As for this K-pop girl group that we’re going to talk about, they had a very interesting concept at the time they made a debut. Or maybe even before that. They came up with the concept as the girls from a different universe (their own universe), and the group has 12 pretty members who got introduced way before their official debut date. If you’re familiar with this story, you probably know which girl group we are talking about. Yep, it’s Loona! However, we’re not going to talk about Loona in general. Instead, we will discuss one of the members, which is, Choerry or Choi Yerim. Let’s get to know her better in the sections below!

Loona’s Choerry’s Profile

Full name: Choi Yerim Korean Name: 최리/최예림 Chinese Name: 崔冧 Stage Name: Choerry Nicknames: Ri, Jelri (similar to jelly), Cherry, Choerim, Bright, Choi Rimi, Yerimi, Choi Rang Dongi, Wrinkles, Vitamin D, Best Reaction, etc. Birthplace: Bucheon, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 163 cm Weight: 46 kg Birthday: June 4th, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: Snake Position: Lead dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper Occupation: Singer, idol Education:

Bucheon Yeowol Elementary School Bucheon Yeowol Middle School Dodang High School -> Sungshin Girls’ High School

Hobbies: Watching movies, especially those of the fantasy genre such as Harry Potter Blood type: O MBTI Type: ENFP Family: Parents and two younger sisters Debut year: 2018 Revealed to the public: July 2017 Agency: Blockberry Creative

Loona’s Choerry’s Facts

Choerry’s favorite movie is Harry Potter. She likes Gryffindor the most among the houses, but she’s more likely to be in Hufflepuff. Choerry’s favorite senior idol group is Oh My Girl. Choerry likes the strong taste of foods. If the food is salty, she wants it to be very salty. Or when the food is sweet, she wants it to be very sweet. Same as the spicy food, she wants it to be very spicy. Choerry’s favorite order if she goes to Gongcha is Oreo Milk Smoothie and Taro Milk Tea with pearl. Choerry doesn’t like mint chocolate, pineapple on pizza, broccoli, paprika, and eggplant. Choerry’s favorite subject is P.E. Even though Cherry is the name of a fruit, she doesn’t really like the fruit. Among the Odd Eye Circle subunit, Choerry speaks English better than any other member. Before going on stage, Choerry often thinks, “I can do it!” and “I’m a wonderful person.” to boost her confidence. Choerry’s training period is around 10 months. Choerry’s role models are SNSD’s Taeyeon, Sunmi, and Yoo Jaesuk. Choerry has the same real name as Red Velvet’s Yeri, they both have the real name “Yerim”. Choerry and Yeri also go by ‘Ri’ instead of ‘Rim’. Although Choerry likes to play games with Go Won and Olivia Hye, Choerry almost always loses.

Loona’s Choerry’s Pre Debut

Although it seems like a pure stage name, Choerry isn’t actually far from her real name. Of course, Choerry wasn’t born with the name Choerry. But her real name is Choi Ye-rim, which is pronounced as Choe Yerim. It’s quite similar to Choerry, right? So, now, let’s see the journey of Choi Ye-rim to be a K-pop idol, especially a member of Loona! Choi Yerim was born and raised in Bucheon, South Korea. Just like some other K-pop idols who had to leave their hometown to pursue their dream to be a K-pop idol, Yerim or who we know as Choerry, had to leave the city, Bucheon, which is actually not that far from Seoul. Choerry lived in Bucheon and spent her childhood as well as her teenage years there. She lived with her parents as well as her younger sisters. She has two younger sisters who were born in 2003 (Choi Yejin) and 2008 (Choi Yewon). As the oldest daughter, it is supposed to be her job to be a role model and to protect her younger siblings. That’s why during her school life, Choerry was known to be a school role model. She was a class president for three years. As a model student, Choerry was getting a lot of support from her friends and her teachers too. Choerry was always surrounded by a lot of friends due to her bright personality. No wonder they were so supportive towards her. In 2009, Choerry appeared on national TV in one of the shows titled Happy Times, Fantastic Mates. As if she knew that she will be an idol later, Choerry showed a dance cover confidently. She was also smiling brightly at the camera. What a cutie, little Choi Yerim is! Choerry’s confidence was always at the top if we take a look at her next performance. After being in one of the national TV shows, Choerry appeared at a music festival in April 2016. She covered SNSD’s Taeyeon’s song with her beautiful voice. Later on, Choerry applied for an audition after being cast by the company. She was discovered after she joined a singing competition. Luckily, Choerry passed the audition. She became a trainee officially around 2016.

Loona’s Choerry’s Debut

After the ups and the downs that Choerry had been through since she hadn’t been a trainee yet, finally, the eldest daughter in her family officially debuted with Loona, one of the upcoming girl groups of Polaris Entertainment or BlockBerry Creative. However, Choerry didn’t debut directly just like most other K-pop groups. Before the official debut, Choerry was introduced by her agency on July 12th, 2017, as one of the new members of Loona. With this, Choerry became the eighth member that was revealed. With the debut of Choerry, the agency released the first single song of Choerry with the title “Love Cherry Motion”. Just like the other members of Loona, this was the solo song of Choerry.

Months after that, Choerry was included in one of the three subunits of the pre-debut project from Loona, Odd Eye Circle. The subunit itself debuted on September 21st, 2017, with members Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry.

They did a comeback after releasing the repackage version of their mini-album Max & Match on October 31st, 2017.

And lastly, a year after the pre-debut projects of Loona, Choerry finally made her official debut as a whole team with Loona. The girls might be separated by the subunits and the solo projects, but in 2018, finally, the 12 members gathered and released their first debut single titled “Hi High” released on August 20th, 2018.

The girls performed in music shows for the first time as a whole group. It’s cute to see the 12 members in a full team after seeing them in some subunits.

Loona also released the dance version of “Hi High”, let’s take a look at the video below!

What do you think of Loona’s debut era? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section!

Loona’s Choerry’s Performances on Stage

We have seen the debut era of Loona that was so phenomenal at that time. Choerry who was still young can still perform really well, not only in their debut era but ever since the pre-debut of the solo era and the subunit era. As time went by, Choerry has improved even more as a performer. Not only her, but the rest of the Loona members have also become more and more mature and skilled in their field on each comeback. So, it’s time to see how good are Loona’s improvements from time to time by seeing their performances on stage!

They pulled various kinds of concepts and still managed to slay them all. Loona is a really talented group, don’t you think so? And now, let’s see the precious fan-cam of Loona’s Choerry on stage, so we can focus better on her performances.

What do you think of Choerry’s performances on stage? If we see Choerry’s performances with Loona, we can see how passionate all the girls are, but seeing Choerry alone in the fan-cam videos of her, we can clearly see that the little girl Choerry has turned into a talented idol now. Good job, Choerry!

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