He is a member of LUCY where the band is a South Korean band consisting of 4 personnel namely Choi Sangyeop, Cho Wonsang, Shin Gwang il, also Shin Ye-chan. But this time, Channel-Korea will not talk about the band as a whole but will provide you with information about the bandleader. Of course, you guys feel curious about him, right? That is why Channel-Korea will help you in satisfying that curiosity by providing you with all the detailed information related to Shin Ye-chan! So, keep on scrolling through this article!

LUCY’ Shin Ye-chan’s Profile

Name: Shin Ye-chan (신예찬) Stage Name: Shin Yechan (신예찬) Birthday: June 13th, 1992 Birthplace: South Korea Height: – Weight: – Zodiac: Gemini Chinese Zodiac: Monkey Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Agency: MYSTIC89 Occupation: Performer, Violinist, Idol, Musician, Songwriter, Producer Years Active: 2019–present Group: LUCY YouTube: Violinist신예찬 Instagram: ye___chani

Shin Ye-chan’s Fun Facts

Yechan is the eldest member, but sometimes he acts like the youngest. When he was in 3rd grade, Shin Ye-chan started playing the violin. Shin Ye-chan has a younger brother. He really likes exercising better than dancing. Dogs are his favorite animals. Ye-chan has a favorite singer, she’s IU. Shin Ye-chan has one bad habit, that is biting his nails. He helps arrange their songs, and sometimes he is even the sub-vocalist/backing vocals. If he wasn’t an Idol, he would be a YouTuber. Shin Ye-chan has finished his mandatory military enlistment. Yechan and all the members are sharing the room, but because Yechan is always snoring, he gets kicked out of the room by the other members. He and Wonsang are voted as the cutest members. Shin Ye-chan is a former member of the busking band named Ganeung-dong (가능동).

Debut With LUCY

Shin Ye-chan is the leader of the South Korean Pop Rock band that was named by an MYSTIC89 music label, on May 8th, 2020. Together with Choi Sangyeop, Cho Wonsang, and Shin Gwang il, all the members including Yechan built their careers by pioneering slowly. When they made their official debut, Yechan’s group released their first single titled Dear. Their first single consists of 2 songs, intro and “Flowering (개화)”, which is the song used as the main track of the group led by Shin Ye-chan. In his group, he isn’t a violinist but he also intervenes in composing and producing LUCY’s songs. In their single, the music that was shown sounded very unique and made the listeners enjoy, especially with the violin that Shin Ye-chan played. You have to listen to this song as well as watch their first music video by clicking the video below!

Appearance in Super Band

Before becoming an idol like currently, Shin Ye-chan and his band had participated in a survival program that was produced by JTBC in 2019, namely Super Band. The program brought musicians from the indie genre to perform both original songs and their covers in a team. And then, the winning group would get the chance to debut. Shin Ye-chan and his group went through every challenge and carried it out to the fullest. But unfortunately, LUCY was only able to be the runner-up of Super Band.  If you missed Shin Ye-chan and his band’s performances in the program, then take a look at the video below of them performing Coldplay’s song “Adventure Of A Lifetime”.


Appearance in I Can See Your Voice 

I Can See Your Voice is a television mystery music game program show that is broadcast by Mnet and tvN. In 2018, Shin Ye-chan participated in the program, or more precisely in I Can See Your Voice 5. Shin Ye-chan performed one of BTS‘s hits song titled “DNA” in Episode 8. As we know, Shin Ye-chan is very good at playing the violin. Therefore, in the program, Shin Ye-chan showed his skills by playing the violin with a very beautiful strain and managed to amaze everyone in the audience.   That’s all the information about the leader of pop-rock band LUCY that we have provided for you in order to satisfy your curiosity. Are you now better acquainted with Shin Ye-chan? Don’t forget to put your answer in the comment section. And, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more information about K-pop, dramas, and news about South Korean celebrities. See you!

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