Well, then again, it must be something that you as a K-popper feel won’t go anywhere from K-pop. Every group has its own charms and all the idols have their own specialties with unique characteristics. But we have reached the 4th generation of the K-pop era, and a lot of K-pop groups have made a debut in the last few years. It will take a lot of time to get to watch all of their content on YouTube, TV, or any social media platform. But don’t worry, we will help you learn more about one of the K-pop idols of the 4th generation era. This K-pop idol made a debut with his group in 2020. Well, of course, there are a lot of K-pop idol groups who made a debut at that time. That’s why we will guide you to learn more about this one idol from a group under Top Media. It’s BIC from MCND, everyone! Let’s learn more about BIC from MCND in the sections below!

MCND’s BIC’s Profile

You might be wondering who BIC is, what his real name is, what his specialties are. Well, all of the answers can be found in his profile below. Let’s check it out! Full name: Nam Seungmin Korean Stage Name: 빅 Korean Real Name: 남승민 Stage Name: BIC Nicknames: Raccoon, Squirrel, Elk, Ketchup, BICtamin, etc. Birthplace: Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 167 cm Foot size: 255 ~ 265 mm Birthday: April 25th, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Snake Position: Main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: B MBTI Type: INFP Family: Parents, an older sister Debut in MCND: 2020 Agency: Top Media

MCND’s BIC’s Facts

Let’s see the list of BIC’s interesting facts down below!

Even though BIC is one of the older ones in MCND, he has a lot of playfulness and is such a goofy person around the other members. BIC is always smiling ever since he was a kid. He’s such a vitamin or happy virus to the people around him. BIC admitted that he can’t eat vegetables. BIC has a habit of blinking his eyes often. BIC joined the national singing competition and won. BIC has Penomeco as his role model. BIC’s hobbies are listening to music, reading letters sent from fans, watching movies, etc.

MCND’s BIC’s Pre-Debut

As you may already saw from his profile, BIC is not his real name. BIC was born with the name Nam Seungmin. But the name Seungmin is quite familiar in the K-pop industry, there are Seungmin from other K-pop groups such as Seungmin from Golden Child and Seungmin from Stray Kids. So, BIC decided to use a stage name instead of his real name. BIC, or Nam Seungmin, was born and raised in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do. He was born on April 25th, 2001. He lived in Anseong along with his parents and his older sister. Although he is not the youngest member in MCND, in his family, BIC is the youngest child. As a child, BIC was dreaming to be a bodyguard instead of an idol. He always thought that it was cool to have a bodyguard suit and wear earphones. The acts of a bodyguard who is really cool by protecting someone or something made the little Nam Seungmin want to become one. But it happened to be just a childhood dream. If it had turned into reality, we wouldn’t be seeing him as BIC of MCND now. Instead of becoming a bodyguard, BIC focused on dancing when he was a child. He grew up enjoying dancing and listening to K-pop music. When he was in middle school, BIC auditioned for a K-pop agency and became a trainee. However, he didn’t just make a debut right away. It was such a long journey for BIC or who was known by his real name at that time, Nam Seungmin. Along with other trainees, such as Castle J and Minjae, BIC flew to America to learn to dance. At that time, he was still 14 years old or 15 years old in the Korean age system. The youngsters went to America to get better at dancing, just like some other K-pop idols. No wonder BIC and the other members are now really great dancers on stage. But it took years to train. BIC still had to wait for several years to come until his debut days. Also, he was still young at that time. He still hadn’t finished middle school too. So, he couldn’t do anything besides train and patiently wait. Fortunately, BIC didn’t give up. If he did, it would be such a big loss for the K-pop world and MCND.

MCND’s BIC’s Debut

BIC started to be a trainee when he was in middle school. While focusing on school, BIC trained for five to six years as a trainee in Top Media. He went from a middle school student to a high school student until he finally made a debut in Top Media’s latest K-pop boy group. Gladly, all of it is worth the wait. Nam Seungmin was just a boy who was good at dancing, but he’s now a K-pop idol of a group called MCND. MCND is a K-pop boy group that made a debut in February 2020. The group consists of five talented members which are Castle J, BIC, Huijun, Minjae, and Win. They are the latest boy group from the company that debuted Teen Top, UP10TION, they also debuted the UP10TION members as solo singers such as Kim Wooseok and Lee Jinhyuk. The company is called Top Media, and it is managed under Andy Lee from Shinhwa. It officially started when MCND released their first single on February 27th, 2020. The boy group made a debut with a song titled “Ice Age”. Not only BIC, but there are also other four members: Castle J, Minjae, Win, and Huijun who officially became MCND members. Let’s see the music video of MCND’s debut song “Ice Age”!

What do you think about the music video? Just like the title, the song and music video make us freeze as if we’re in the ice age, right? The performance of the boys is really cool, too. Now, let’s see the dance performance of MCND’s “Ice Age” in their practice room!

What do you think of MCND’s debut era? The boys are so cool and talented even though they were rookies back then. So proud!

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