Who doesn’t know about BTS? Surely everyone has at least heard of the boy-group, whether it was once or many times. Debuting in 2013, initially, BTS was very unknown because the group came from an agency that could be considered very small. However, thanks to their persistence, they managed to become internationally known. But, is it only due to the persistence of BTS? Behind the group stands Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim. Yes, he is the founder and the co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. Thanks to his intelligence and unyielding nature, now Big Hit Entertainment can compete with the three major Korean agencies. Wow, what an amazing achievement! Well, are you curious about Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim’s relationship with the BTS members? How did the relationship between them develop until the group became what it is today? Channel-Korea will discuss BTS and their father, Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim. So, stay tuned and let’s get started!

BTS Accompany Bang Shi-hyuk To Receive Award

At the Seoul Music Awards 2018, Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim won the Best Producer Award, He also received the President’s Award. But when Bang PD wanted to go on stage to give his speech, none of the BTS members hesitated to accompany him on stage. The BTS members were like children who looked proud of their father’s achievements. Their closeness cannot be denied, This is due to the acts of BTS members who make fans laugh. When they were about to get on the stage, they could see V carrying property flowers on the table along with their vase, Jimin brought Bang Si-hyuk’s nameplate, and Jin brought a sprig of red roses, which he would later bite during Bang PD’s speech. As if to give support to his father, Suga saw that the mic was a bit high for Bang PD, and he quickly slashed the mic that would be used by Bang PD. But it was not only all the BTS members who provided support, A.R.M.Y (as BTS fans) also wholeheartedly supported him. This can be seen from the enthusiastic screams of the fans who were there. Bang PD finally delivered his speech “Whenever I watched BTS performing from all the way back there. I never thought I’d be on stage, but here I am today. I don’t think this award is given to me as an individual. To the staff at Big Hit Entertainment and BTS and the efforts of the fans who watched from all over the world are what enabled me to receive this award. So I think I should share this award with all of those people. I’ll become a person that will work hard. Once again, thank you!” And at the end of his speech, Jin was seen giving the rose that he had bitten to Bang PD. Surprisingly, Bang PD did not hesitate to bite the flower while celebrating on the stage.

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Hilarious Reaction To BTS’s Complaint

On BTS’s variety show, “Rookie King” Episode 4, there’s a segment where members can talk out about all their complaints. The segment is called “Bangtan! Open up your heart!” The first member who talked was Suga, BTS’s charisma and action-commander. Suga complained about the lies from three years ago, saying, “It’s been 3 years since I entered the company. 3 years ago, there is someone who made a huge lie to me, it’s Bang PD-nim! 3 years ago Bang PD said something like this to me: ‘Yoongi-ah you’re going to be in a group similar to 1TYM (a 4 membered Korean Hip-hop group under YG Entertainment) seniors. There’s no need for choreography just rhythm will do! You’ll just have to work hard at rap!’ He said this! And 3 years have gone and right now at broadcast stations, our choreography is the toughest!!! Honestly, I wanted to be 1TYM! This was 3 years ago, before signing of the contract! Coaxing me into this cheat. Seriously, Bang PD-nim, you’re too much!” Other members were aggressively in agreement.Bang PD smiled and responded, “Listening to you like this I think dance practice has to be improved even more.” Bang PD immediately spoke to the choreographer for BTS, to make a lot of improvements on the member’s dance practice! That makes Suga panicked and he quickly replied, “I’ll work hard“. Next was the maknae, Jungkook. He said, “Short and sweet! I have something to say to one person coming up with cool choreography for us, I have something to say to our Performance Director, Teacher SonSeungDeuk! The choreography’s really cool! but don’t keep changing up the choreography! Just come up with the confirmed once! If you’re unsatisfied with it, go fight with Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim!” Bang PD and all the staff and member laughed out loud in the back, while the performance director seems to put his head down and say sorry to Jungkook and other members. He also said sincerely that he wanted to get Bang PD’s approval, just once. Next was the oldest, Jin, who also complained to Bang PD-nim. He said “Please for once does have a company dinner! Won’t we lose a lot of weight? If you don’t buy us meat because you don’t know us can eat meat even at night, We’ll show you how is meat really eaten.” Bang PD was shocked that the complaint was for him, and answered, “This is a bit unfair. Even if I make time to have company dinners, you guys are too busy. Don’t blame me! Blame your managers!” The next member to speak was V. He also complained to Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim, and said, “Winter two years back, I was just done with the months’ evaluation. Along with Rap Mon hyung we were on the way to a store and we bumped into Bang PD-nim! And we greeted him, and at that moment Bang PD-nim said: ‘The one next to Rap Mon, who are you?’ My name is Taehyung! And that went for a year. Please remember my name, Bang PD-nim!” Bang Si-hyuk’s legs became weak after hearing V’s confession, and he answered, “Firstly, I did wrong, I pretty much don’t remember trainees. Anyway, you’ve lived till the end and is here now with a name like V, I’m thankful. Please forget things that happened then.” Here’s the video!

