The members consist of the 4 idols Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. Who doesn’t know them? In this article, we will find out more details about the information from one of aespa’s members, which is aespa’s Karina. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

aespa’s Karina’s Controversy During Her School Days

K-pop idols are always in the limelight as they gain more popularity. It’s natural that their pasts also attract netizens’ interest, and many people like to find out stories about idols’ true personalities. Recently, aespa’s Karina has been gaining attention again. Sometimes, there are negative things like bullying or bullying in the past that are not visible. However, there are often warm and healthy stories shared by classmates of idols. Lately, the name aespa’s Karina is being talked about. The group that just debuted under SM Entertainment has become a hot topic among netizens. However, some controversy hit Karina even before she debuted. However, two alleged friends of aespa’s Karina have stepped forward with facts to refute netizen’s claims. “Hello. We are Yoo Ji-min’s friends. There are many issues circulating online about Yoo Ji-min. We think the response from the label is the most reliable. However, after seeing the inaccurate information quickly spread throughout the internet, we decided to step in to post some facts to convey what we know. We won’t get emotional but, we will leak the facts to you guys objectively.” Underage drinking seems to be a common problem that netizens like to target idols with, and Yoo Ji-min, which is the real name of aespa’s Karina, got this scandal. However, his two alleged best friends quickly denied netizens’ claims. “We all agree under oath that Yoo Ji-min never drank underage. However, there are rumors that she was tagged in a photo on Facebook showing her drinking. After we looked around, it turned out that there was no such photo.” Another controversy that dragged Karina’s name was the allegation that she enjoyed visiting her seniors EXO and NCT after allegedly circulating text messages between Karina and a friend. Fans of both boy groups didn’t like what they saw and started criticizing Karina. Might be you like to check: K-POP IDOLS WITH THE SURNAME ‘YOO’: SF9’S TAEYANG, MONSTA X’S KIHYUN, ETC. “This controversy started with photos of alleged text messages between Yoo Ji-min and his friends starting to circulate online. However, all the photos have been made up. The proof that he didn’t send the message is that Jimin was participating in a shoot at the time,” said the two friends of aespa’s Karina. “She won’t be able to text because she doesn’t have time. In text messages, they talked about her stage name, label, and shooting time to ‘prove’ that it was Ji-min who did the talking. However, at that time even us, her best friends, didn’t know her stage name.” Behind all of the controversy that circulated when Karina was still a trainee, they were all apparently denied by several people who claimed to be Karina’s close friends during school. They also posted some evidence that Karina is a very good person even before she became an idol. Recently, a netizen shared Karina’s story on an online community. The netizen stated that one of Karina’s old classmates was her friend and shared some photos of the notes they shared at school. The netizen wrote, “My friend used to be Ji-min’s classmate [Karina’s real name] in junior high school! She said she used to give notes and write letters to each other, and Karina drew all the hearts on the letters. She did that for every classmate. She said Karina’s handwriting hasn’t changed at all and sent me a photo of the letter to show me.” Netizens also shared various small pieces of paper with short notes in which netizens explained that Karina would leave the notes in her friend’s pencil case at school. The netizen explained that Karina is quite funny and friendly at school and often writes these notes to her friends. Karina is also said to have written a letter to her friend before leaving school to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. After seeing the letter, many netizens gave praise. “She is very cute,” commented netizens. “I think she has a warm heart, wrote those letters to her friends,” said another netizen. “I can see how many hearts she gave to the letter she drew the heart,” said another. “She is very valuable,” said a netizen. “Many of her classmates only say good things about her,” another commented. “We can see that she is a good kid,” said a netizen. “Aww, she must really like her friend,” added another.

aespa’s Karina Involved in a Bullying Scandal

Previously, aespa’s Karina was also accused of intimidating fellow trainees and being involved with bullying. However, her good friends took a look at the agency and said, “After hearing it in person, it was revealed that Yoo Ji-min has a close relationship with the trainees at her label.” “Just because something is exposed doesn’t necessarily mean that the photo is real,” Yoo Ji-min’s best friends ended their post by saying, “We’re just ordinary people. We ask that there be no personal criticism.”

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