Momoland’s Jane’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Jane (제인) Birth Name: Sung Ji Yeon (성지연) Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Birthday: December 20, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs) Blood Type: O Instagram:@janeeexxyeon/@lamemoire_de_s(Photography Account)

Momoland’s Jane’s Fun Fact

– Jane was born in Changwon, South Korea. – Jane has siblings who are seven years younger sister named Sung Ahyeon. – She graduates from Hanlim Art School. – Jane has nicknames including Sung Jane, Ratatouille, Usami, and Siraegi. – Jane’s signature point sparkling eyes. – Jane once auditioned for FNC Entertainment and Source Music; however, she didn’t pass. – Jane is a former trainer in SS Entertainment. – Jane’s hobbies are reading webtoons, riding a bicycle, shopping, writing a diary, and taking pictures. – Jane has habits speaking fast. – Her favorite foods are perilla leaves and sushi. – She couldn’t kiss other members. – One of her unique abilities is to impersonate the sound of the pressure rice cooker. – Jane ever becomes fansite admin of Infinite L and Sunggyu, called “Baby’s Breath”. – She doesn’t like to eat chocolate, sesame oil, and tomato. – Pastel, black, and rose gold are her favorite color. – She could speak Japanese. – Jane is 97 line on the group together with Dami from Dreamcatcher, Binnie from Oh My Girl, Yuju from Gfriend, Minkyeung from HINAPIA, Gyeongwon, and Yebin Uni.T, etc. – Her motto is “Do as you say”. – She is one of the messiest members, said Daisy. – Daisy and Ahin are her roommate.

Momoland’s Jane’s Pre-debut Story

Before joining the girl group Momoland, no one know that Jane ever became the manager of the fansite of Infinite L and Sung kyu on Twitter, called @BB_Pudding. She was called “Baby’s Breath”. Unfortunately, the fansite has been closed.

Momoland’s Jane’s Joining ‘Finding MOMOLAND’

In 2016, Jane participated in the survival show called ‘Finding Momoland’. Finding Momoland is a girl group reality show that Mnet broadcasted. On ‘Finding Momoland’, there were 10 trainees from Duble Kick Entertainment competing from July 22, 2016, till September 16, 2016, with 10 episodes. They did singing and dancing challenges, then got eliminated. Jane placed seventh place, which leading her becomes the official member of Momoland.

Momoland’s Jane’s Debut

On November 10, 2016, Jane debuted with Momoland with the first mini-album, ‘Welcome to Momoland’. Momoland has been popular since then, especially with their super hits song ‘Bboom Bboom’.

Momoland’s Jane as English Speaker

Jane’s English skills have been known as one of the best among the member of Momoland. Her pronunciation is excellent and fair enough to make conversation. She is also could express her personality nicely and confidently. Jane could become sweet, but to the point when she is changing languages to English. Check Jane speaking English on this video above!

Active in Social Project and Release ‘Wrap Me in Plastic’ with Momoland

  On February 5, 2021, Jane with Momoland released a new music video called Wrap Me in Plastic. The vibes of the song are fantastic and have an unusual beat that could affect enchanting people. In the year 2020, Momoland did a social project, including an online concert called “Joy Angel Concert” to help people who were struggling during COVID-19. In July 2020, Jane and Momoland also contributed to the charity photoshoot for women’s rights. Moreover, they also joined the ‘Life Sharing Concert’ on KBS to encourage people to donate blood donation. In her Instagram post, Jane expressed that she loves to do a picnic since the weather is warm and lovely. She greeted people to enjoy their weekend well. That’s all about Jane Momoland’s profile and journey before her debut and now become a member of the girl group Momoland. What do you like about Jane Momoland? Put your comment and share your thoughts on Twitter as well!

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