Throughout his music career, he released numerous singles and successful music albums. However, he was alleged to be avoiding military enlistment by having his teeth pulled out deliberately before enlistment. He received criticism from the public and was subsequently banned from major TV networks. To make matter worse, he was also involved in various other scandals. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about MC Mong’s profile, his popular songs and variety shows, scandals. So stay tuned!

Full Profile

Real Name          : Shin Dong-hyun Stage Name        : MC Mong Date of Birth       : September 4, 1979 Place of Birth      : Seoul Height                : 178 cm Weight                : 77 kg Blood type           : B Management        : Million Market Education             : Dongah Broadcast and Arts University Instagram            : @happymong79


He is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and music produced He received criticism for avoiding military service, smoking on the production set, homophobic comment, and other issues Other than MC Mong, he has another stage name : Black Edition There was “crucifixus etiam pro nobis” tattooed on his left arm. The tattoo is in Latin and means “He was crucified for us” MC Mong’s religion is Christianity


MC Mong was a regular figure in TV programs in early 2000. He started out as a member of the hip-hop group People Crew in 1998, but gained more popularity after appearing in variety shows and dramas. People Crew released Hip Hop Spirit Forever in July, 1999. He made a debut solo by releasing 180 Degrees on April 23rd, 2004. MC Mong made his acting debut by appearing on the TV series Nonstop 4, a comedy-drama about a university band and the interaction between its members. He acted alongside Hyun-bin and Han Ye-seul. It was when MC Mong released his third album, The Way I Am, that he showed a more musical side of himself. His fourth album, Show’s Just Begun, was released on April 17, 2008, and its title single, Circus, peaked at #1 on the music charts. Due to the scandal around evading military service, in 2010, he was banned from appearing on major Korean TV networks. He made a musical comeback by releasing the album Miss Me or Diss Me, which topped the majority of the Korean music charts. Despite his album’s success, the majority of the public had not gotten over of his military service scandal.




Rumors: Dating & Girlfriend

MC Mong was known for dating debutant actress, Joo Ah-min from rumors in March 2009. His girlfriend is a beautiful actress-model without a prominent appearances in dramas. The public was envious of his pretty girlfriend. MC Mong published pictures of him and his girlfriend’s father playing billiards. On April 22, 2010, MC Mong released a statement about his breakup with girlfriend Joo Ah-min. Before the news surfaced, there were earlier rumors about their separation that MC Mong and his girlfriend denied.

Military Service

In October 2010, MC Mong attended trials for allegedly removing his teeth to avoid military service enlistment. Before the trial, it was revealed that MC Mong’s dentist confessed to having removed his teeth and receiving money for the operation. In later trials, the dentist changed his statement and revealed that he removed the teeth because of holes in them. However, he didn’t know the reason why the holes were there. The dentist also stated that MC Mong didn’t manage his teeth well, and most of them had to be taken care of or removed. After lots of trials, he was cleared of all allegations but he was sentenced to probation for a year and more than a hundred hours of community service for intentionally postponing military enlistment. The court couldn’t decide whether he was responsible for removing his teeth to avoid military duty.

Channel 8

On October 25, 2019, MC Mong released his eighth studio album, Channel 8. During the promotional event, he said “Either people can or can’t forgive my mistake, I gathered my courage to appear and made a comeback. Appearances in TV shows is not important. More important is to make a comeback in normal life.” MC Mong donated 30 million KRW to senior citizens and people in desperate need of help due to the coronavirus pandemic. He directly called two welfare organizations and donated the money using his real name. That was all the information about MC Mong: his music achievement, hit singles, best selling albums, and also his scandals. Best of luck for him on his comeback to the Korean music industry. What do you think about his achievements and scandals? Leave your opinions in the comment section below!

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