made them wear that. If you just take a glance at it you might not notice that, and just think that they are wearing short jeans. But no, they are wearing short jeans on the front that are actually ripped from the thighs to the ankle and are long on the back, distress jeans. It’s not SM entertainment if they can’t make their artists wear something really unique. Lastly, the nice touch of the stick dance. This song is designed to make you follow the chorus and boost your mood! Music Video

Live Performance

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