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However, her passion and hard work finally got paid off after Kim Min-ha passed the audition for the main role in Panchiko. Check Kim Min-ha’s profile, drama list, age, etc in this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

Kim Min-ha’s Full Profile: Age, Height

Real Name: Kim Min-ha (Hangeul: 김민하) Stage Name: Kim Min-ha (Hangeul: 김민하) Birthdate: January, September 1st, 1995. Zodiac: Virgo. Height: 164 cm Agency: Saram Entertainment

23 Kim Min-ha’s Fun Facts

  1. Kim Min-ha was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. Kim Min-ha graduated from Hanyang University, Department of Theater and Film.
  3. Kim Min-ha appeared as a cameo in drama School 2017, KBS2.
  4. Kim Min-ha debuted acting in Two Girls Season 2 in 2016.
  5. Her favorite movie is The Big Blue.
  6. Her biggest project was acting in Panchiko as the main role.
  7. Kim Min-ha spent 3-4 months auditioning for a role in Panchiko.
  8. She ever joined The Call with Park Shin-hye on Netflix.
  9. She becomes a supporting actress in the drama Partners for Justice in MBC drama in 2018.
  10. Her favorite animations are Beauty and The Beast, and Finding Nemo.
  11. She fan of Han Ye-ri and dreams to collaborate with her.
  12. Her hobby is playing with lego, especially Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings.
  13. Kim Min-ha’s MBTI is INFP.
  14. She has freckles which consider a charm for her.
  15. Kim Min-ha appeared in After Spring movie in 2018.
  16. She likes to watch movies and animations since child.
  17. She wants to be a voice actor when elementary school.
  18. Kim Min-ha was in the same agency as Choi Sooyoung, Lee Honey, Jung Hoyeon, etc.
  19. Her intention to be an actress is to inspire good things for everyone.
  20. She ever visited Paris in April 2020.
  21. Her dog’s name is Moonk.
  22. Kim Min-ha was training her acting as Nina in Black Swan and Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  23. She quite often uploaded her dancing on her social media.
  24. She likes wearing a chain necklace.

Kim Min-ha’s Net Worth

Kim Min-ha has a good background family with is considered privileged. Before she is famous, Kim Min-ha already lived in an artsy house with beautiful paintings, plants, and art pieces. Besides, she had a pricey car too. Possibly her net worth is around one million dollars. Since she is getting popular with Panchiko, Kim Min-ha now is more likely to get a new good project and raise her net worth.

Kim Min-ha’s Family: Parents, Sister, Dog

Kim Min-ha has parents and a sister named Alyssa Gihee Kim. Besides, she also had a lovely dog named Moonk. Actually not much information about the details of her family, but her family is Christianity and possibly Kim Min-ha too.

Kim Min-ha’s Drama List: Panchiko, The Call, After Spring, etc

Kim Min-ha’s drama list is still not quite long since she debuted in 2016. Some of her projects are badass and gathered spotlight which are Partners of Justice, After Spring, The Call, Panchiko, etc. Here below is the detail of her role!

Kim Min-ha in Panchiko (2022)

Kim Min-ha played Sunja in Panchiko which stole many eyes with her first tape audition. She portrayed a woman who looks weak but actually smart, strong, and stubborn. This movie was based on a famous book written by Lee Min-jin that’s shown four generations of Korean immigrant family and showcase the life of Sunja and around her. Sunja falls in love with a married man who is played by Lee Min-ho which also adds drama to this series.

Kim Min-ha Acted Fabulously with Lee Min-ho in Panchiko

Kim Min-ha has expressed her happiness after a quite long time she got accepted to this role in Panchiko where a lot of senior and talented actresses also sent their audition tapes. She was getting the opportunity to work with Lee Min-ho. Lee Min-ho becomes Hansoo, and in the role of Panchiko, they fall in love and have massive affection for each other. She admitted a bit uncomfortable at first with him but she could manage it as brother and sister on the set. After all, Kim Min-ha showed Lee Min-ho offered much help during acting in this shooting.

Kim Min-ha in The Call (2020)

In the movie The Call, Kim Min-ha becomes a young version of Seon Hee. This movie is about a different time in human beings but they could connect with one of the calls. This movie was played by Park Shin-hye, Kim Sung-ryung, and Jeon Jong-seo. Although Kim Min-ha just becomes a supporting role, this movie has been one of her achievements to get a role with a big star such Park Shin-hye.

Kim Min-ha in After Spring (2018)

Kim Min-ha becomes a supporting role as Hyeon Jeong in this movie. This movie is about the disaster of the Sewol ferry which lives of people and their loved ones in the Sewol ferry disaster. It has epic three different stories that portrayed sadness, wound, and trauma.

Kim Min-ha in Partners of Justice (2018)

In this drama, Kim Min-ha also becomes a supporting role as Park Mi-young. This drama is about the stubborn forensic doctor and rookie prosecutor working together to solve serial killers. Besides her acting project, Kim Min-ha is also active on her Instagram and uploading her activity outside acting. She likes to dance and has many brand endorsements on her social media, especially skincare. Check Kim Min-ha’s Instagram for her recent activity. That’s all about Kim Min-ha profile, drama list, age, and star in Panchiko. Keep giving support for her and her next career in the future. What do you think about Panchiko? Put your comment below and share it on Twitter!

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