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Yasin Malik’s wife Nationality: Pakistani Spouse: Yasin Malik (m. 2009) Marriage location: Pakistan Mushaal Mullick is an avid painter. Her inclination towards art developed at a young age. She began painting at the age of 6. Her artwork is displayed at several exhibitions in Pakistan. She is the chairperson of the Peace and Culture organisation, which campaigns for global peace and harmony and promotes the preservation of culture and heritage. In 2013, Mushaal Mullick along with his husband Yasin Malik and 18-month-old daughter was allegedly thrown out of a hotel in Delhi, due to his political ideology of separation. Mushaal still lives in Pakistan and has come to India for just two times. She has not applied for an Indian visa since 2015. Her activism has certainly revolved around Kashmir. She regularly makes statements on social media and also conducts public campaigns in favour of ‘freedom for Kashmir.’ She acknowledges militants, such as Burhan Wani as revolutionary freedom fighters of Kashmir. Ever since her husband, Yasin Malik has been put in jail, she regularly appeals for his release.

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Mushaal is the kind of face the cameraman would pick up in a packed cricket stadium. She is the sort of girl who would keep as souvenirs the cinema tickets of her first-ever date. She is a girl in whose purse you’d find a mirror, a comb and, perhaps, lip salve. She likes Phil Collins and Shakira, and in poetry her taste varies from Rumi to Sylvia Plath. She is, you’d say if you ever met her, full of life. She has a teenage intensity, if there is any such thing. She writes the way she speaks, and like most youngsters, likes to be on Facebook, adding friends so frantically you would think she is on an undercover mission to make the Facebook server collapse. She writes ‘you’ as ‘u’ and makes careless mistakes such as referring to her school principal as ‘principle’ in emails. In 2005, Yasin Malik had gone to Pakistan to forge support for the freedom of Kashmir. It was there, during a function, that Mushaal heard him recite Faiz in his speech. She was accompanied by her mother. “I went up to him and said I liked his speech,” recalls Mushaal. “We shook hands and he gave me his autograph.” Malik asked her to bring her friends along to his signature campaign in support of the Kashmiri movement. A day before he was to return, Malik called on Mushaal’s mother’s mobile. They took it as a courtesy call. “My mother told him that our prayers are with him, and in response, Yasin asked to be put across to me,” says Mushaal. The two fumbled a few formal pleasantries to each other before Yasin Malik said those three words, in English, as Mushaal remembers: “I love you.” “I asked him whether he liked Pakistan. He said ‘yes, especially you,’” says Mushaal. She remembers getting so nervous in her mother’s presence, she had to move aside towards the window on the pretence of a weak mobile signal. There, Malik said it again, this time in Urdu. There was no doubt left in her mind now. But she was so scared (“Yes, scared”) that she rang off. Malik tried calling again, but she switched the phone off. “I was speechless, and my mind would just not work,” she says. Mushaal comes from a very affluent family of Pakistan. Her late father (he died of a heart attack in August 2002) Professor MA Hussein Mullick was a renowned economist who headed the economics department at Bonn University, Germany, at one time, and was the first-ever Pakistani to serve as a Nobel Prize jury member. Her mother Rehana Hussein Mullick is former secretary general of the women’s wing of the Pakistan Muslim League. Her brother is a foreign policy analyst in Washington DC. She herself is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics from the London School of Economics. It was later that her mother met Yasin’s mother at the Haj pilgrimage, and the marriage was finally settled. The two got married on 22 February 2009 in Pakistan. In September last year, Mushaal finally flew to Kashmir Valley for the first time with Yasin by her side. “The aerial view of Valley was so breathtaking, I screamed with excitement,” she says. It was a Sunday. Upon reaching Maisuma, the couple was welcomed by hundreds of people. Soon, it would take the form of a procession. Young boys danced while women sung traditional Kashmiri wanwun (traditional wedding songs) to welcome the leader’s surprise bride. Rose petals and sugar candy were showered as the couple entered the narrow alley where Yasin Malik’s house stands.

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