Huijun takes the role of MCND’s main vocalist. In his group, Huijun and Minjae are responsible for singing. Both Huijun and Minjae’s voices complement each other. Minjae has a sweet voice, while Huijun has a thick and manly voice. When performing as a duo, their voices blend very well. Find out more about Huijun’s full profile and general information in the article below.

MCND’s Huijun’s Full Profile

Birth Name: No Hui-jun Stage Name: MCND Huijun Birthday: October 7th, 2003 Height: 177 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: AB Zodiac: Libra Position: Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist

MCND’s Huijun’s Facts

Huijun’s hobbies are listening to music, watching dramas or movies, and playing games He used to practice Taekwondo. Huijun’s favorite food is traditional Korean pancakes. Huijun and BIC live in the same room in their dormitory. He avoided going to a math academy by joining a dancing academy. He prefers winter to summer. Huijun prefers night activity to day activity. His favorite sport is soccer. He went to the USA to learn to dance.

MCND’s Huijun’s Official Debut

Huijun joined TOP Media when he was a middle school student. He is among the trainees with the longest training period in TOP Media. Before making his debut, Huijun and Minjae teamed up and competed in the idol survival program The Fan. Even though they were much younger than most of the contestants, they managed to go through to the fourth round. Huijun made his official debut on February 27th, 2020. MCND performed their debut showcase at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.

MCND’s Huijun’s Focus Fancam

MCND fans regretted how people gave less attention to Huijun. He has a thick voice and wide vocal range for a boy of his age. He also has a stable voice even when dancing and performing continuously.

Aside from his voice, Huijun also stands out because of his dance. The “Ice Age” choreography is one of the most intense and energetic choreographies, but Huijun performed it almost effortlessly. On the stage, Huijun rarely smiles at the audience, and he always keeps a cool and mysterious image.

MCND’s Huijun’s Cover Songs

Both Huijun and Minjae have excellent vocal talent. Huijun has a thicker and higher vocal range, while Minjae has a lighter and sweet voice. The combination of their voices can give a tingling sensation to every fan, especially when they cover an acoustic version of a song. The boys should be given more chances as a duo or an MCNd subgroup. They also have no difficulties when singing in English.

Huijun and Minjae’s voices blended together sensationally when they covered Troye Sivan & Lauv’s “I’m So Tired”. Perhaps TOP Media should consider launching Huijun and Minjae as a singing duo rather than an idol duo because they are effortlessly better as singers.

MCND’s Huijun’s Appearance In Crazy School

In order to promote MCND, TOP Media cooperated with the 1theK YouTube channel to broadcast several short videos of MCND’s activities. All of the MCND members showed their daily lives and activities through the YouTube series Crazy School. The first season of the Crazy Schoool series was met with a good response from fans. In each series, producers gave several missions to MCND members. They also had to compete with each other to win a special gift from the producer. Sometimes, the producer would prank them and give them an item without telling them the purpose. They had to improvise and act according to their feelings. In one prank, the producer turned on the music in their bedroom early in the morning. Thinking of the music as a mission, most of the members woke up and started dancing to the music. The funny thing is that they were barely awake but they could dance along with the music. Their eyes were still half shut but their bodies danced autonomously. However, they later found out that it was just a prank and they got back to sleep. In episode 12, Huijun and the other MCND members went to a strawberry farm. The boys were given a task to collect strawberries with different tools. One member had to pick strawberries with only one hand, another with chopsticks, and another with toy glasses. They enjoyed picking up strawberries and playing tricks with each other. In the end, Huijun won because he collected the most strawberries. These series are very fun to watch and viewers get to know the characters of each MCND member.

MCND’s Huijun’s Appearance in The Fan

Huijun became a TOP Media trainee in 2015 at the age of only thirteen years old. During training, he collaborated with his best friend, Minjae in the idol survival program The Fan. KBS’s The Fan was a reality show talent search that was held by KBS from November 2019 to February 2019. In the program, 15 unknown talents were introduced by senior singers or musicians. All of the contestants had to perform and show their talent in front of their mentors, while their seniors watched their performances. The program is slightly different compared to other idol survival programs. Some of the most famous musicians and singers participated in the program as mentors. The mentors helped the contestants in uncovering and polishing their talents. However, the mentors had no vote in deciding the future of each contestant. Stage audience and online viewers had all the votes in the elimination or progress. MCND’s Huijun and Minjae formed a duo called Minjae Huijun. The duo specialized in singing and dancing, while other contestants specialized in either singing or rapping.

In the first round, Minjae Huijun performed the Imagine Dragons song “Believer”. All of the mentors and stage audiences were surprised by the duo. They looked much younger compared to the other contestants. At that time, they were around fifteen years old. However, Huijun and Minjae showed great confidence and performed well in front of the audience.

They passed each round all the way to the fourth round. Minjae Huijun failed to go through to the next round after only reaching the sixth position. Ironically, at the time, they performed BoA’s “No 1”. LIST OF ANIME SONGS SUNG BY K-POP IDOLS: TVXQ, BOA, AND MORE BoA was one of the mentors. Her eyes were filled with tears because she didn’t have any power to help the boys go through to the next round.

That was all the information about MCND’s Huijun. Huijun deserves more attention because he has the appearance and the talent to become a popular Korean idol. Don’t forget to share Huijun’s profile and info to your Twitter account.

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