“Love Foolish” is a song released on September 23rd, 2019, through JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The girls recorded this song in 2019. “Love Foolish” serves as the fifth track of their ninth extended play (EP) album titled Feel Special. There are six side tracks in this EP album, and “Love Foolish” is the fourth sidetrack in the tracklist. To introduce “Love Foolish”, Twice released a highlight medley video of this EP album. This video is a compilation of every highlighted part of each track in this EP album.

The highlighted part of “Love Foolish” was unveiled through a highlight medley video. You can see the highlight medley video, here.

Until June 7th, 2021, this song has become Twice’s most-streamed sidetrack on Spotify. It has been heard by people more than 20 million times.

Background of “Love Foolish”

The story started when Twice released their eighth extended play (EP) album titled Fancy You. After the promotion for the lead single “Fancy” was over, Twice started their Twicelights world concert in 2019. Both the Fancy You album, including its lead single, and the Twicelights concert were very successful. In response to this success, the agency of Twice, JYP Entertainment released a statement on September 9th. This statement was about Twice’s next EP album, the agency said that the group would release this EP album on September 23rd. September 9th was also the first day of the release of their individual teasers. In the middle of the individual teaser release, Twice also released their tracklist posters. These posters were unveiled on September 10th and September 12th. In the first tracklist poster, the tracklist of this EP album was shown completely, but the credits for each track hadn’t been revealed yet. In the second tracklist poster, all the credits for each track were completely revealed. You can see their second tracklist poster for the Feel Special EP album. From this second tracklist poster, we can see that all the members participated in writing the sidetracks, except the Korean version of “Breakthrough”. After all these were released, Twice kept releasing their group and unit teaser photos. They also released other batches of their individual teaser photos and a music video teaser. They released all of these from September 18th until September 20th. The following day (September 21st), they released a highlight medley video of the EP album. We can see the “Love Foolish” highlighted part from this video. On September 22nd, the group shared their cover photo. Finally, the release day arrived. On the release day, September 23rd, they released the EP album, a final teaser, the lead single music video, and a jacket shooting video. They also released the full version of all the tracks in this EP album through Twice’s official YouTube and Spotify on the same day.

Story of “Love Foolish”

The Feel Special EP album consists of one lead single and six sidetracks. As written above, all the members participated in writing the sidetracks, including “Love Foolish”. Shim Eunji collaborated with Momo to write the lyrics of this song. Shim Eunji also composed this song, cooperated with Versachoi and Louise Frick Sveen. Aside from being composers, Shim and Versachoi also arranged this song. This song is influenced by EDM and synth-pop songs. This song is about toxic love, about loving someone foolishly. It’s about a phenomenon where the more a person falls for someone, that person hates him/her more.

MV of “Love Foolish”

There’s no music video released for “Love Foolish”. The only music video that is available from this EP album is the music video for the lead single, “Feel Special”.

“Love Foolish” Performance

On October 20th, 2019, Twice performed this song on a fan meeting stage. On that fan meeting stage, Twice dressed up in Halloween costumes. Because it was a fan meeting stage, the members performed this song without tight choreography. They performed this song by walking around the stage and waving hands towards Once. You can see their performance by clicking the fan-made video here.

On June 4th, 2021, Twice performed this song at their Twice: World in A Day online concert. It was streamed through their VLive: Beyond Live. When the girls performed this song at this online concert, they used a fixed choreography specially made for this song.

“Love Foolish” Achievements

“Love Foolish” was listed on MTV as The Best K-pop B-Side in 2019. This USA TV cable channel ranked this song 1st out of 20 side tracks released in 2019. This song has charted on several song charts in various countries. You can see the table below for the song’s peak position in every chart.  

Love Foolish  2019  by Twice - 74