Apart from her look, people were impressed and curious because she was the only member from outside South Korea. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea provides all information about ViVi that you should know. So, stay tuned!

LOONA’ Vivi’s Profile

Name: Wong Gaahei (黃珈熙) Stage name: Vivi (비비) Korean name : Hwang A-ra (황아라) Other name: Viian Wong Birthday date: December 9, 1996 Birthday place : Hongkong Height : 160 cm (5’3″) Weight : 42 kg Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese zodiac: Rat Blood type: B Nationality: Chinese Occupation: Singer, rapper, model Years active: 2017 – present Agency: BlockBerry Creative Group: LOONA

LOONA’ ViVi’s Facts

ViVi has a younger brother and younger sister. Before her debut, she was a model since 17 years old under the name Viian Wong. She wanted to become an idol after she watched 2NE1 and Big Bang music videos. During the audition, she sang Jonlin Tsai’s song (Taiwanese singer). Through the SNS Casting, BlockBerry Creative announced that she passed the audition and had the opportunity to go to Korea. At first, her dad opposed ViVi’s decision to go to Korea because she will alone there. During the trainee period, ViVi struggled very hard and felt lonely because she couldn’t speak Korean. However, she was helped by other trainees. She loves Korean Chicken, Korean spicy foods, Bimbimbap, bulgogi, Korean pancakes, and fish cake. Eating food, watching movies, and traveling are her hobbies. ViVi is the biggest fan of HyunA.

ViVi’s Official Debut With LOONA

LOONA is a girl group which consists of 12 members, one of them namely ViVi. The group was formed by a South Korean music label named BlockBerry Creative in 2016. On February 13, 2017, LOONA was revealed their next member named ViVi with releasing the teaser image that shows her milky white skin with her pretty visual through their SNS. Then, on August 20, 2018, they released their extended play (EP), namely [++]. In this Extended Play (EP), they also added the pre-debut single “Favorite” and their new single debut entitled “Hi High”. Their Extended Play (EP) was able to occupy the 2nd position on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart. ViVi and her group then released [XX] album, which is a repackage of [++] on February 19, 2019, with the single “Butterfly”.  In this group, ViVi got a position as a rapper and vocalist. Not only that, but ViVi also turned out to be the oldest member among the 11 LOONA members. ViVi and LOONA appear on various weekly music programs to promote their group and their new songs. LOONA made its debut stage by making a showcase which was held at Blue Square Hall. They also made their first debut stage on television through a weekly music program named M! Countdown through Mnet channel on August 23, 2018. So, here is LOONA’s first appearance on M! Countdown!

ViVi as LOONA 1/3 Unit Member

Before LOONA officially debuted with their 12 members, the agency debuted their members with 3 sub-units, namely LOONA 1/3, LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE, and LOONA yyxy. The first sub-unit is LOONA 1/3. The unit consists of HeeJin, HaSeul, HyunJin, and ViVi. LOONA 1/3 made their debut on March 12, 2017, by releasing their first single, “Love & Live”. Then, this unit made its first comeback by releasing its first album titled Love & Evil.  This unit delivers their music with a soft concept, expresses innocence, and full of joy when they fell in love for the first time. “Love & Live” gives a sensation about the first love story, then “Love & Evil” is a song about heartbreak. The concept of this unit is unique. Each member goes on a trip overseas with their own story and as their individual concept. ViVi, the vocalist in this unit, got a concept by representing the color light pink and going to her hometown, Hong Kong.

LOONA’ ViVi Solo Debut

Apart from forming 3 sub-units, LOONA also debuted its members as a solo singer by having their own single album. ViVi released their solo album single on April 17, 2017, namely Vivi, and this single album only consists of 2 tracks. The first track is titled “Everyday I Love You,” featuring HaSeul, then the 2nd track is “Everyday I Need You” featuring JinSoul. ViVi is the only LOONA member who features 2 LOONA members in each of her songs. Her song genre is electronic dance. LOONA’s ViVi also released two music videos for her tracks. The “Everyday I Love You” music video was released on April 17, 2017. Meanwhile “Everyday I Need You” music video was released on May 13, 2017. Here is one of ViVi’s music videos!

LOONA’ ViVi’s Drama Appearances

Not only become a singer and rapper, but ViVi has also starred in dramas, and it can be said she is also an actress. The drama that she played in is ‘Do You Remember When We First Met?’. What was she acting like in the drama? And who would she be? So, here is the explanation!

LOONA’ ViVi in ‘Do You Remember When We First Met?’

‘Do You Remember When We First Met?’ or known in another title as ‘First Love Story’ is a web-drama series which was aired from July 5 to July 23, 2017, with show-up LOONA members. This drama has 3 seasons, wherein the 1st and 2nd seasons it was focused more on LOONA sub-unit members, namely LOONA 1/3. This drama tells about the students’ campus life and their love stories. ViVi got a role as herself, where she was a waitress from abroad who worked with JongHoon. In the first season, she was fired by HyunJin.  So, here is a clip from this web drama!

Appear in ‘Do You Remember When We First Met? Season 2 (Woomanna)’

Like the previous season, this drama explains college students’ love story and their life on campus. This 2nd season was aired from August 23, 2017, to September 13, 2017, with 6 episodes. In this season, ViVi still plays the same role as herself, a waitress who works with JongHoon. However, unlike the previous season, she loves her boss and confesses her feelings for him in this season. But, she then became jealous of JungHoon and HaSeul’s relationship even though she was friends with Haseul. This season, ViVi also tried to persuade HyunJin to be close and be a good friend with Hansol. So, that’s all information about the flexible member of LOONA, ViVi. She’s a really talented member, right? After reading this article, don’t forget to shares your opinion in the comment section!

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