In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about one of the members of LUMINOUS who has the position of youngest member of the group, which is LUMINOUS’ Woobin. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about LUMINOUS’ Woobin’s full profile, fun facts, and his debut era, in this article below.

LUMINOUS’ Woobin’s Profile

Real Name: Jeong Woo-bin (Hangul: 정우빈) Stage Name: Woobin (Hangul: 우빈) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, April 1st, 2000 Star Sign: Aries Height: 180 cm (5’10”) Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs) Blood Type: AB Position in the group: Main Vocalist, Maknae Education: Hanlim Performing Arts High School (Department of Applied Music/Graduation) Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram (binujeong)

LUMINOUS’ Woobin Fun Facts

LUMINOUS’ Woobin’s Debut Era

LUMINOUS released the music video teaser for their debut title song “RUN” of the first mini-album YOUTH through their official social media on September 8th, 2021. In the released video, LUMINOUS announced the start of a magnificent performance in line with the hip sound. As if announcing their splendid debut, the sophisticated choreography that matched the dancers under colorfully shining lights immediately caught the eye.

Then, a sports car galloping on the road appeared, raising curiosity. The members’ gaze towards the air and exquisite facial expressions left a strong impression of the mysterious mood of LUMINOUS. Here, the sensual hip-hop sound of “RUN” harmonized, raising expectations for the music video. LUMINOUS’ debut song “RUN”, is actually a hip-hop genre song that has a meaning of beautiful youth times that can be felt by many people but during this time, many people have to face their own difficulties on many levels. You can see how beautiful LUMINOUS’ members are in the “RUN” music video.

Based on the group’s name that has the meaning of ‘a light that shines in the dark’, LUMINOUS delivers energy through music as a ‘friend like light’ that represents the youth of this age. The official debut album YOUTH is an album that decorates the first of the LUMINOUS series, which contains LUMINOUS’ unique worldview, and sings of ‘a difficult but beautiful youth’. As the youngest member of the group, LUMINOUS’ Woobin also remembers how he trained and the encouragement from the CEO while preparing his debut, “I remember our CEO saying, ‘Let’s see for a long time and become a team that grows and moves forward together.’ I think these words support the team called LUMINOUS more than any other words.”

On September 19th, 2021, LUMINOUS held their debut stage and performed on KBS’s Music Bank. As you can see from the focus fancam above, LUMINOUS’ Woobin was seen there performing with the other members on the stage. He did his best while performing for the first time on stage and bringing “RUN” on the stage. What do you think about LUMINOUS’ Woobin’s debut era? Well, that was all the information about LUMINOUS’ Woobin and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career can shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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