Learn more about Win of MCDN’s profile, including height, age, fun facts, and also his pre-debut until debuting in this Channel-Korea article. Don’t miss MCDN’s Win’s visual persona below!

MCND’s Win’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Win (Hangeul: 윈) Birth Name: Bang Jun Hyuk (Hangeul:방준혁) Position: Lead Rapper, Maknae Birthday: December 19th, 2004 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean

20 MCND’s Win’s Fun Facts

  1. Win attended Hanlim Music Arts School with a specialization in the practical music program.
  2. Win has even participated in Under 19 but had to leave the show because of health reasons.
  3. Win has some nicknames such as Rascal, Puppy, Shorty.
  4. Win likes to eat samgyeopsal which is a grilled pork belly dish with lettuce or perilla leaf.
  5. Drawing is his hobby.
  6. His Chinese zodiac sign is the monkey.
  7. Win was a trainee for two and a half years.
  8. He has the motto: “Win is a win.”
  9. When he is bored, he can move his ears.
  10. Win can do a variety of rap genres.
  11. His roomate is Minjae.
  12. When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a boxer.
  13. Autumn and spring are his favorite seasons.
  14. Win’s favorite nickname is a Puppy since all the members call him that.
  15. His habit is moving around when sleeping.
  16. Three things that he hears often for himself, “Your voice is nice, Hi, and You’re handsome.”
  17. Win will enjoy luxury if he wins the lottery.
  18. He has bad eyesight.
  19. Win wants to plant an apple tree that lives for a year if he is the last person on Earth.
  20. His first experience going abroad with the other members was in Los Angeles.

MCND’s Win’s Pre-debut in Under Nineteen

Win was one of the contestants of the 2018 survival show Under Nineteen (언더나인틴) on MBC. This show marks the very first time Win has appeared on television that showed the ability of trainees, singers, rappers, and dancers to do choreography and make music. Win was one of 56 boys from various agencies who fought for a spot in the line-up of a new K-pop idol group. Under Nineteen took only nine members to be debuted and handled by MBK Entertainment. Win’s cool ability in rapping turned into his cue card on the competition, yet he resigned from the show. He had a health issue and had to quit the competition in Under Nineteen in the thirteenth episode that took place on January 26th, 2019.

Win’s Debut with Music Creates New Dream (MCND)

Even though Win couldn’t finish his competition in Under Nineteen and debut as an idol group member, he got the opportunity from TOP Media and debuted as a member of MCDN along with four other members including Castle J, BIC, Minjae, and Huijun. They released a pre-debut song titled “TOP GANG” on January 2nd, 2020, and officially debuted on February 27th, 2020, with “ICE AGE”. Win’s signature talent which is rapping with a deep voice sets this boy group different and fresh. Check out their debut MV!

MCND’s Win Cute and Charismatic Visual

Win of MCND is 175 cm tall which contributes to his good posture. So cool! Win’s eyes are so sharp and contagious. Can you feel his aura? Win who is the maknae or the youngest one in the group is looking cute. Don’t you agree?

MCND’s Win Participation in High School Rapper 2021

In 2021, Win joined another rapping competition titled High School Rapper 2021. This competition gathered high schoolers to battle their rap abilities. High School Rapper has been airing since 2017, and this would be their third season. High School Rapper aims at the eye-catching contestants with full energy to do the challenges. Win or Bang Jun Hyuk turns into the muse of the show on their teaser since he was already known as a member of the boy group MCDN with a handsome visual. It looks like Win never stops learning and always develops his skills in rapping. Good luck to you, Win! So, what do you like from Win of MCND, his visual, his rapping skills, or his character? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the section below! Your comments are gold for us, anything is also welcome!

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