In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a list of Korean dramas that aired in early 2021 that you can binge-watch. Action and romantic comedy are among the genres listed. So, keep an eye out! [BEWARE OF SPOILERS 👀]


The first on the list is Vincenzo, a kind of mafia vibe drama. Vincenzo is written by Park Jae-bum and directed by Kim Hee-won with a cast including Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been, Ok Taec-yeon, Kim Yeo-jin, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Jo Han-chul. Vincenzo Cassano is a Korean-Italian who works for the mafia as a consigliere. His Korean name is Park Joo-hyung. He was adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano mafia family, and became Don Fabio’s most trusted right-hand man. After Fabio’s death, Vincenzo flees to Seoul due to the war between the mafia groups. Vincenzo advises a Chinese tai-pan with securing the gold in a mafia-secured vault inside the building called Geumga-dong Plaza. No one else is aware of the vault’s existence except for a Chinese tai-pan, Vincenzo, and Cho Yeon-un. However, the Chinese tai-pan passes away. Since no one else is aware of the vault’s existence, Vincenzo plans to recover 1.5 tons of secret gold in the building and use it as a savings fund after leaving both Italy and the mafia. In the process of his plans, the Babel Group real estate firm unlawfully claims ownership of the building, and Vincenzo must use his abilities to reclaim the building and regain his fortunes. He partners with lawyer Hong Cha-young to knock down the Babel Group and recover the gold hidden in Geumga-dong Plaza. Vincenzo has been a Saturday-Sunday drama on tvN since February 20, 2021. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST, and it is also available on Netflix and internationally following its broadcast on television. The drama achieved the third highest rating for tvN’s first Saturday-Sunday drama and fourth in ratings for tvN’s first TV drama. In the fourth episode, it also reached 10% of the national ratings. Check out the trailer of Vincenzo here:


Next on the list is Mouse. If you are a fan of K-drama within the genres of crime thriller, suspense, and mystery, you are probably going to love this one. Mouse is written by Choi Ran and directed by Choi Joon-bae and Kang Cheol-woo with the cast including names such as Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun, and Kyung Soo-jin. The scriptwriter said that she was inspired by the Incheon Elementary School murder case from 2017. The scriptwriter desired to see psychotic killers suffer, dwell on their deeds, and reconcile. Even if there is only a small possibility that they will show empathy, they should genuinely realize their sins and feel regret. That will be the best revenge and redemption for the killers who are psychopathic. Mouse tells the story of a young police officer named Jung Ba-reum who serves at the police substation. Jung Ba-reum is a well-known young man and a local policeman. His life undergoes a drastic change after meeting a sadistic psychopath. The fearsome psychopath was still wandering around, causing the public to feel anger and fear. Mouse first aired on tvN on March 3, 2021, and continues to air every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 KST. The drama is available for streaming in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia through Viu and IQiyi. During the last two years, the drama has earned the highest viewing rating of any tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama. Watch the highlight of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Hee-joon in Mouse here:


River Where the Moon Rises

Next on the list is River Where the Moon Rises. River Where the Moon Rises is written by Han Ji-hoon and directed by Yoon Sang-ho with the cast including Kim So-hyun, Na In-woo, Lee Ji-hoon, and Choi Yu-hwa. The series is based on the novel Princess Pyeonggang by Choi Sagyu. The book describes Princess Pyeonggang as an outstanding leader of her country and its citizens. River Where the Moon Rises tells the love story of Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal during the Goguryeo Era. The story and characters were adapted from a classic Goguryeo folktale. Princess Pyeonggang is the only daughter of King Pyungwon of Goguryeo. She may seem to be a greedy woman who dreams of becoming the first Goguryeo queen regnant, but her desire to protect the country and its citizens is sincere. Princess Pyeonggang, however, uses On Dal’s feelings to accomplish her goals. River Where the Moon Rises aired every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST on KBS2. It aired from February 15 to April 20, 2021. According to KBS, River Where the Moon Rises has sold its rights to air in 190 countries, including thorugh the OTT platform VIU. Check out Kim So-hyun and Na In-woo in River Where the Moon Rises!

Sisyphus: The Myth

Next on the list is Sisyphus, a sci-fi thriller drama featuring Park Shin-hye as Gang Seo-hae and Cho Seung-woo as Han Tae-sul. Han Tae-sul is a genius engineer who is trying to figure out who is hiding in the country and find out what happened to his older brother. Meanwhile, Gang Seo-hae is a savior who has risked everything to rescue him. Sisyphus was written by Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho and directed by Jin hyuk. It’s a 16-episode television series. The drama takes its name from the Greek and Roman mythology Sisyphus or Sisyphos. The prefix “sigma” plays an important role in the worldview of Sisyphus, which is an ancient Greek word for “Σίσυφος / Sísyphos.” This symbol can also be seen in the drama’s logo and the teasers. Since the title is Sisyphus, often people think it’s a loop. Han Tae-sul is one of the founders of Quantum and Time Company. He is well-known for his inventiveness. Han Tae-sul, despite being a well-known figure in South Korea, suffers a career downturn. Han Tae-sul starts to show eccentric behavior after his older brother dies, and he is unable to avoid others around him. In the process of Han Tae-sul finding the truth about her older brother, Han Tae San’s, death, Gang Seo-hae also goes back in time to rescue him. He must stop Han Tae-sul from developing the “Uploader” technology which has the potential to affect the entire planet. Sisyphus aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 KST from February 17, 2021, to April 8, 2021. The drama is labeled as “JTBC’s 10th Anniversary Special Drama.” Following its airing on television, the drama was made available on Netflix and internationally. Catch Park Shin-hye along with Cho Seung-woo starring in the Sisyphus trailer here:

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