Given the increasing number of single Koreans, the show easily became a hit and is a very popular program. One of its members, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, was invited to show her daily activities on the program. Contrary to the glamourous and stylish image of Korean idols, Hwasa showed her next door girl image. She confidently showed the viewers her face with no makeup. Her appearance and her actual character shocked viewers in a good way, and earned her positive reviews. She was rewarded with a newcomer trophy for her appearance in the variety show. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Hwasa and her shocking daily life in MBC’s I Live Alone. So, stay tuned!

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa House

Hwasa lives in an apartment. She moved her bed and placed it in front of the TV in her living room. As soon as she opens her eyes and wakes up from sleep, she turns on the television. She loves to watch Leslie Cheung, a popular Hong Kong actor in the nineties. When she sees Leslie Cheung on her TV, her face lights up and her smile opens widely. She spends time watching TV while lying sideways. Her favorite breakfast is combination of salty snacks and milk. Rather than eating corn cereal, she prefers common Korean snacks. Her kitchen is clean and tidy, but she rarely cooks. There are many snacks and bottles of alcohol around the kitchen table. When she opens her refrigerator, there are many beverages and more alcohol. As soon as Park Na-rae saw her refrigerator, she smiled and looked at her. She knows that Hwasa likes to drink. Hwasa eats her breakfast in front of the TV, on her bed. She looks very different in her normal daily looks. When her strong and tough makeup gets removed, she turns into a normal, next door neighbor girl. Since her hair is so long, she rolls it on her head and ties it into a big wad on her head. She tied it loosely, so it moves around when she walks and does her things. As soon as she finished her breakfast, she jumped into her bed and was lying in front of the TV. Occasionally, she scratched itchy parts of her feet. Members of the Rainbow Family noticed that her nails are very long and pointed. Hwasa said that she likes her long and pointed nails. They are very useful. After finishing her meal, she takes out her dining table and puts her makeup bag on it. She finishes her morning routine by applying makeup. She said that she loves to put heavy shades around her eyes and simple eyeliner. Last, but not least, she applies tint to make her cheek mole bigger and darker. The mole enhances her looks and makes her face more appealing.

Hwasa’s Love For Gopchang

Just like any other young Korean woman, Hwasa loves eating beef gopchang (small intestine). Rather than eating pork belly, she prefers gopchang. She said that she loves eating all kinds of beef entrails: liver, heart, and intestines. Being a confident and tough woman, she never hesitates in eating barbecue alone, which is often considered a taboo in Korea. Eating alone is one thing that Koreans hate in general, and eating barbeque alone is one thing that many Koreans avoid at all costs. While taking a stroll on the shopping street, she goes into a gopchang restaurant. Without hesitation, she orders two portions of gopchang and two portions of beef heart. Normally, Koreans who eat alone prefer to sit in the corner, but Hwasa confidently sits in the front of the restaurant. She sits impatiently while the restaurant owner roasts her gopchang. Whenever the slices are well cooked, she picks them up and puts them in her mouth, and smiles brightly. Her face looks happy and satisfied. Before finishing the roasted intestine, she orders gopchang stew and finishes by ordering gopchang fried rice. The episode of her eating gopchang became an instant hit at the time of its airing. On that day, Koreans went out to gopchang restaurants and caused a sudden high demand for gupchang. Hwasa got an appreciation from gopchang association for the episode.

Hwasa Got a Driving Test

Hwasa appeared on the July 20th, 2018, episode of I Live Alone. She was trying to apply for a driving license. She said that she passed the written test easily and got score of 90. However, during the actual driving test, she failed to pass. Her points were reduced for forgetting to use her turn signal, taking more than the allowed time to park her car, and mishandling the breaks. During her driving test, she wasn’t accompanied by an instructor. At the corner, she barely made it because her car almost went over the perimeter line. During the parking test, she took a longer time to park. She was visibly nervous and made a wrong turn when trying to park. She drove back and forth several time,s and miscalculated the angle to park backward. After failing the driving test, she went home in a bad mood. In order to relieve her tension, she ordered marinated crab for her meal. She ended her meal with a glass of cold beer. A year later, on July 20th, 2019, Hwasa appeared on I live Alone again. She proudly showed off her new car. It was a luxurious foreign car. She said that she took another driving test and passed. It was the first time she was driving her new car. She confessed “Usually, friend always drive me around. She drives a car really well”. Park Na-rae said that for first time driving, Hwasa needed to be accompanied by an experienced driver. Park Na-rae recalled the time when she had her first time driving. She was accompanied by comedienne Jang Do-yeon, who had no driving license. They panicked when they went onto an expressway.

Spending Time With Her Family

Hwasa invited I Live Alone to show her family and hometown in Namwon. Her father waited for her around the neighborhood, and when he saw her, he grabbed her hand. Both of them held hands while walking around the neighborhood. They greeted everyone at the roadside, since they knew each other since she was a child. The Rainbow Family members noticed that Hwasa and her father always held hands when they walked with each other. Hwasa said that her father loved holding hands with her. Her father prepared a special barbeque for her. Hwasa and her big family gathered in front of a big table. Her mother had been cooking the meal since early in the morning. After eating and enjoying family conversation, Hwasa and her father went outside and rode a cultivator. She enjoyed some precious time with her father while riding the cultivator. Hwasa recalled her middle school days in the rural area. She and Wheein dreamed of becoming singers. She used her father’s phone to download thousands of songs, and it cost a lot of money for all the music. At first, her father disagreed with her decision to pursue a career in music. She also said that her father borrowed money to help her pursue her dream of becoming a singer. However, as soon as she earned enough money, she paid back all their debt. Hwasa and her father frequently contacted each other. Recently, it was difficult to contact her due to her busy schedules. Her father told viewers that probably her hardest time was when she lived in a rooftop apartment. The apartment was extremely hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. When he visited her apartment, he saw stagnant water at certain spots and they didn’t remove the water. Hwasa and her friend never cleaned up their apartment, and it was very dirty. Hwasa cried upon hearing his confession. She said that she wasn’t a good daughter to her family. However, other Rainbow Family members didn’t agree with her. Hwasa showed that on the stage she is a singer and performer, but off the stage she is just an ordinary village girl, Ah Hye-Jin. She never shied away from the fact that she came from a village area.

