Full Profile of MBLAQ’s G.O

Birth Name: Jung Byung-hee (정병희) Stage Name: G.O (지오) Place and Date of Birth: Changwon, South Korea, November 6th, 1987 Age: 33 years old Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 177 cm Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: A Position: Main Vocalist Label: J. Tune Entertainment Years Active: 2007–present Associated With: MBLAQ Instagram: jung_g_o YouTube: 지오 G.O

MBLAQ’s G.O’s Fun Facts

MBLAQ’s G.O’s hobby is cooking For education necessity, MBLAQ’s G.O went to Gukje Digital University and majored in Leisure Sports Previously, MBLAQ’s G.O had debuted with a group named TYKEYS in 2007 People have thought that MBLAQ’s G.O has a lot of similarities with Rain when his hair is short MBLAQ’s G.O has been known as a ‘clean-freak’ MBLAQ’s G.O is also known as a trustful and very honest person MBLAQ’s G.O is left-handed

His Debut with MBLAQ

G.O raised his popularity as a K-Pop idol when he debuted as an MBLAQ member. The group officially debuted under J. Tune Entertainment in October 2019 and performed several singles from their debut album titled Just BLAQ. He was in charge of the main vocalist position and used G.O as his stage name. For their music, MBLAQ emphasized the K-Pop, R&B, and EDM genres. “Oh Yeah” is marked as their debut single and it is also included in the Just BLAQ album, and the single was welcomed by people warmly. For their debut stage, it took place in the music show M! COUNTDOWN. Since their first appearance, people have been amazed by them and consider them to be one of the ‘it guys’ in the K-Pop music industry. MBLAQ’s G.O also participated in a bunch of MBLAQ songs. One of the singles titled “Can’t Come Back” was composed by him, and it was included in the BLAQ Style – 3D Edition album in 2011 and successfully entered top rank on several charts. A year later, G.O and another MBLAQ groupmate, Mir, released a single titled “Wild” in the group’s Asia tour.

MBLAQ Disbandment Rumor

Although MBLAQ have been steadily building up their popularity ever since their debut, they have also faced an unpleasant piece of rumors due to their uncertain circumstances. The group’s latest project was the single “Mirror” in 2015 with only three members since Lee Joon and Thunder decided to leave the group in 2014. After that, there is no further project or any schedule related to MBLAQ. It felt like the group has been MIA (missing in action) because there was no official statement whether they would be on a hiatus or disband after all. Their agency also didn’t explain anything and remained silent. MBLAQ’s G.O finally spoke up about all of those non-sense rumors regarding MBLAQ and explained everything through a letter. It was revealed that G.O was trying to set up a fan meeting, however, the agency didn’t make any move or help him. Since he, Mir, and Seungho weren’t involved in a contract with the label, it also made their agency practically ‘gone’ in terms of responsibilities for the artists’ activities. So, the three remaining members decided to each take their own path. Still, they kept in touch with each other and kept supporting each other.

MBLAQ’s G.O’s Relationship With Actress Choi Ye-sul

MBLAQ’s G.O was in a relationship with actress Choi Ye-sul for almost two years, and both of them decided to tie the knot in November 2019. The wedding ceremony was held privately and attended by family, close friends, and relatives only. His groupmate Mir and Seungho also attended the wedding ceremony as well. Before their marriage decision, MBLAQ’s G.O and Choi Ye-sul had been living together since early 2019. The two of them are also a couple that was not reluctant to show off their affections and their sweet relationship on social media. No wonder that during their wedding ceremony, it was captured in such a beautiful wedding vlog as well! Watch their wedding vlog, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1LtyG5IpzU

Becoming a Broadcasting Jockey on Afreeca TV

After being discharged from the military service in 2018, G.O went to a new activity outside his schedule. He became an online streamer through a Korean streaming platform named Afreeca TV. Through the streaming sessions, the fans could see him gaming, doing song covers, or simply interacting with the fans. MBLAQ’s G.O’s participation in Afreeca TV also marked his debut as an online streamer. According to allkpop, G.O explained his decision of becoming an online streamer as well as his future career throughs with the statement, “I know what people think about personal broadcasts. I don’t think it’s a problem with the platform, but with the individuals. I’m thinking of bringing my celebrity friends on air. I also want to possibly have collaboration broadcasts with the other BJs.”

MBLAQ’s G.O’s Discography

MBLAQ’s G.O’s individual discography: Singles   OST Appearances   Extended Plays

MBLAQ’s G.O’s Current Activities

Let’s find out the latest news about MBLAQ’s G.O! What has he been up to lately? He has continued his activities in the entertainment industry as a singer, songwriter, and actor as well. For other activities, he also made a personal YouTube account where he uploads a bunch of song covers. Other than that, he and his wife also made a YouTube account together which is filled with their daily vlogs as well. Formats: CD, Digital Download That was all the information we have provided about MBLAQ’s G.O. Let’s give him a lot of love and support. Also, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about him in the comment section below.

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