Many fans wished that she would date one of her co-stars in True Beauty, but it seems like Moon Ga-young hasn’t made the fans’ wishes come true. In this article, Channel Korea will explain that to you, so keep on reading!

Moon Ga-young Never Dated Publicly

Moon Ga-young is one of the breakthrough Korean actresses who started her acting career when she was 10 years old. As she grew older, Moon Ga-young received many audition offers and roles through several acting projects, and it also made her raise her fame even more. The actress might have appeared in many romantic dramas, but Moon Ga-young herself keeps it private when it comes to relationships. It is well-known that Moon Ga-young never dated publicly no matter how often she is caught up in dating rumors. Many of her fans have speculated about the actress’ love life, but she is likely single currently.

Check Out Moon Ga-young’s Ideal Type Here

Moon Ga-young has never dated publicly nor confirmed her relationship status, and the actress seems to be very private when it comes to personal matters as well. Many fans have been curious about Moon Ga-young’s ideal type, especially after her chemistry with various co-stars successfully made everyone’s hearts flutter. However, Moon Ga-young never revealed her ideal type publicly either. But, still, let’s wait until she lets us know about her ideal type and more information regarding her love life!

Moon Ga-young’s Dating Rumors

Moon Ga-young might have never dated publicly nor revealed her ideal type, but the actress has been linked to various dating rumors. It happened after Moon Ga-young was connected with different co-stars in her drama projects, and they successfully portrayed such beautiful chemistry. Do you want to know more about Moon Ga-young’s dating rumors? You can check out some of them here:

Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho

Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho were united through several projects together such as the drama Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2018) and Find Me in Your Memory (2020). Due to their closeness during filming, their relationship was getting closer, and both Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho are well-known for their good friendship. In Welcome to Waikiki 2, Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho became a couple. It also made them share many scenes and even develop such good chemistry. The two of them stayed closed although the drama was over afterward. Then, Kim Seon-ho supported Moon Ga-young by appearing as a cameo in the actress’ next drama project Find Me in Your Memory. Moon Ga-young also sent him a food truck as a form of support towards Kim Seon-ho’s new drama project. They even got a photoshoot project together for the brand Nau through their 2021 Summer/Spring Collection. The closeness between them has made people speculate about their relationship, and they were involved in dating rumors several times. However, it remained unconfirmed whether Moon Ga-young and Kim Seon-ho were dating or not since there was no official statement regarding that matter.

Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan

Before Kim Seon-ho, Moon Ga-young was often involved in dating rumors with Woo Do-hwan. The two of them were connected after their drama project Tempted (2018). In the drama, they played the roles of best friends who rely on each other during difficult times. Although Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan didn’t end up together in the drama, many viewers were in love with their chemistry and wished they would date in real life. After the drama ended, the two of them started to be linked to each other and were caught up in dating rumors. However, no matter how often Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan denied the rumors, they were still linked to each other. The fans’ desire for the fantasy couple seemed to get the final answer. Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan are just friends, and they were never dating in real life. It was also proven after both their agencies denied the dating rumors and stated, “Moon Ga-young and Woo Do-hwan are just close friends.”

Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo

This couple pairing might be one of the most popular among all of them. Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo were united through the romantic comedy True Beauty (2020) where the two of them played the roles of a couple. They successfully portrayed such beautiful chemistry both on-screen and off-screen. Not only that but even the fans called them Shin Shin Couple! Although the drama was over, it seemed like the fans couldn’t get over Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo’s chemistry. They made the fans’ hearts flutter through their Instagram post during the True Beauty era as well. It also led them to be caught up in dating rumors, especially after their appearance together once they won the Emotive Award (Actor Category) at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. However, there is no official statement about whether they were dating or not, but one thing is for sure, the two of them remained in a relationship as good friends and co-workers.

Moon Ga-young and Hwang In-yeop

Aside from Cha Eun-woo, Moon Ga-young was also rumored to be dating her other co-worker in True Beauty (2020), actor Hwang In-yeop. The fact that they were very close and are managed under the same agency Key East Entertainment also reinforced the dating rumors. Moon Ga-young and Hwang In-yeop became the fans’ favorite couple through the drama, although they experienced one-sided love since Moon Ga-young’s character ended up with Cha Eun-woo’s character. However, in real life, both Moon Ga-young and Hwang In-yeop have shared multiple adorable interactions! In the last filming of True Beauty, Moon Ga-young was caught when she was trying to leave a letter in Hwang In-yeop’s pocket. But, still, the actress left letters for other co-stars and staff as well. In response, Hwang In-yeop replied to the letter from Moon Ga-young through one of her V-Live sessions. The actress seemed to be surprised by the letter from Hwang In-yeop, but she gladly accepted it. Aside from that, the actress also sent Hwang In-yeop a food truck while supporting the actor in his new drama project after True Beauty. So, is it true that Moon Ga-young and Hwang In-yeop are dating? Well, they never confirmed it publicly and neither did the agency since they remained silent about that. That’s everything about Moon Ga-young’s boyfriend and her dating rumors! For now, the actress is likely single and never publicly confirmed her relationship status. But, still, we will be glad to hear if she meets a great partner in the future! So, what do you guys think about Moon Ga-young? Leave a comment below about that, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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