BTS Imitates Bang Shi-hyuk

Like a father and his sons, Bang Si-hyuk and BTS often throw jokes at each other. Not infrequently, the members of BTS imitate the famous line from Bang Si-hyuk during the “Hit It” era. Here is the video of BTS imitating Bang PD.

Bang Shi-hyuk’s Dedication Toward BTS’s Future

Baek Ji-young appeared on Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, where she recalled one of her older hits, “My Ear’s Candy”. When she revealed that Big Hit‘s Bang Si-hyuk actually made the song, Yoo Hee-yeol claimed that she was Bang Si-hyuk’s “BTS at the time”. She then went on to reveal the moment she was amazed by Bang Si-hyuk, when she called him about another possible collaboration. As Baek Ji-young turned to sing mostly ballads, like “As If Shot By A Gun” (another hit collab between Bang Si-hyuk and her), Bang Si-hyuk explained that he could no longer write ballads for her, since he was focusing entirely on BTS, who is a dance group. Baek Ji-young said, “That was around the time when Si-hyuk Oppa was preparing BTS. I thought he was so amazing because he said, ‘Ji-young, I will write you as many dance songs as you want from now on, but I can no longer focus on the feelings necessary to write ballads. We cooly ended it at, ‘Okay, I’ll contact you if I ever need a dance song.’ And he never worked on ballads after that.” At the time, Big Hit was a very small company, with little funds. Although he could have used the money coming in from Baek Ji-young’s ballads, Bang Si-hyuk chose BTS over immediate money. “He didn’t have all of that money back then, so he most probably needed the income from the ballads I sang. But even so, he had set up his mind. I think that’s absolutely brilliant!” said Baek Ji-young After focusing entirely on BTS, his dedication definitely pulled through much more than he could have ever have imagined! But that’s what happens when you combine the energy of seven talented musicians and one devoted producer!

RM Trap into Bang Shi-hyuk Camera Prank

Once, in the fourth episode of Rookie King, Bang Si-hyuk and other members agreed to prank their leader, RapMon. This prank was helped by Bang PD, J-Hope, and Suga’s acting skills.

In the video, it is seen that J-Hope and Suga are in the same room as Bang PD, in a serious mood, whereas the other members are in different rooms and observing via cellphones and earphones. Suddenly, RapMon entered the room and had no idea anything was going on. It all started with a basic conversation between Bang PD and RapMon. Then the hidden camera started. Bang PD started to talk about a serious topic relating to the group, and started to get mad, little by little, saying that the members didn’t practice at all. RapMon looked a little anxious and tried to answer the question carefully. While RapMon answered the questions, suddenly Bang PD shouted and make RapMon look so shocked. He continued to ask RapMon “Why should you be a group then? Why do we need a leader? I heard from people that you only sleep in the waiting rooms. Then why do we need a group? Why not just practice separately and then regroup? Why are you not answering me?” RapMon just gritted his teeth and choose to be silent. The atmosphere that was formed was very good, so anyone would fall into the trap. But when RapMon started getting nervous while he was being scolded by Bang PD, the other members who watched it were unable to listen. The final segment was when Bang PD asked RapMon “Solo or Bangtan Boys?” And RapMon didn’t hesitate, and choose Bangtan Boys immediately, and the hidden camera stopped rolling. RapMon couldn’t hide his tears, and the members mocked him.

Latest News

Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music officially announced the date and location of their latest girl-group audition. It is known that Big Hit Entertainmen,t along with Source Music, will debut the girl-group in 2021 after a global audition. So, whatever Big Hit will do in the future, let’s continue to support and give positive comments! We love you Bang PD! ^^

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