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Bae Yoon-jung’s Profile

Name: Bae Yoon-jung (배윤정) Birthday: Seoul, South Korea / February 18th, 1980 Occupation: Choreographer, Dance Trainer, Director of Planning Division, Founder and CEO of Choreographer Team Education:

Poi Elementary School Daechi Middle School Dongduk Women’s High School


2014 Gaon Award Style Ahn Choo Prize 2015 Popular Culture Art Award (Minister of Culture Award)


Jerome To (Ex-husband; October 10, 2014–January 2017) Non-celebrity (Husband, September 2019)

Agency: Yama and Hotchicks Entertainment

Interesting Facts About Bae Yoon-jung

She married actor Jerome To in 2014 and got divorced in 2017 She’s the owner and CEO of choreographer team YAMA & HOTCHICKS Entertainment She was the dance trainer/mentor for trainees on Produce 101 Season 1, Produce 48, and Produce X 101 She often works with various agencies outside of her own to help choreograph title songs She got married to a non-celebrity in September, 2019

Famous Choreography Created by Bae Yoon-jung

Bae Yoon-jung is a veteran choreographer in the K-pop industry. Many of your favorite K-pop dance moves are probably created by her, especially for second-generation girl-groups like Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, Kara, Girl’s Day, and much more. Do you wanna know some of the best dance moves she choreographed? Check out the list below!

T-ara – Bo Beep Bo Beep

Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara is a song that will bring back  your old memories in K-pop. This song released in 2009, a time that some people called the beginning of the golden era of K-pop. T-ara was one of the famous girl-groups back then, and Bo Peep Bo Peep‘s catchy dance moves easily gained people’s attention. There is a story behind Bo Peep Bo Peep‘s concept. T-ara members Hyomin and Eunjung once said, “When we first got the animal costumes during our first show, we were really humiliated and don’t know what to do with it.” T-ara had pursued a cute idea of different animal costumes and gloves for their Bo Peep Bo Peep performance. They said, “We need to explain something. Most people have raised questions about how our stylists are antis. The reality is there is no wrong with our codi unnies in this. All the outfits are our boss’s suggestions.” “Initially we wanted to do the puppy dance but the MV director changed it to the kitten dance,” the dance team leader said, “We get about 3 million KRW for each song we choreographed. Yet we told the boss of T-Ara that the sum was too low and we got 4 million KRW for it. Even though the choreography has become a success, we haven’t received more from it.” Here’s what people thoughts about the dance moves: [+472] this song and dance will always remain ICONIC to kpop [+101] They were twerking before it became popular [+90] I miss this kind of old kpop dance

Kara – Mister

Mister by Kara is another great song to make you reminisce about the good old days of K-pop! Well, J-pop, actually, since this song was in Japanese when the group promoted there. Kara released the song in 2009, from their Japanse debut album, Girl’s Talk. The song is about a girl who has a crush on someone, but she’s too shy to approach him. Because she doesn’t know the person very well, she’s referring to him as “Mr.” Different TV programs and other media outlets in Japan featured the famous “butt-dance” of the song. A parody of this was used in the famous anime series Naruto Spin-off: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals-Episode 6 and Doraemon, and in the live-action series Kamen Rider Fourze-Episode 3. The song is featured in the international music game DJ Max Technika 3; both arcade releases and PlayStation Vita releases. The song was also included in the Japanese release of the Nintendo Wii video games Just Dance and the K-pop Dance Festival, the Korean version of Just Dance by SKONEC. Many famous celebrities and actors in Japan have shown their fondness for the dance for the song. Jun Matsumoto, part of the popular Japanese boy-band Arashi, also tried to dance to the song. Child actress Mana Ashida also sees herself as a fan of Kara, and played the dance on Shabekuri 007. She was later given a surprise visit by the Kara members during her 7th birthday. Let’s see the netizens’ comments on the dance! [+3k] Iconic booty dance of kpop [+1.3k] this is my washing dishes dance [+279] Forget the twerk, this is the art of shaking

Girl’s Day – Expectation

Expectation is one of Girl’s Day’s famous songs, and Bae Yoon-jung choreographed their iconic dance moves. They released the song in 2013, featured in the album with the same name. Listening to this song again surely will make you miss Girl’s Day, who announced their disbandment in mid-2019. Check out what people’s thoughts on Expectation‘s dance moves! [+104] Bae Yoon Jung did amazing with this choreography! [+91] ICONIC FOREVER [+10] Anyone who choreographed the move at the beginning of the chorus, is a genius.

