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LOONA’ Kim Lip’s Profile

Name: Kim Jungeun (김정은) Stage Name: Kim Lip (김립) Birth Date: February 10, 1999 Birth Place: Cheongju, North Cheongju, South Korea Height: 161 cm (5’3″) Weight: 46 kg Zodiac: Aquarius Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2017 – present Agency: BlockBerry Creative Group: LOONA

LOONA’s Kim Lip’s Facts

Kim Lip had studied at Hanlim Multi Art School and graduated on February 9, 2018, along with Chuu. Dongdong, Yallip, Queen Lip are her nicknames. Kim Lip can play guitar, piano, and violin. Kim Lip has trained for 1 year and 2 months. Kim Lip loves reading novels, and she prefers to read books rather than manga. Kim Lip has braces. Kim Lip is a big fan of GOT7 and Bae Suzy. Some of her fans say that Kim Lip is similar to K.A.R.D’ Somin. Playing Sudoku, shopping, cleaning, and organizing things are her hobbies. Kim Lip loves pizza, bread, sushi, and all the food that her mother made. Chip and Dale is Kim Lip’s favorite Disney character. Kim Lip loves all lip makeup products. Kim Lip started to dance to lose her weight, and since she became a trainee, she lost 10kg. Kim Lip describes her personality as beautiful and tsundere.

Kim Lip Debut Era with LOONA

LOONA is a South Korean girl group that formed by BlockBerry Creative music label in 2016. The group consists of 12 members: Olivia Hye, Go Won, Chuu, Yves, Choerry, ViVi, Yeojin, HeeJin, HaSeul HyunJin, Jin Soul, and Kim Lip. Kim Lip joined into BlockBerry Creative in 2016. Kim Lip was selected to become LOONA sixth member when she was in her 3 months trainee period. LOONA revealed their members by posting their individual teaser photos, and on May 11, 2017, they revealed the 5th member teaser, “Who’s Next Member?”, the 5th member is Kim Lip. Kim Lip officially debuts with LOONA on August 20, 2018, with releasing their extended play (EP) [++] with the main single “Favorite” and the title track “Hi High”. Their mini-album gained the 2nd position on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart. In her group, Kim Lip got a position as the vocalist and dancer. Kim Lip and LOONA started their debut by appearing on various weekly music programs to promote their single and album. Here is one of their performances on a weekly music program, named Mnet’s M! Countdown!


Before LOONA officially debut with full members, LOONA debuted the sub-units into 3 groups: LOONA 1/3, LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE, and LOONA yyxy. Kim Lip, Choerry, and JinSoul are members of LOONA’s 2nd unit, called LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE. JinSoul is the main rapper, lead vocalist, and visual in the group. Then, Choerry got a position as a lead rapper, lead dancer, center, vocalist, and maknae. Meanwhile, Kim Lip got a position as the main vocalist, main dancer, and group leader. LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE officially debuted on September 21, 2017, releasing their first mini-album Mix & Match with “Girl Front” as the title track. The unit comes with a girl-crush concept with the theme of attraction and love. The concept is so strong and dark that it makes each member have their own superpower. Choerry has dimensional travel power, then JinSul has teleportation. Meanwhile, the leader is a person who can walk around times (time travel). Here are Kim Lip’s sub-unit teasers!

LOONA’s Kim Lip’s Solo Debut

Apart from being a sub-unit member, all the LOONA’s members also have their own single since the pre-debut. After a few days of being revealed as the 5th member, Kim Lip made her solo debut on May 23, 2017, by releasing her single album titled “Kim Lip”. The single became the 6th single album from LOONA’s pre-debut project, and Kim Lip released 2 tracks on it, “Eclipse” and “Twilight”.  “Eclipse” is a song that becomes her main track in this single album, where the song has an electronic dance genre. Kim Lip released the music video four days after her debut, or more precisely on May 28, 2017. So, here is the “Eclipse” music video that you must watch!

LOONA’ Kim Lip Appear in ‘Do You Remember The First Time We Met? Season 3’ 

Before LOONA officially debuted, the members starred in web-drama series that aired on YouTube. In 2017, Kim Lip became a cameo in ‘Do You Remember The First Time We Met?’ seasons 1 & 2. In the drama, Kim Lip plays a role with the same name as her name, Kim Jung-eun or Lip. ‘Do You Remember The First Time We Met’ season 3 (Woomanna) tells about heartwarming first love stories of campus students. In this drama, Kim Lip acted as a new campus student who has been dating in season 1, and then she tries to keep her relationship. In the end, her boyfriend, Jisung, has to break up. Then, Jisung who is her old friend turns out to have feelings for her, and he confesses it, but Kim Lip rejected, and they remain still be a friend.   That’s all the information about Loona’s Kim Lip that you should know. She’s really talented, right? After reading this article, don’t forget to put your thought in the comment section. You can also check out other articles about Loona in Channel-Korea. See you in the next articles!

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