This article contains detailed information about P1Harmony’s leader, Keeho, also known by his real name, Stephen Yoon. As a leader, there are so many responsibilities that must be faced to achieve the goals of their group. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Keeho being the leader of P1Harmony in this session below!

P1Harmony’s Leader Is Keeho

P1Harmony’s leader is Keeho. He was born on September 27, 2001, and has two nationalities. As the group that just debuted in 2020, it must be several challenges for the leader itself to control his group. It’s not that controlling in a bossy way, but P1Harmony’s Keeho must balance everything that has been arranged by management to produce good synchronization with the members. Not only that, but P1Harmony’s Keeho was also chosen by their agency as a leader because of his personality and is believed to make the relationship between the members remain good. P1Harmony’s Keeho also has the character of an innovative leader and is full of enthusiasm when it comes to working. From the excellence of their personality, P1Harmony’s Keeho and the members got several nominations, such as ‘Asia Artist Awards,’ ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, ‘Seoul Music Awards’. Even though P1Harmony hasn’t managed to win awards yet, let’s keep encouraging the leaders and members, hopefully, they can win soon!

P1Harmony’s Keeho Introduces As The First Member

On September 3, 2020, FNC Entertainment released individual teasers of the first 3 members who will be debuting. The 3 members whose teasers have been uploaded are Keeho, Theo, and Jiung. Each tweet from the account, it contains a caption that tells the member’s name, the known debut month will take place in October, and teaser pictures of each member. In the upload, fans can see that each member has presented 4 pictures with 2 different backgrounds. The 4 pictures consist of 2 indoor pictures and 2 outdoor pictures. What do you think about P1Harmony’s Keeho’s appearance with his teaser for the first time?

P1Harmony’s Keeho Lived In Canada, And He Can Communicate With International Fans Very Well

Some K-Pop idols, idols were born and raised outside South Korea, but they are still Korean. Their family background used to live in America or another country, allowing them to return to South Korea to debut as idols. P1Harmony’s Keeho as the group leader also has the same background as some K-Pop idols that used to live in America, such as NCT’s Mark and Johnny, Jay Park, Red Velvet’s Wendy, GOT7’s Mark, BTOB’s Pniel and many more. During school, he lived in Canada with his family and was outside South Korea. Because of his background, the agency chose P1Harmony’s Keeho as the group’s leader to encourage this group to develop more and communicate with international fans in the future.

P1Harmony’s Keeho Has A Great Personality

Being the group’s leader makes P1Harmony’s Keeho have to make himself more mature and manage everything well. Fun facts from P1Harmony’s Keeho because he has a great spirit of challenges, and is lively, loving, and affectionate. Having a great personality is an advantage for idols to improve themselves, so they know their great potential to shine even more in the future. Well, that was all for the information about P1Harmony’s Keeho as the group leader. Let’s give support and love to him, so his group can be successful in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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