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American actor Born: February 19, 1945, St. Louis, Missouri, United States Died: August 23, 2021 Spouse: Jodi Lister (m. 2014), Robin Nader (m. 1984–1990) Children: Lindsay Michelle Nader PLACE OF BIRTH: St. Louis, Missouri DATE OF BIRTH: February 19 HEIGHT: 6’2″ HAIR: Brown EYES: Brown EDUCATION: Attended Santa Monica College in Los Angeles

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Nader dated actress Ellen Barber for ten years, with the relationship ending around the same time as his role on As the World Turns. Nader married Robin Weiss in June 1984, and a month later they had a daughter. He was married to Jodi Lister at the time of his death, with the couple having been together for 18 years. In 1984, Nader admitted to previously having a drug and drink problem, which prompted him to become sober in 1980. He was charged with drunk driving in 1997, and in 2001 was arrested for attempting to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer. Nader was let go from his role on All My Children soon after, with a statement from ABC that if he resolved his issues they would rehire him. They never did, and Nader sued the network, alleging that they never intended to bring him back to the show at all. Nader died on August 23, 2021, at the age of 76 at his home, ten days after being diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer. Tall, dark-haired, and exotically handsome Michael Nader is known for playing Dex Dexter on the nighttime television soap opera Dynasty and for playing enigmatic Dimitri Marick on the daytime sudser All My Children. He began his career in films in the teen movie Bikini Beach (1964). He had his first regular television role playing Peter “Siddo” Stone in the sitcom Gidget (1965-1966). After the series’ demise, Nader studied at the Actor’s Studio in New York and went on to appear off-Broadway in a few plays before getting cast as Kevin Thompson in the soap As the World Turns. From there he won the role of Alex Theodopolous in the short-lived nighttime serial Bare Essence (1983). That same year, he joined Dynasty’s cast as Joan Collins’ new husband. He debuted on All My Children in late 1991. When not busy on that show, Nader has occasionally guest starred on other television shows and appeared in feature films such as Fled (1996). Michael Nader joined All My Children in September 1991. Well-known for his role of Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter on the ABC series, Dynasty, which he portrayed from November 1983, to May 1989, Nader began his acting career while attending Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. He was tapped to appear in a successful series of beach movies starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. After a stint as a semi-regular with Sally Field on the television series, Gidget, Nader decided to move to New York to pursue his craft. He studied at the prestigious Actors Studio and the Herbert Berghof Studio while appearing in several off-Broadway plays. Nader returned to the small screen as Kevin Thompson on the daytime serial, As the World Turns and acted on that show for three years. When Nader returned to Los Angeles, he quickly landed the part of Alexi Theodopolous on the series, Bare Essence. Nader, remained committed to stage work, also starred as Tye McCool in the West Coast stage premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carre. In 1990, he produced and co-starred in A Prayer For My Daughter, which won that year’s Los Angeles DramaLogue Award for Best Ensemble Production. Nader’s prime-time work includes starring roles in numerous made-for-television movies, including Lady Mobster, which co-starred his All My Children castmate Susan Lucci. The film aired on ABC in the 1988-89 season. He also appeared in the miniseries, The Great Escape and Lucky, and guest starred in the two-hour premiere of The Flash.

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