Full Profile of Lovelyz’s Kei

Birth Name: Kim Ji-yeon (김지연) Stage Name: Kei (케이) Place and Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, March 20th, 1995 Age: 25 years old Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 162 cm Weight: 47 kg Blood Type: O Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group Label: Woollim Entertainment Years Active: 2012–present Associated With: Lovelyz Instagram: _flower_kei

Interesting Facts About Lovelyz’s Kei

Kei has been famously known as a good dancer Her older sister, Kim Min-ji also worked as a professional traditional dancer. Both of them once appeared together during one of the Girl Spirit stages She graduated from Incheon Youngsun High School Kei is in a good friendship with Laboum’s Haein and Soyeon, TWICE’s Momo, CLC’s Seunghee, April’s Jinsol, and PRISTIN’s Sungyeon Her favorite foods are meat, pig trotters, pork belly, and chicken. She doesn’t like pickles, cucumbers, cinnamon, or any food with a strong smell She loves all of the pastel colors such as mint, pink, and many more She thought that her legs are the most attractive part of her body She’s a huge fan of Kim Soo-hyun Kei’s ideal type is someone who has leadership skills and can hug her warmly. It was also revealed that she could be attracted to a bad-boy type as well

Kei’s Debut as a Lovelyz Member

Kei’s dream to be a K-Pop idol finally came true as she made her debut as a member of Lovelyz in November 2014. The girl group released their debut album titled Girls’ Invasion which successfully gained a lot of attention from people. In Lovelyz, the girl who was born with the name Kim Ji-yeon has changed her name to Kei for her stage name. Meanwhile, her position is the main vocalist, lead dancer, as well as face of the group. Lovelyz have emphasized the cute and cheerful concept which suits the members really well. They have released several mini-albums such as Girls’ Invasion and R U Ready which made their popularity increase even more. Other than that, they have also held several concerts and made amazing live stage performances in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and many more countries.

All of the members have also shown their daily activities as well as their schedule as a K-Pop group through Lovelyz’s variety shows such as Lovelyz in Wonderland and Lovelyz in Parallel Universe. The fans could also get to know them better through those variety shows.

Lovelyz’s Kei’s Solo Activity and Solo Debut

Beside her activities with Lovelyz, Kei has also been involved in other solo activities as well, such as acting, appearing in K-Drama OSTs, appearing in TV shows, and many more. She has proven her amazing vocal skills through her participation as a contestant in the 2016 vocal competition Girl’s Spirit, then in 2017 in King of Mask Singer, and made a remarkable performance at the Duet Song Festival as she made a cover of SNSD’s Taeyeon‘s song “I”.

Meanwhile, she made her acting debut in 2016 through a web drama titled Matching! Boys Archery Club playing the lead role named Hong Shi-ah, a girl who has a cheerful and unique personality. Kei also became the first Lovelyz member to start pursuing an acting career at that time. A year later, Kei appeared in a musical drama titled At The Age of Thirty and played the role of Okhee. And finally, Kei made her solo debut in October 2019 by releasing the solo album Over and Over with “I Go” as the lead single. Her solo debut was something that had been anticipated by her fans as they had been eagerly waiting for the moment for a long time. During her solo debut, Kei released an album under her real name Kim Ji-yeon. The album consists of six tracks including “I Go”.

Lovelyz’s Kei’s Discography

Lovelyz’s Kei’s individual discography: Extended Plays   Formats: CD, Digital Download, Streaming Singles   OST Appearances

Lovelyz’s Kei’s Filmography

Lovelyz’s Kei’s individual filmography: Musical Theater   Drama   Reality Shows

Lovely’z Kei in King of Masked Singer

Currently, Kei is still focusing on her own path as a Lovelyz member as well as a solo singer. She and the other groupmates also held several online fan meeting projects, a virtual concert titled Deep Forest, and a lot more. Recently, Kei also appeared in another episode of King of Mask Singer. You can watch her appearance, here:

Let’s keep supporting Kei and look forward to her upcoming projects in the future!

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