In this Channel-Korea article, you will find out more about the group’s phenomenal music video, Decalcomanie, which has some seductive scenes. Stay curious!

Comeback Schedule Plan

MAMAMOO released their fourth mini-album, called “Memory,” on November 7, 2016, under the label RBW. The lead track for this mini-album was “Decalcomanie”. As part of the promotions for the new album, they announced an event called “MAMAMOO WEEK,” where they could spend the whole weekend at signing events and celebrating their comeback with the new album. This signing event was held at IlChi Art Hall in Seoul at 8:00 pm, and only 100 lucky fans were chosen randomly from those who bought the album from the 8th through the 11th in Gangnam. MAMAMOO also came to do signings in Yongsan and ShinChon during MAMAMOO WEEK. MAMAMOO is one of the K-Pop girl groups with the best fan-love.

Album Details

This album has a modern spin, with the funky and retro style that has become their signature. MAMAMOO puts a strong emphasis on vocal quality, combined with a drum beat. The songs on the album are all pretty mid-tempo. The title “Decalcomanie “ is taken from the French word, “decalcomania,” which is a term for the art technique, for example, of hand to transfer ink or paint becomes an asymmetrical pattern or fractal pattern. Here are some individual photos of each of the members, which were taken for this album. Moonbyul with her white minidress becomes truly gradient on this photo album. The beautiful Solar in a white dress. Hwasa, with her strong character.

MV Release and Explanation

In the Decalcomanie” music video, there is a scene showing Moonbyul dancing in a black suit, with decorations of symmetrical images and mirror sequences. This becomes the main point of this album’s lead song, which is a metaphor of two bodies pressing together during sex. Some of the video shooting is frontal and inappropriate. In this music video, all the members of MAMAMOO so stunning with their black and white outfits. The strong instrumental music and vocals become more transparent during this music video. The look of this video combined with the verses makes the song sound more like something that would come from a western country rather than from K-pop culture. It makes a combination of elements in the music mix and become something fresh.

Comeback Stage

Their live performance is extra cool. The group came out wearing sharp black suits and had strong stage choreography. Their vocal becomes the best signature.

Public Response and Dance Cover Compilation

  Here are some dance covers that were inspired by their good choreography. The fact there are so many covers shows what a great performance the group gave.

Some members of the public responded to the inappropriate part of the video and sounded pretty upset. But still, all the performances and Moonbyul’s visual got to shine on the music video, making it very entertaining to watch. The instruments also had their critics because the music seemed to be loud compared to their own voices, yet the music itself is good, with jazzy and retro vibes. Their dance choreography is so strong and full of energy, with characteristic tempo. The sexual scene earned widespread attention and made them more popular in a good way..


On February 19, 2020, MAMAMOO released their third Japanese song, called Shampoo as a digital single. They also launched the Japanese version of Hip, which is the Japanese edition of Reality in Black, which was first released on November 14, 2019. That’s all about MAMAMOO‘s throwback time: MAMAMOO Showed Off Their Seductive Charm With The 2016 Song “Decalcomanie”. What do you think? Please give your comments and share your thoughts below!

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