You might like: Is It True that Aespa Are Lip-syncing at Coachella, ‘The Nick Cannon Show’, Etc.? If SM Entertainment has NCT, a boy group of over 20 members that has a lot of members from overseas, then for a girl group, they also enabled the debut of a girl group that has not only Korean members but also foreigners. SM Entertainment has been in a drought for girl groups for several years after Red Velvet made a debut in 2014. People are increasingly concerned about the female trainees that they introduced in 2013 as SM Rookies Girls. But the long wait is now over, as SM Entertainment enabled the debut of Aespa, a group full of visuals. As we already mentioned above, Aespa has foreign members in their group. But we’re not going to talk about the whole group in general, we are going to discuss one of the foreign members of Aespa instead, namely Giselle! Looking at her name, you must be wondering where did she come from? Is she from the States, just like some other idols with foreign names, such as Wendy, Mark, Johnny, and many more? Well, all the questions will be answered in the sections that follow!

Giselle’s Full Profile

The main question you have in your mind as you see Aespa’s Giselle’s name for the first time probably, is where did her stage name come from? Is that her real name? Is it an English name? Is it her Baptism name? Or just a stage name? Don’t worry, as we told you before, in this article, we are going to talk about Giselle: from her basic info to detailed info about her. You can also take note of her birthday or her blood type. Well, then again, all the detailed information will lead us to get to know her better! Let’s check out Giselle’s full profile below! Full name: Uchinaga Aeri Kanji Name: 内永えり Korean Name: 우치나가 에리/김애리 Stage name: Giselle/지젤 Nickname: “That’s hot”, Jelly, Hip-hop Dang-dang, Gizone (means best zone, in Korean), Jigu Jelly (means Earth Jelly, in Korean) Birthday: October 30th, 2000 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Education: Tokyo International School (transfer) International School of the Sacred Heart Position: Main rapper, Sub-vocal Occupation: Singer, Idol Blood Type: O Height: 166 cm Family: Parents Official emblem: Moon Debut year: 2020 Agency: SM Entertainment Instagram: @aespa_official Facebook: Aespa’s Official Facebook Page Twitter: Aespa’s Official Twitter Page TikTok: Aespa’s Official TikTok Page YouTube: Aespa’s Official YouTube Page

Giselle Pre Debut

Seeing her profile makes us realize that Giselle is actually not her real name. In fact, her real name is Uchinaga Aeri. So if you take a guess that Giselle is probably a foreigner, then you’re right. But is she a full foreigner? Okay, then, let’s start the story. Way before Aespa made a debut, Giselle was just a little girl from Tokyo. She is Uchinaga Aeri, the only child of her family. Little did we know, Aeri’s mom is actually a Korean. That is the reason why the Giselle we know is fluent in Korean, not only because she learned it while training just like some foreign idols, but also because her mom used it when she was a child. And the little girl Uchinaga Aeri can’t only speak Japanese and Korean, she can even speak English fluently since she enrolled in an international school when she was younger. She really matches well with her stage name that has a western vibe, Giselle. By now you can probably easily guess that Giselle’s specialty in Aespa is her rapping skill as her position is a rapper. But while in school, she was actually a member of a choir. Because of her talent, Giselle passed the SM public audition. Gladly enough, her parents allowed her to move to her mother’s hometown in South Korea, and become a trainee. Giselle is also one of the lucky trainees who didn’t have to wait very long to be included in a group line-up in order to debut. Giselle joined the company around 2019. She trained for around 11 months in SM Entertainment before Aespa made its debut in November 2020. This makes Giselle the only female idol in SM Entertainment who has the shortest period of training. It really defines how talented Giselle must be! Let’s see more of Giselle’s journey in the sections below!

Giselle’s Debut with Aespa

In October 2020, SM Entertainment posted a piece of shocking news that they are going to debut a new girl group after more than five years of Red Velvet’s debut. The girl group is called Aespa and consists of four members. And the half-Japanese girl, Uchinaga Aeri was included in the line-up. She was introduced by her stage name, Giselle. SM Entertainment revealed the fourth member that would be joining Aespa, and it was our girl, Giselle. Let’s see the teasers below! Giselle looks so stunning in the photos, right? The photo concept really suits Aespa’s concept. As you may already know, the girl group uses a really rare concept that can’t normally be seen in K-pop groups. It has the letters ‘ae’ which mean “Avatar x Experience.” It really describes a futuristic concept! And talking about the avatar, all of the members have their own avatars. Let’s see the avatar of Giselle! What do you think of Giselle’s avatar? Both look so pretty, right? And it’s not a K-pop agency if they don’t tease us fans about the highly-awaited debut MV. So, yeah, SM Entertainment also posted a teaser introduction of Giselle in order to get people acquainted with her, starting from her visual (because we can clearly see how beautiful she is), and her rapping skills!

Finally, Aespa officially made a debut on November 17th, 2020. They released the music video of “Black Mamba.” Let’s take a look at the video, here!

Even before Aespa’s two-month anniversary, the music video had reached 100 M views on YouTube. That’s how powerful SM Entertainment’s new girl group Aespa is! Much respect! If you can’t focus on the dance, SM Entertainment also released the dance practice of Aespa performing “Black Mamba.” Let’s see the dance practice right here!

Giselle is really talented even as a dancer! The live performances of “Black Mamba” by Aespa at various music shows also have many viewers. People are curious about their talent on the real stage, and they did it really well!

We can’t really tell that Giselle has only been trained for around a year. She really showed us the amazing talent of an idol!

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