Beginning with a sweet voice, the tempo becomes faster and the song becomes higher as if it’s a love confession. That’s how “Love Line” is. “Love Line” is the tenth track on TWICE‘s Twicetagram album. Twicetagram is TWICE’s first album after their five EPs. Knowing their sweet voices, the track on Twicetagram also brings the sweetness of the voices TWICE has, but it comes in many shapes and many topics that are covered in the song. Twicetagram was released on October 30th, 2017, and “Love Line” was also released at the same time. The album Twicetagram means a lot to TWICE because it shows how TWICE has grown musically, and the members also took part in writing the songs.

Background of “Love Line”

The information about TWICE’s comeback was first announced on October 15th, 2017, along with the trailer for “TWICE’s Fanmeeting: ONCE Begins” which also became a commemoration for their two-year anniversary. On October 16th, 2017, TWICE announced through JYP Entertainment that their comeback was scheduled for October 30th, 2017. JYP Entertainment also announced that TWICE would comeback with a full album titled Twicetagram, and the title is the same as their Instagram account’s name. When TWICE held a V Live to celebrate their second year anniversary, they also announced the details of the album and also sang a bit of the songs on the album. Later, on October 21st, 2017, TWICE unveiled the tracklist with more detailed information. The album has 13 tracks, and the tenth track is the song “Love Line.”

Story of “Love Line”

As sweet as falling in love, that’s how “Love Line” sounds. When we fall in love, sometimes, we try to act cool, but we can’t hide it. And, when we fall in love, everything about the person is likable. Thoughts about the person fill the mind. That’s how falling in love is. In “Love Line” which was written by Jeongyeon, the song tries to tell about falling in love and the shy confession like when someone wants someone they love and they hold their hands and have the same feelings as them. That’s how “Love Line” is. Jeongyeon described “Love Line” as a song that shows her style. It’s a feminine and soft song, and she wanted to tell about love. This pop song that has a slow tempo is composed by Darren Smith and Tammy Infusino, and the producer for “Love Line” is Darren Smith.

“Love Line” Performance

TWICE has many gems in their b-side tracks, and we can’t disagree about that. We might wish that someday we could watch our favorite b-side track be performed, and seeing a sweet song like “Love Line” being performed live would be such an experience. But, unfortunately, TWICE hasn’t sung “Love Line” live except when they were doing a showcase and Jeongyeon sang a snippet of it. Hopefully, in the future, we can see the performance of “Love Line” in a music show or any TWICE’s events.

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