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Brown Eyed Girls is a famous girl-group from K-pop’s second generation. Older K-pop fans must know about them as an iconic group with fierce style. One of their hit songs is Abracadabra, choreographed by the one and only Bae Yoon-jung. Abracadabra released in 2009 as the album Sound-G‘s second single, marking a change in the image and style of the group. This song was controversial when it first came out; the music video was even rated as 19+ for mild sexual content. In mid-July 2009, teasers for the music video were released, suggesting a possible kiss scene between Ga-in and Narsha. Netizens posted critical remarks about the video because of its provocative content after its full release. The “Saucy” dance (known in Korean as Sigeonbang chum), showing the members moving their hips left and right, became a popular dance, however. Let’s see how people praised the dance for Abracadabra! [+638] still iconic in 2019 oof [+415] At the time this came out, every girl group was riding the cute concepts and then came BEG with this [+212] Very progressive, ahead of their time.

EXID – Up & Down

Most K-pop lovers must already know about EXID’s Up & Down, one of the sexiest sets of dance moves in K-pop history. Bae Yoon-jung also choreographed for this song. Up & Down was released as a digital single in South Korea on August 27th, 2014. EXID’s wildly popular choreography for Up & Down made Bae Yoon-jung share her thoughts on the dance. When asked how she came to develop the dance, she replied, “Honestly, I didn’t come up alone with the dance. I did it with Jeon Heung-bok, my friend. When you give me an idea, I will convey it with my body, with examples such as ‘arrogant dance’ by the Brown Eyed Girls, ‘butt dance’ by KARA, and ‘Up & Down’ dance by EXID.” She said, when asked about the EXID song in particular, “I got a lot of backlash because of it. Critics said, ‘This choreography is just doing whatever it wants’. EXID promoted on broadcasts and then stopped, then they started promoting again because of a fancam. I feel choreography, too, is good.” It really is good! And let’s see how netizen also shares the same thoughts! [+5.1k] When you already know all of the chores… [+2.8k] Sexiest group on stage and weirdest off stage. EXID will always be iconic [+2k] After 4 years, Up and Down dance moves are still the legend.

Produce 101 – Pick Me

‘Pick me pick me pick me up…’ these iconic lines became famous in 2016 when Produce 101 first aired on Mnet. Who doesn’t know about Produce 101, with their cute girls and lovely choreography? Bae Yoon-jung, once again, also choreographed this phenomenal dance! Pick Me is a track sung by all of Produce 101 contestants. On December 17, 2015, CJ E&M launched it as a digital single, along with a music video. Check out how people praise this song and the choreography! [+2.8k] Everyone has to come back to the original pick me after each season’s release [+800] This still remains ICONIC [+322] Miss this song era’s whenever the chorus starts everyone will dance to this iconic pick me sign! Then when the climax everyone just like at the club

Girl’s Day – Female President, Something

Yes, another song from Girl’s Day! Bae Yoon-jung also choreographed their song Female President. This is a girl-power anthem, this song and video are obviously meant to celebrate the incredible novelty that can break sexism in South Korea. You wanna know what people think about Female President‘s dance moves? [+858] this song is pretty catchy and the dance moves are interesting too [+30] THE REASON WHY I STAN GIRL’S DAY. THIS.

Alongside Expectation and Female President, Bae Yoon-jung also choreographed Something by Girl’s Day. The song released in 2014, and quickly become one of K-pop hits that year. In the neon-lighted room featured in their main music video, the girls, dressed in their trademark maxi skirts with high slits, demonstrate their choreography. The video carefully captures the movements of the members by the professional camerawork, and really highlights the seductive, yet elegant dance routine. Check out what people say about their dance! [+1.8k] underrated and iconic at the same time [+1k] this would be way more popular if it was released this year. [+109] Legendary Girl’s Day Song

IBI – Molae Molae

On August 18, 2016, I.B.I released their digital single album Molae Molae. For those who don’t know, I.B.I is a group formed from Produce 101‘s contestants who didn’t get picked to become I.O.I members. Sadly, Molae Molae was both their debut and last song since it was just a project group. But Bae Yoon-jung choreographed the dance, so you can expect greatness from I.B.I’s only song! Let’s see what people say about Molae Molae! [+1.3k] To be honest… I like this song is better than IOI Dream Girls [+386] I.B.I IS ICONIC… SO SAD THEY DIDNT GOT RECOGNITION [+32] THIS VIDEO IS SO CUTE IM CRYING

Idol School – Magical

Idol School is another idol survival show created by MNet, It is a course aimed at forming a group of 9 girls out of 41 female participants, training them in singing and dancing for 11 weeks. Bae Yoon-jung also choreographed the dance for their theme song, Magical. Let’s see how people praised the dance performance by the Idol School contestants! [+738] This is my jam!!! I really love this song!! Also the choreography was well executed. Each member fits perfectly in the song! [+234] this group’s vocals and choreo is just amazing, look at the audience dancing to it after the dance break and the stage presence tho [+48] the best dance team

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