Full Profile of Lovelyz’s Jiae

Birth Name: Yoo Ji-ae (유지애) Stage Name: Jiae (지애) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 21st, 1993 Age: 27 years old Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 163 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: A Position: Visual, Vocalist, Rapper Label: Woollim Entertainment Years Active: 2010–present Associated With: Lovelyz Instagram: 9.3.0521

Interesting Facts About Lovelyz’s Jiae That You Have to Know

Jiae made her debut as a solo artist in 2013 She attended Manyang High School and Seoul Arts High School Jiae has appeared in the variety show You’re My Oppa as INFINITE‘s little sister. After her appearance in the show, Jiae became a trainee of Woollim Entertainment INFINITE’s L called her Elephant Jiae She loves watching movies, playing the piano, cooking, and stretching Jiae was considered the mother of the group and loved making desserts for the other members She loves desserts (especially ice cream) and strawberries as well Jiae also loves to put lipstick and lip gloss Purple and white are her favorite colors Jiae is also good at acting and speaking Japanese Jiae’s role model is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Because she was growing up watching singers such as S.E.S and FIN.K.L, Jiae started to dream of becoming a singer She thought that her wrist is one of her charming points Her ideal type is someone who has a sense of humor, is smart, is hard-working, and would take care of her really well

Jiae’s Debut as a Solo Artist

Before her appearance as a solo singer or Lovelyz member, Jiae had already appeared in TV shows. Even though her appearances were brief and short, they were just enough for her to attract public attention and wake up people’s curiosity about her. Her appearances in TV shows also led her to become one of the trainees of Woollim Entertainment in 2010. Several years later, Jiae made her debut as a solo singer in April 2013 by releasing her single album titled Delight. She described the song “Delight” as a fresh and lovely song to hear. Jiae also revealed that the single was narrated about a girl who started to fall in love with someone, and the single is filled with girly and cheerful emotions as well.

In the “Delight” music video, Jiae appeared with B1A4‘s Baro and he played the role of the guy who made Jiae fall in love with him. Aside from that, Jiae also performed the single on several live stages, such as during Lovelyz’s fan meeting as well as a V Live showcase. Watch the lovely “Delight” music video, here:

Becoming a Member of Lovelyz

After gaining recognition as a solo singer, Jiae took a step further in her career. In November 2014, she made her debut as a Lovelyz member under Woollim Entertainment. Due to her sophisticated and chic visual appearance, Jiae was in charge as the visual of the group, vocalist, and rapper as well. With the first mini-album Girl’s Invasion, Jiae with other Lovelyz members successfully made their debut into something ‘bigger’ in their respective careers afterward. Not only that, but the album also included several solo singles from Lovelyz members, such as Jiae with “Delight”, Baby Soul with “No Better than Strangers”, and some other singles. While making her career with Lovelyz, the group emphasized Pop, Bubblegum Pop, and Synth-Pop as its genre. Within each of the group’s comebacks, they were providing various concepts and styles as well. Their first EP, Lovelyz8 was released in October 2015 with the lead single “Ah-Choo”. The song also became one of the most successful hits and continued to remain on the top of several digital Korean music charts. Outside her activities with Lovelyz, Jiae also went into other projects, such as becoming a radio DJ through Idol Radio as well.

Lovelyz’s Jiae’s Discography

Lovelyz’s Jiae’s individual discography: Digital Singles

Delight (2013)

Lovelyz’s Jiae’s Filmography

Lovelyz’s Jiae’s individual filmography: Television Drama   Variety Show

Virtual Concert with Lovelyz

Currently, Jiae is busy with her schedule with Lovelyz as well as other schedules as a K-Pop idol. Her girl group just landed a new hit single titled “Obliviate” and it has gained a lot of compliments as well as being welcomed by people wholeheartedly. Through the comeback with “Obliviate”, Jiae and other Lovelyz members surprised the fans with their new music style and extraordinary looks. Aside from that, Jiae and Lovelyz members also planned to hold a virtual concert titled Deep Forest, and it was reported to be broadcast on October 18, 2020. It was marked as their first concert, where they would be performing various songs as well as communicate with their fans. That was all you need to know about Lovelyz’s Jiae. We hope to see another project from her in the future kindly extending our support for her. Let us know your thoughts about Lovelyz’s Jiae in the comment section below!

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