This ex-member EXO has become the judges and mentor on the show. Do you want to see them and how it will be going on there? Go check out the information on this Channel-Korea below! Luhan Activity After Leaving EXO Since leaving EXO in 2015, Luhan has been decided to focus on China’s activity and not continue with the group under SM Entertainment that has been rocketing his name on the entertainment industry. Luhan gets revealed that having a tight schedule to perform in-country back to back, which makes him chest pain and headache. This health problem is causing him to the left the EXO. Some rumors said that the Chinese member of the group also discriminated against compared with South Korean fellow members. They didn’t get much the same exposure as other EXO members. Luhan has started with acting and doing commercial films in Mainland China. Luhan released a solo album titled Reloaded in 2015 and has been starred in some movie box office like The Witness, 20 Once Again, Time Raiders, and also Fighter of Destiny. He looks brighter and more comfortable than before.

Tao’s Activity After Leaving EXO

Tao who has real name Huang Zitao is also leaving EXO to be a solo singer in 2015. He has been continued his skills in singing and launching the mini-album called T.A.O on July 23, 2015. The 1993 born line was happily shared his solo debut to greeting his fans through official social media of him in Weibo. He revealed that he pouring a lot of hard work and giving it from the bottom of his heart to this his first solo album. The album itself contains seven new songs that also share on the Nanjing Concert in China. The American rapper, Wiz Khalifa also contributed to one of his songs. So cool! Some of the title of his album including “The Road”, “ New Day”, “19 Years Old”, “Adore”, “Underground King”, “Mystery Girl” and “Hello Hello”. The song “Hello Hello” is the one whom Wiz Khalifa collaborated on. Check them out! In April 2017, Tao also made his first Asian Tour called the Z.Tao Promise Concert Tour in Beijing. Along with it, he also released a single with the same title. Tao IS also featured in some drama and film in China. To his achievement and existence in the music industry, Tao also made an independent agency called L. Tao Entertainment.

Kris’s Activity After Leaving EXO

Kris also a former EXO member under SM Entertainment has been leaving his group. He was become a trainee there at 18 years old through a global audition in Vancouver, Canada, and get chanced to be a member EXO in 2012. He’s leaving in 2015, also leading Kris to some new career in Mainland China. He got an award as the youngest celebrity that becomes a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai as “Newcomer of the Year” by Esquire China. He also made a debut in the movie Somewhere Only We Know that released in February 2015 which also marked as the number 1 Chinese box office. During his activity as an actor, he becomes the winner of the Best Newcomer Award at the China Film Festival London. Kris also has been activated in the drama So Young 2: Never Gone and Sweet Sixteen. Kris makes several achievements in his acting work. So cool! Moreover, in April 2019, Kris Wu also released a single “Big bow, Thick Noddle” which gets hits across China. He also released the second single “Eternal Love” matching with his 29 birthday. In April 2020, Kris Wu also released his 4 Track Extended Play titled “Aurora”. It has been busy and productive in the entertainment career of Kris Wu.

About China Survival Show Chuang 2020

China Survival Show called Chuang 2020 is the Produce Camp 2020 that gathered Chinese idols to compete as seven-member of the girl group. This show has been like Produce 101 that held in South Korea. This survival show has started on May 2, 2020, which presented by Huang Zitao and getting judge by Tao, Luhan, Victoria Song (former member of f(x)), Kris Wu, and Qin Hailu as a special mentor. This Produce 101 China version has been a popular show with all the judges comes from former member group under SM Entertainment. Huang Zitao or Tao has a role as a nation producer to the all-female contestant.

First Appearance Together After Leaving EXO

The survival shows Chuang 2020, has been made them reunion as former EXO member. This genius idea really made them could give an extra admiralty and freshwater to the fans who missed them as former EXO member. This show also showing their maturity in doing what they did in the entertainment industry. As a mentor, producer, judges, the trio former member EXO could be an interesting show to watch! Moreover, Victoria who also a former idol, f(x) member, becomes the mentor and judges, making it complete show about the former Chinese idol from SM Entertainment, the popular entertainment of South Korea.

Fun Facts

On the survival show, Chuang 2020, they have made a reunion and nostalgic for their first time experience as trainees and first time on the stage. Tao revealed that they were feeling really strict before debut at that time. Kris was admitted that when coming in the first class, Luhan was left in the middle of the wild party dance class and Luhan admitted that he was crying in the restroom because he couldn’t dance it. Kris was mentioned Luhan as the best in tear glands, yet Tao also saying since he was a very young age at that time and keep driving to a corner. Luhan admitted that time he only thinks about singing and dancing and put himself a lot of pressure. He only thinks to do perform well just one-track mind. So pure Luhan! Talking about the first performances on the showcase, Tao felt like he needs to pee since he was so nervous, afraid to make a mistake. Luhan also agrees that he also nervous events like couldn’t breathe. Even though they already prepare and countless practices, the first time of performing is always an unbeatable feeling. Fun fact is when Luhan sends a note which is forgotten what he writing of to Tao and Kris before he sleeps. He is aware that Tao and Kris are touching his face and hair since he wasn’t sleeping yet. He admitted that become his memory that very touching until now, yet Tao and Kris were not realized doing that such action.

Live Performance in Chuang 2020

In May 2020, the reunited Luhan, Tao, and Kris former EXO on Chuang 2020, the girl group member survival show in China making them more popular. The performance during the show has been showing great viewers and a comfort show who missed them in EXO. Here below some of their performances during the show!

That’s all about Kris, Tao, and Luhan reunited on Chuang 2020. Do you miss them? Keep supporting them all the way to their career! Put your comments and share your thoughts below!

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