Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan’s Unusual Chemistry on ‘Tempted’

Have you watched the romance drama Tempted? It has been released in 2017 and starring Red Velvet’s Joy, Moon Ga-young, Woo Do-hwan, and Kim Min-jae. But, we’re not going to talk a lot about the drama since we will be focusing on Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan’s role, acting appearance, and their chemistry together! The drama depicts the friendship and a challenging love game between a group of friends. They are Shi-hyun (Woo Do-hwan), Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young), and Se-joo (Kim Min-jae). Soo-ji was asked Shi-hyun to seduce Tae-hee (Red Velvet’s Joy) as a form of her revenge and wanted to prove Shi-hyun’s loyalty as a friend. However, the plan failed, and Shi-hyun eventually fell for Tae-hee without knowing that Soo-ji has feelings for him. Although Woo Do-hwan and Moon Ga-young didn’t end up as a couple in the drama, some people praised their actions since they had such unusual chemistry and a bunch of intense scenes together! Do you want to know more about that? Let’s get started!

Their Role as Choi Soo-ji and Kwon Shi-hyeon

Here are some clips of Choi Soo-ji and Kwon Shi-hyun moments in the drama Tempted:

As childhood friends, Soo-ji, Se-joo, and Shi-hyun had a great friendship and strong bond, especially Soo-ji and Shi-hyun. He always there for her, even cheered her up every time people were made her down while she was trying to pursue her dream in music. The way they looked at each other could easily melt your heart, right?

Both Soo-ji and Shi-hyun were very popular and have many ‘fans’ in their high school. They also loved to making fun of other people by pretending to be a couple. The moment when they made a scene in front of Shi-hyun’s teacher while pretend to kissed was a fluttering moment!

Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan are very good at showing off their chemistry, leading the fans to get stuck with them deeper through scene by scene! For example, the drunk Shi-hyun met Soo-ji and Se-joo in the bar, and Shi-hyun approached her with his tipsy voice. It turns out, Soo-ji explained about their relationship to their target Tae-hee that they had feelings for each other!

Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan’s Closeness Behind The Camera

One of the most favorite content in chemistry between certain actors and actresses is behind the scenes! We could see their interactions as themselves and how they gained closeness in their free time, just like Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan in Tempted behind the scene! When the filming for the graduation scene, both of them were looked adorable with their graduation uniform! They caught up catching up before the filming. Even Woo Do-hwan made a bunch of hilarious faces that made Moon Ga-young burst into laughs!

Within a second when the director said, “Action!” Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan easily turn into Choi Soo-ji and Kwon Shi-hyun. But still, once they lost their focus, they could make a fun scene and laugh together! They also feel comfortable toward each other in the set and casually make physical touch in such a warm way!

When Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan Talks about Each Other

Tempted marks the first project together of Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan, which made their friendship closer as time went by. They had a lot of fun while filming and prove their great relationship as co-stars as well! Moon Ga-young was expressed her opinion when they work for Tempted. “My role got a lot of love from Woo Do-hwan and Kim Min-jae’s character, so I have a blast at filming locations.” On the other side, Woo Do-hwan also revealed that he loves to be immersed in Kwon Shi-hyun’s character who confident and narcissistic, especially when Choi Soo-ji and Lee Se-joo surrounded him. Then, since he works with other artists of the same age, they could have a great synergy together.

Their Dating Rumor and Agency Response about That

After the drama has ended, it seemed like the euphoria of it won’t stop there, especially when the dating rumor between Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan spread all over the media, which made the fans getting very excited! In May 2018, the two reported dating and became closer after filming the drama together. The fact that they scouted under the same agency Key East Entertainment also increased the possibility of their romantic relationship. However, their agency denied the rumor and explained that they were just great friends. Later in 2019, the two of them were involved in another dating rumor again. This time, some people admitted that they spotted the artists on their date while holding hands and visiting a coffee shop near Seoul’s Seungdong-gu, Geumho-dong. It leads Key East Entertainment to released another statement, “The two stars are just close friends, but they are not dating.” We have realized that Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan immersed in their role very well, which lead the fans to desire their romantic relationship in real life. Despite the dating rumor that has been denied, we are still quite satisfied with their relationship as good friends! Do you also think that Woo Do-hwan and Moon Ga-young have such an entice chemistry? Write your opinion through the comment, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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