Hwasa and Arcade Games

On her big day off, Hwasa spend time resting in her house. After a good afternoon nap, she got up and went to her arcade game. She removed all the coins and put them back into the arcade machine. It was enough to play 20 rounds of the game. She concentrated and completely focused on the game. Throughout the gaming time, she yelled, glared, and smiled at the screen. After a couple of rounds, she became bored, unplugged the cable and moved to her favorite place, her sofa-bed.. Resting and enjoying herself at home is her most precious moment.

Hwasa Tries To Make Art From Orange Skin

After spending time promoting her solo single Twit, Hwasa spent a whole day resting in her house. Lying in her bed while watching TV in her bed-living room, Hwasa enjoyed precious resting time. Tucked inside a cozy blanket, she lay on her back, eating tangerines and watching TV. Suddenly, she woke up and grabbed a book. The title of the book was Art of Peeling Tangerines. It was like a Korean children’s book, with lots of pictures and drawings. Quickly, she moved to the sofa and tied her long her into her trademark hairstyle, the messy bun. As she opened the pages, she found a beginner’s project for making art from orange peels. She chose a bunny shape made from orange peels that was categorized as one star, or a beginner level. She scanned the whole page and looked for the instructions. Rather than finding the instructions, she found some rather useless biological information about a bunny. She got irritated when finding the information rather than directions. Feeling determined, she started drawing lines according to the instruction. When she started to cut the peel according to the lines, she cut the peel too deep and juice squirted into her eyes. After a short, painful moment, she finished cutting the lines. Since it was her first project, only the head part resembled a bunny head while other parts were too out of shape. She moved on from one-star to the two-star difficulty level, then all the way to the five-stars difficulty level. Her skill gradually improved as she tried each difficulty level. Other than her singing talent, perhaps she can try improving her crafting talent, because she seemed to have a good hand at making things.

Are Hwasa and Sung-hoon in a Relationship?

The Korean model, Sung-hoon, asked Hwasa to teach him some dance moves. She agreed on teaching him and adviced Sung-hoon to express himself freely when dancing. Before practicing, both of them sat face to face. Hwasa prepared pork belly while Sang-hoon preferred spicy noodles. It was the first time they sat face to face without other members. The atmosphere felt a little awkward, because they didn’t talk much. Actor Lee Si-eon commented that Hwasa and Sang-hoon looked like a new couple because they were eating while facing each other. The episode was aired on September 27th, 2019. Hwasa is an excellent singer and performer on the stage, but she is a bad teacher. When she was teaching Sung-hoon, she couldn’t explain the exact way to do her dance moves, she only showed him and expected him to copy the move right away. Being a novice dancer, Sung-hoon had difficulties in following her dance moves. Hwasa taught him all the basic moves, but Sung-hoon failed in copying the moves because his body was stiff and non-flexible. During an interview with production staff, she smiled when telling them that Sung-hoon sis a little like her ideal type. She later added that, at the moment, she doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards the handsome actor.

Hwasa and Whee-in’s Trip To Jeju Island

Hwasa and her best friend, Wheein, recollected their best memories as middle school friends. Hwasa and Wheein met during their studies in middle school 11 years ago. They traveled to the beautiful city of Jeonju, which is famous for its traditional Korean houses. They looked so happy, and walked hand in hand while wearing their junior high school uniform. At the famous Jeonju Hanok Village, they enjoyed eating roadside snacks and traditional Korean rice cakes. The best friends visited their middle school and were shocked upon seeing their old school. Some of the school buildings were torn down. Before leaving the school, Hwasa and Wheein took several pictures at the front gate of their school. After visiting their old school, they went to a jewelry store to make friendship rings. Hwasa said that Wheein had lost a friendship ring that she gave her before. Hwasa wanted to give a new friendship ring for Wheein. They completed their memorable excursion with food. Hwasa and Wheein ordered middle school student’s favorite food: pork cutlet, cheese fried rice, noodles, and more.

Interaction with Other Panelists and Guests

Being the youngest member in her group, Mamamoo, Hwasa is also the youngest member of the Rainbow Family. She always respects older and senior members, and speaks with formal language with them. When she met with Kian84 for the first time, Hwasa called him Oppa rather than senior. Park Na-rae gave uncomfortable looks when Hwasa called Kian 84 as her Oppa. Han Hye-ji noticed Park Na-rae looks and said “Please control your emotion Park Na-rae”. It seemed that Park Na-rae felt a little bit jealous of Hwasa. Hwasa and Kian84 got along really well, since they share similar characters. Both of them are carefree in their home and aren’t organized well. They love playing games and staying in bed all day long.

Random Facts

Hwasa bought a new car. It was a foreign brand, a Volvo XC40. She experienced a serious car accident that got her a trauma when traveling in a car. Hwasa and Wheein were childhood friends before debuting in MAMAMOO Hwasa is a left-handed Almost all the villagers in Hwasa’s hometown have the Ahn family name

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