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Min Kyung-hoon x Kim Heechul – Falling Blossom

The weekly music project from SM Entertainment, SM STATION, presented a collaboration between Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul and Buzz’s Min Kyung-hoon. Previously, the two stars of the variety show “Ask us Anything” had once sung a duet on the song “Sweet Dreams”. Carrying the name Space Coward, Heechul and Min Hyung-hoon released “Falling Blossom (Aftereffects)” on Saturday (17/2). The music video of the medium-sized rock ballad was directed by Super Junior’s Shindong. The video “Falling Blossoms” tells of Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon, who are close to each other. One day when he was with a girl, Heechul got a problem from a group of people who ended up with Min Kyung-hoon revenge to the people who hurt Heechul. Not finished, their story ends with a tragic incident that happened to Heechul. Aside from Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon, the “Falling Blossoms” music video also stars comedian Park Mi-sun, who was a permanent commentator on “We Got Married”. The song is composed by Lee Sang-jun and Cha Gil-hwan and the lyrics are written by Min Kyung-hoon, Shin Joon-ki, and Yoon Yoo-hyun. Meanwhile, Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon had the song “Falling Blossoms” on “Ask Us Anything” which aired on Saturday (17/2). Here, the vocals of both of them blended nicely that they received praise from fans.

Parc Jae-jung x NCT Mark – Lemonade Love

SM STATION presented a duet between NCT’s Mark Lee and soloist Parc Jae-jung’s. They released a single titled “Lemonade Love” on July 21, 2017. Ahead of its release, SM Entertainment issued several photo and video teasers. After various teasers, other facts related to the collaboration between Mark and Parc Jae-jung were revealed. Secretly, Super Junior’s Shindong was known to be involved in the cultivation of the music video “Lemonade Love” as a director. This can be seen from Shindong’s behind-the-scenes photos circulating on the internet. For the “Lemonade Love” video, itself, Shindong focuses on the principle of “minimal cost with high quality”. Not only being a director, he was said to have personally edited the SM STATION’s music video. Apparently, this is not the first time Shindong has been involved in producing videos for songs released by SM STATION. Previously, on the single “Merry Man”, he not only appeared as a singer but was also involved in the process of working on his video with the team from Walala Production.

Super Junior’s Shindong x UV – Cheer Man

Preparation for the latest collaboration project for Super Junior member’s Shindong and the UV group, or abbreviated as SUV, seems to be no joke. Despite the concept of comedy, the @smtown Instagram account shows that the preparation for the single video clip, titled “Cheer Man”, is very serious. “[STATION] SUV – Shindong X UV (SHINDONG X UV).” Cheer Man “28.2 2019, 12PM (KST),” wrote the @smtown account. “Cheer Man” is a single made by SM STATION as a weekly music project that aims to provide support to those who are sad and need spirit. Shindong and UV’s collaboration for SM Station was the second, after they released the single “Marry Man” in 2017. According to Shindong and UV there is no kind of collaboration like they were before. “We are Shindong or UV. We are Cheer Man,” they said. According to Shindong, he has worked hard to encourage people in need. “Cheer Man” was released on February 28, 2019.

Super Junior – One More Chance

Super Jnuior has released their 8th album, titled “PLAY.” The album was released on November 6, 2017, and it became a gift for ELF who had been waiting for Super Junior’s comeback. SM Entertainment’s senior artists last released an album in 2015 with “Devil.” In the song, some Super Junior members actively participated in the making of the song and the music video. Donghae and Heechul wrote the song lyrics, Eunhyuk also participated in making the lyrics to the Rap section, while Shindong is believed to be the director of music videos. In accordance with the title of the song, this song is indeed sad because it hopes to get a second chance for someone who has been hurt.

Samuel – Teenager

SM Entertainment and Brave Entertainment have joined forces for Samuel! On May 21, Brave Entertainment announced that Samuel is making a comeback with a second mini album, Teenager, on May 30. In addition, they revealed that Super Junior’s Shindong would direct Samuel’s comeback music video. Recently, the chief producer for Brave Entertainment, Brave Brothers, and Shindong had a meaningful discussion regarding Samuel’s upcoming comeback. After having a deep conversation, they decided to put Shindong in charge of directing Samuel’s music video. Shindong has previously directed many music videos on top of his singing career. He directed Celeb Five and UV’s collaboration ‘Merry Man’ and Red Velvet’s ‘Rebirth,’ as well as Kim Hee-Chul and Min Kyung-Hoon’s ‘Sweet Dream 2.’ The title song for Samuel’s comeback album is called ‘Teenager’ and it features rapper Lee Ro-Han from Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper’. Both artists suggest the song is going to be about life as a teenager, but not many details regarding the content of the music video have been revealed. Meanwhile, Brave Entertainment released the first teaser for Samuel’s ‘Teenager’ on May 24 at noon, and second teaser on May 28. Furthermore, they officially released the song and the album on May 30 at 6 PM, KST.

Red Velvet – Re:Birth

Red Velvet has released the music video for the SM STATION track “Rebirth”! The latest track from the girl group is a remake of Yoon Jong-shin’s “Rebirth” and is a medium-tempo track that mixes a retro beat and synthesizers to create the perfect song. If the original song was mellow and emotional, Red Velvet’s version is a little sweeter and lighter, reflecting the charms and style of the girl-group. Super Junior’s Shindong directed the music video and the members of Red Velvet play the roles of female students whose hearts start to race when their teachers enter the room.

Super Junior D&E – Oppa Oppa

Lee Dong-hae and Eunhyuk’s debut duo, “Oppa Oppa”, was released in 2011. Enthusiastic fans made EunHae (nicknamed Donghae and Eunhyuk) interested in making a music video. Specially, SM Entertainment appointed their colleague in Super Junior, Shindong, to be the director of the music video. The music video “Oppa Oppa” was officially released Wednesday, December 22, 2011, on the official SMTown account on YouTube. In this video, Shindong highlights EunHae’s silly backstage behavior, before appearing on the music stage. The scenes taken by Shindong were very funny, including EunHae slapping each other in the TV studio waiting room, running, dancing, and eating until they were glutted. This is not the first time that Shindong has directed a video. Last October, 2011, he was appointed by SM Entertainment to direct the video “Shin’s Family 001”. The video was made to celebrate the joining of new members in the SM agency, DJ Masa (masamixes).

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