Before starting their career as an actress, both Son Tae-young and Honey Lee were South Korean artists who participated in the Miss International and Miss Korea election. If you guys still want to know more about them, in this article, we are going to talk some more about Son Tae Young and Honey Lee, so stay tuned!

Career As A Model

Son Tae-young

As Miss Daegu, Son Tae-young placed second runner-up (or third place) at the Miss Korea pageant in 2000. Next, she was the country’s representative at the 2000 Miss International pageant, where she won 1st runner-up and Miss Photogenic.

Honey Lee

Same as Son Tae-young, Honey Lee is a model-turned-actress. She even competed in the 2006 Miss Korea pageant as Miss Seoul and won, going on to represent South Korea in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant and placing 3rd runner-up.

Drama Appearances

Son Tae-young

  1. The K2 (2016), a drama starring Ji Chang Wook and Girls Generation’s Yoona has a special appearance from Son Tae-young. She plays the role of Uhm Hye-rin, An-na’s mother and a former famous star.
  2. You Are Too Much (2017) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Uhm Jung-hwa, Jang Hee-jin, and Kang Tae-oh. In this series, Son Tae-young plays a supporting character, Hong Yoon-hee, Hyun-joon’s fiancee.
  3. King of Ambition (2013) is a drama that was aired in 2013 and tells a story about the special prosecutor’s investigation team that arrives at the Presidential Blue House. They are investigating the First Lady for allegedly accepting bribe. In this drama, Son Tae-young appears in a fun cameo that sees her mock Kwon’s Ha Ryu when he entertains guests at the nightclub.

Honey Lee

  1. Be Melodramatic (2019) is a romantic comedy-drama that depicts the daily lives of 30-year-old best friends. Lee Honey makes a special appearance in this drama as an actress in episode 1.
  2. The Fiery Priest (2019) is a drama where Honey Lee plays one of the main characters, she plays the role of Park Kyung-sun. Following the mysterious death of an elderly priest, a priest (Kim Nam-gil), a detective (Kim Sung-kyun), and a prosecutor (Lee Hanee) join forces to solve the case.
  3. Please Come Back, Mister (2016) is a drama where Honey Lee plays as Song Yi-yeon, who is an actress loved by Han Gi-tak (Kim Soo-ro) for many years, but she has always distanced herself from him because of his lifestyle.


Son Tae-young And Her Husband

She met her husband, actor Kwon Sang-Woo, and they got married on September 28th, 2008 at the Shilla hotel and they now have two children.

Honey Lee And Her Boyfriend

According to Allkpop, in January 2013, the month of scandals left and right, there was a rumor afloat the former Miss Korea Honey Lee, and ex-g.o.d member and actor Yoon Kye Sang were dating. Back then, the agencies of both flatly denied the rumor of the two going on vacation to Bali together, but it seems that it was just a cover-up! Sports Seoul dropped the bomb as they released photos of the two on an alleged date, leaving the two sides to admit that they are indeed in the beginning stages of their relationship. Honey Lee’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, commented, “Although the two have never worked on a project together, they have met at public events a few times. They also have the same friends, so naturally they became close… After coming back from the Bali trip last month and hanging out with each other among friends, they started to develop feelings for one another. They’re still in the stages of getting to know one another so please don’t exaggerate the status of their relationship.” Yoon Kye Sang’s reps also agreed, “The two started meeting one another. They are at the point of getting to know each other… We’ll reveal more details through an official press release later.”

Latest News

Honey Lee

On August 5th, it was reported by an outlet that Honey Lee has decided to appear in the upcoming drama Klaus 47 (working title) and that she’s currently preparing for it. It’s said to be produced by the French network Canal+, and it will be in four parts. It’s described as a film based on the true story of a Taiwanese weapons lobbyist who shook up France’s political sphere, with the report stating that the role has been changed to a Korean lobbyist. Director Kim Ji Woon will be helming the project, and it was reported that Honey Lee was chosen as the female lead. The drama will reportedly begin production in the second half of this year, with filming in both Korea and France. Later on August 5th, Honey Lee’s agency Saram Entertainment told OSEN, “As this is the first Korean-French joint production and Kim Ji Woon is directing, it’s very meaningful and so she is positively considering it.” Honey Lee is also currently considering taking a role in the Korean film Clemente Course. Please look forward to her new project!

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