Lee Jun-hyuk or Lee Junhyuk is the leader of MIRAE. He was born on May 16, 2000. Besides being the leader, Lee Junhyuk is also the main dancer of his group. Before debuting as MIRAE’s member, Lee Junhyuk has appeared in the survival program Produce X 101. Let’s talk more details about Junhyuk from MIRAE starting with his profile, facts, and more. Scroll down to find out more!

Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk’s Profile

Let’s check out Lee Junhyuk’s profile to understand him better! Stage Name: Lee Junhyuk Real Name: Lee Jun-hyuk Birthday: May 16, 2000 Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: South Korea Position: Leader, main dancer, lead rapper Height: 182 cm Weight: 63 kg Shoe Size: 270 mm Blood Type: B Family: Parents, sister Education:

Ohjeong Elementary School Ohnam Middle School Wooshin High School

Agency: DSP Media Debut Date: March 17, 2021 Instagram: @official__mirae

Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk’s Facts

There are more interesting facts about Lee Junhyuk that you need to know. Check these out!

Although MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk is not the oldest, he is chosen as the leader. The oldest in MIRAE is Lien who is Japanese, it could be because of the language barrier that MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk is chosen as leader instead of Lien. MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk’s role models are BTS’ Jungkook and Jin. MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk’s favorite color is black. MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk’s favorite food is sushi and chicken.

Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk’s Discography

Here is the list of Lee Junhyuk’s discography with MIRAE!

Killa (March 17, 2021) We Are Future Killa (single) Higher SWAGGER Sweet Dreams 1 Thing Splash (August 25, 2021) Splash (single) Bang-Up New Days Don’t Stop #Secret Sugar Marvelous (January 12, 2022) Future Land Marvelous JUICE Final Cut Amazing Seven Pages (Dear My Friend)

Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk’s Pre Debut

Are you curious about Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk’s pre-debut era? Well, he spent his pre-debut life in Guro-gu, Seoul. He lives with his parents and older sister. He attended Ohjeong Elementary School, Onam Middle School, and Wooshin High School. All of them were located in Seoul.

Mirae’s Lee Junhyuk in Produce X 101

Lee Junhyuk became a trainee in DSP Media and joined Produce X 101 in 2019. Unfortunately, Lee Junhyuk didn’t manage to debut with the top 11 participants. His last position in the survival program was #75. Lee Junhyuk was eliminated in episode 5. After the show ended, he returned to DSP Media to be a trainee and prepare for debuting with MIRAE. That’s all the information about MIRAE’s Lee Junhyuk. Hopefully, the information helps you to get to know him better. If you like this article, you can share this with your fellow K-pop fans so they will understand more about MIRAE’s leader, Lee Junhyuk. You can also check out other articles from Channel Korea to keep updated about Korean entertainment. Cheers!

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