As for singers, we know some popular K-pop soloists such as IU, Ailee, Eric Nam, Jamie Park, Chungha, etc. And. for the bands, there are Day6, FT Island, CNBLUE, etc. Even though they are not K-pop groups, they are as talented and as gorgeous as K-pop groups. They also have a lot of fans in Korea and overseas. So, if you’re curious about one of them, don’t worry! We will introduce you to one of the members of a K-pop band. It’s Choi Sang-yeop, the guitarist of Lucy. Lucy is a band that made its debut in 2020. The group came from a reality show called SuperBand which aired in 2019. Let’s check out more about Choi Sang-yeop. Scroll down to find out more!

Choi Sang-yeop’s Profile

Before knowing a lot of things about Choi Sang-yeop, let’s check out his profile first. Find out all the basic things that we need to know about Choi Sang-yeop below! Full Name: Choi Sang-yeop Given Name: Sang-yeop Stage Name: Sangyeop Korean Name: 최상엽 Nickname: Squirrel, Munchkin / Leaf Kitchen, Choi Sang Yeojagi, Cheerful Step, etc. Birthday: February 27, 1994 Education: Bulgok High School, Dankook University (Department of Applied Chemical Engineering) Nationality: Korean Height: 177 cm Blood Type: A Family: Parents, older brother Position: Vocalist, guitarist Debut as a Soloist: 2016 Debut in Lucy: 2020 Agency: Mystic Story Group: LUCY

Choi Sang-yeop’s Facts

After seeing Choi Sang-yeop’s profile, you must be curious about more things. Well, then again, it was just the introduction of Choi Sang-yeop. He actually has a lot of interesting things that can make us fall in love with his charms. Let’s check out Choi Sang-yeop’s facts below!

When Lucy’s members were asked who is the member who changed the most since debut, all the members answered with Choi Sang-yeop. Choi Sang-yeop is very clumsy; he often drops or loses things. On April 9, 2020, he almost lost his cell phone and took a lot of time to search for it. Choi Sang-yeop’s favorite ice cream flavor from Baskin Robbins is Choco Tree Forest. While promoting “Jogging,” Choi Sang-yeop was popular as a boy who winked while singing. He also was known as a person who frowns. That’s because he did that while performing on stage. Choi Sang-yeop underwent LASIK surgery, and he used glasses the most among the members in Lucy.

Choi Sang-yeop’s Pre-Debut

After seeing the list of Choi Sang-yeop’s interesting facts, now it’s time to find out the story about him before he made his debut in Lucy. You may be wondering how he ended up in a band called Lucy, and what did he do before he became a musician? Was it his dream all along? Well, there’s only one thing that we should do to find out. Let’s check out the story of Choi Sang-yeop’s pre-debut era! Choi Sang-yeop was born on February 27, 1994. When he was younger, he lived in Bundang-du, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Choi Sang-yeop lived with his parents and an older brother. He graduated from Bulgok High School and went to Dankook University after that. In college, Choi Sang-yeop majored in chemical engineering. As a Korean male, Choi Sang-yeop enlisted for Korean military service while he was still in college. Since it took around 21 months, he had to take a leave of absence for a while. After he came back from the military, Choi Sang-yeop was sure about his dream to be a musician. He became more confident in choosing the singing path. In 2016, Choi Sang-yeop became a partner for a duet with VIXX’s Ken in a music festival. Due to that amazing performance, he had a chance to fill an OST for a K-drama.

Choi Sang-yeop in SuperBand

In 2019, Choi Sang-yeop joined a survival program that aired on JTBC called SuperBand. The program is about forming a band from over a hundred participants. The participants were indie musicians. They were divided into categories such as vocalist, guitarist, violinist, etc. To perform on stage, they formed into temporary bands. They had to arrange a popular song and cover the song for the live performance. Choi Sang-yeop was on the vocalist team. The judges of SuperBand were popular and talented musicians. They were Yoon Jong-shin the Korean singer, Kim Jong-wan (Nell), Lee Suhyun from Akdong Musician or AKMU, Yoon Sang, and Joe Hahn from Linkin Park. Let’s check out the performance of Choi Sang-yeop on SuperBand!

Although he did really great, he was eliminated in the first round. However, it wasn’t the end for Choi Sang-yeop because great things were waiting for him ahead!

Choi Sang-yeop’s Debut

Choi Sang-yeop might have been unable to pass to the next round of SuperBand which aired in 2019, but it didn’t mean that he failed. That’s because one of the 4 final bands who competed on the final stage, Lucy, needed a vocalist. Their vocalist in the survival show, Lee Ju-hyuk, withdrew from the band because he already had his own band, GIFT. So, Choi Sang-yeop replaced Lee Ju-hyuk’s position as the vocalist and the guitarist of the band. That made Lucy a complete 4-member band with Shin Ye-chan as the violinist, Jo Won-sang as the bassist, Choi Sang-yeop as the guitarist and vocalist, and Shin Gwang-il as the drummer. Shin Ye-chan as the oldest member who was born in 1992 became the leader of Lucy. Shin Gwang-il who was born in 1997 is the youngest member. Jo Won-sang was born in 1996 and Choi Sang-yeop was born in 1994. Even though the survival show SuperBand ended in July 2019, Lucy didn’t debut right after. In fact, it took around a year for them to finally release their debut song. In May 2020, Lucy released a single album called Dear. Their title track called “Flowering” was released on May 8, 2020. Let’s check out the music video of “Flowering!”

Lucy also released a sign language version for “Flowering!” They are so wholesome!

What do you think about Lucy’s debut era? Choi Sang-yeop and the rest of Lucy’s members are all so talented, right? It was just the beginning. They have more things for the fans in their next projects!

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