In August 2019, MAMAMOO became one of the contestants in the latest MNet program, Queendom, along with Park Bom ex-2NE1, AOA, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and (G) I-DLE. Queendom is a program that was broadcast on MNet’s channel since August 29th, 2019. In this program, contestants compete to show their best performance to reach the first place. After the appearance of all participants, Mamamoo and Oh My Girl were named as the finalists who would compete for rank No. 1. With the addition of live broadcast voting, Mamamoo won the Queendom crown. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of Mamamoo’s appearances on Mnet’s latest show Queendom. So, stay tuned!

Opening Stage

MAMAMOO became the next participant to present the opening performance of the Queendom program. Different from other girl groups that display their choreography, in this video, the four members of MAMAMOO show their vocal abilities. Wearing black dresses, MAMAMOO members look so elegant when singing on their chairs.

Queendom is Mnet’s latest survival program starring various girl groups and female solo artists who have already debuted. Besides MAMAMOO, this program also featured AOA, Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, (G) I-DLE, and Park Bom ex-2NE1.

Interaction with Other Contestants

The 3rd round of unit matches in the Queendom program became a hot topic by gaining first place ratings for paid broadcasts. In the episode that aired on October 10th, 2019, the contestants did the 3rd round before finally entering the final stage. In this 3rd round, the members of each team formed a total of 7 vocal and performance units that were ready to show their abilities and talents. The ‘Guoh’ unit from LOVELYZ’s Kei and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa by singing the song “Wish you were gay.” This was the performance most awaited by fans considering the two members have quite different vocal styles and voices. Hwasa looks amazing with her stage manner and distinctive husky voice that shows the quality of Hwasa on stage. Kei attracts attention with her deep and more mature vocal voice that is different from her image and appearance.

Then, there was the ‘6 PUZZLE’ performance of the performance unit that had been waiting for and attracted the attention of the audience since they practiced. Amazing performances and synergies from Lovelyz’s Jeong Ye-in, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, AOA’s Chanmi, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, OH MY GIRL’s YooA, and Brave Girls’ Eunji as Park Bom’s replacement.

In the beginning of the show, Yein showed off an elegant and beautiful contemporary dance, Soojin focused the audience’s attention on her with a sexy dance and a tango. Then Chanmi performed a charismatic performance with back dancers, YooA was in the spotlight with a Michael Jackson-style dance that showed her dance abilities that were detailed and decisive. Moonbyul was no less interesting by showing a compelling popping choreography. In a joint performance, the six members joined the entire fleet of back dancers and performed a strong and energetic dance action producing a perfect show.

Compilation of Stage Performances

The South Korean girl group Mamamoo has again proven their ability in the show Queendom! Joining Queendom, Mamamoo became a hot topic and received a variety of enthusiastic responses from the audience thanks to the stunning performances in each round. This group has shown the true value of the title “Mamamoo Genre” through various stages with complete formations in the last 3 rounds. These women perform all genres very well through their appearance with clear concepts, exceptional vocals, and their ability to master the stage. Mamamoo successfully displayed several different concepts in the Queendom program. Let’s take a look at some of the concepts that Mamamoo successfully displayed in the Queendom program below! Round 1 – Girl Crush MAMAMOO was the artist who was the first performer. In the first competition, Queendom had a total of 10,000 points up for grabs. The points were divided into 7000 points gained from the audience, 2000 points from trainees, and 1000 points from the contestants themselves.

MAMAMOO, who performed first, performed their popular song, “Décalcomanie.” Even though they had just finished the concert the day before, the members of MAMAMOO managed to bring a lively performance that showed their vocal skills. In the first round featuring hit songs from each group, Mamamoo fully showed off their girl-crush charm through the song “Decalcomanie.” Stepping onto the stage together with a military uniform band, Mamamoo immediately stole the attention with a lively atmosphere. The women performed a magic-like appearance by turning the competition into a real concert thanks to the skill to perform live together with a free-spirited performance, thus evoking a response from the audience. Round 2 – Sexy In the second round, Mamamoo chose to cover AOA’s song titled “Good Luck.” This group received a high appreciation for their sexiness and energetic appearance that showed their unique charms. They not only did a “1 song 4 charm” performance that showed the characteristics of each member from the arrangement to the concept, but Mamamoo also made their performance even more unique with various expressions and gestures.

At that time, the performance of “Good Luck” which exuded an atmosphere that was completely different from the original song proved the level that caused the fever because the performance had received a high number of views. Round 3 – Touch In the “Fandora Box” round where each group had to perform songs chosen by fans, Mamamoo managed to leave a deep impression by performing the song “I Miss You.” Stepping onto the stage with an adult appearance that exudes autumnal nuances, the Mamamoo members showed off their extraordinary singing abilities and made touching performances that evoked the emotions of fans.

In particular, videos that recorded the appearance of Mamamoo when they were trainees and the time they were accompanied by MooMoo (Mamamoo’s fandom name) after the debut aired, making the viewers unable to hold back their emotions. As such, Mamamoo once again proved the position of the girl group that was able to do everything when perfectly displaying various concepts through each round. The song that was delivered by Mamamoo, a group with the ability to perform, sing and develop in any situation, on the live broadcast stage of Queendom on October 31st, 2019, attracted the public’s attention. Previously, the songs featured on Queendom were first released on various digital music sites on October 25th, 2019, at 12 PM (KST).

Behind The Stage

The Queendom shows the activities carried out by Mamamoo members backstage to prepare them to showcase the best in the Queendom program.  

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