Prior to their debut, Bang Chan had the longest trainee period and was qualified to lead a team. During the monthly evaluations, they had tried different team combinations. Throughout the performances during the monthly evaluations, he felt the various charms as the future members stood out among the other trainees. With that kind of thought, he decided he wanted to work with them for a long time.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan: The Leader Who Keeps the Group Afloat

Since the beginning, Bang Chan only thought about his group, Stray Kids. Chan on one of his VLives was asked by fans why he liked being the last when ordered or why he stands behind the other members, and his answer is heartwarming even to someone who is just getting to know Stray Kids. He does that unconsciously because he wants to be reassured that no member is left behind, and it makes him glad to see the members in a line so he can see everyone. He also is always supportive of the other members. For SKZ Player, he took part as a lyricist and composer for Han’s, Changbin’s, and Lee Know’s tracks. He also listened to I.N’s story about when he was trying to write a song and gave him heartful advice. He helped Felix keep improving, and when Felix sings during his VLives, Bang Chan watches the VLive to give Felix support since Felix is still insecure about his singing.

When Bang Chan Apologized for Not Keeping Stray Kids as Nine

There’s a time when Stray Kids faced a crisis as a group. Their main vocalist, Woojin, left the group in 2019. When Woojin left the group, Bang Chan wrote an apology letter to STAY. In the letter, he specifically said that he was so happy when Stray Kids was able to debut as nine, but he couldn’t protect the number nine until the end. And, the fact that they can no longer be nine is a situation that they should accept. He also assured STAY that Stray Kids is alright, though it would be a challenge to move as eight members, they will stay strong. Lastly, he wrote, “You Make Stray Kids STAY.” It was so hard to read the letter as fans were saddened by Woojin’s departure, and though it must be difficult for SKZ, Chan wanted to assure fans they didn’t have to keep worrying.

Bang Chan Is Adored by Other Members and Fans

There’s no doubt that Bang Chan is the type of leader that is adored and loved by his members. More than once, the members have talked about how admirable Bang Chan is as a person and leader. For Seungmin, there’s no leader that is as amazing as Chan, who they call Bang Chan. To Seungmin, Bang Chan might be like a scary older brother at first, but the more they got to know him, the more they learned that Bang Chan only cares about his members. Chang Bin also said that Chan’s leadership is like ox bone soup, it’s genuine. In one of the interviews, the members were asked if they ever felt jealous, and Lee Know answered that he is envious of Chan because he is smart and has broad shoulders that make him look cool! Don’t you also agree with Lee Know? And, not only adored by his members but Bang Chan is loved by his fans. There are times at concerts when STAYs shout that Bang Chan is the best leader when Chan introduces himself, and it makes him flustered. As a leader, Bang Chan’s sincerity while caring for his members surely moves the hearts of many people, and even JYP acknowledges and trusts Chan! No wonder, he is an all-rounded idol who can dance, sing, rap, and even write and produce songs! So, are you ready to become a STAY and fangirl over Bang Chan? Or, are you looking for information about other members? Look forward to other Channel Korea articles for more information about Bang Chan or other Stray Kids members, and don’t forget to share this article so many people know how amazing Stray Kids’ Bang Chan is!

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