Find out about Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy‘s love story in this article.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy’s Appearance in Start-Up

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy collaborated in a romantic drama about a love story in Korea’s Silicon Valley, Start-Up. The drama was broadcasted on tvN from October to December 2020 and consisted of 16 episodes. Currently, Start-Up is available for streaming on Netflix. Seo Dal-mi has a plan to build her own start-up and worked hard to gather all the funds. She decides to drop out of university and earn money by working part-time. In her dream, Seo Dal-mi thinks of herself as the next Steve Jobs. Seo Dal-mi contacts her childhood first love, Nam Do-san, and decides to meet him. However, she made a mistake and wrote letters to the wrong Nam Do-san. In the end, she invites the wrong person to a party and meets him. Nam Joo-hyuk, the wrong Nam Do-san, appears in front of Seo Dal-mi. He falls in love with her at first sight and works his way to becoming her lover Might be you like to check: The Scoop About Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung’s Break Up

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy’s Roles and Characters in Start-Up

Bae Suzy as Seo Dal-mi Seo Dal-mi is a hardworking young woman who must juggle various part-time jobs including waiter, courier service, and call center service assistant in order to survive and make a living. Despite her poor academic background, she mastered the English, Japanese, and Chinese languages. By working instead of studying at university, she can’t get regular jobs. Instead, she must switch between contract jobs only. Currently, Seo Dal-mi is working at T Company Headquarters. Nam Joo-hyuk as Nam Do-san Nam Do-san is the founder of Samsan Tech. He is a genius and successful software engineer. Having graduated from an elite school and university, Nam Do-san has the pedigree of a successful businessman. Contrary to most Koreans, Nam Do-san dislikes the habit of determining the character of a person and predicting future events based on horoscopes and blood types. Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong Being the leader of an investment company, Han Ji-pyeong earned the nickname of the Midas of investment. He is eager to confront anyone who is standing in front of his path. Behind his tough character, Han Ji-pyeong is a caring person, and he remembers all the small deeds that people did for him in the past.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy’s Chemistry in Start-Up

The chemistry between Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk is very visible on and off the screen. Suzy can be seen looking at him long enough during break-time conversations. They look very comfortable with each other and often times bicker with one another, just like a new couple.

In this scene, Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk battle out to get a prize in the claw machine while being interviewed. During the interview, Bae Suzy frequently steals glances at the handsome actor.

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy’s Relationship and Dating Rumor

After a very public breakup, both Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy are very careful with their romantic relationships. Suzy broke up with actor Lee Min-ho while Nam Joo-hyuk broke up with Lee Sung-kyung. Judging by their chemistry on the set of Start-Up, fans are hoping that this time both of them can be a real-life couple. Nam Joo-hyuk frequently posts pictures of Suzy on his Instagram account which made people accuse Suzy to be Nam Joo-hyuk’s girlfriend. Are they dating? As of now, there is no official statement from their agency nor are there any pictures of them meeting outside of work. Might be you like to check: They Announced Separation, Here are the Details About Lee Dong-wook and Suzy’s Relationship

Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy’s Memorable Scene in Start-Up

The first meeting between Seo Dal-mi and Nam Do-san is very adorable and romantic. Nam Do-san falls in love with her at first sight, and from that moment on, he sets his eyes on getting her love. The way Nam Do-san/Nam Joo-hyuk looks at Seo Dal-mi/Suzy can make every woman’s heart flutter.

Nam Joo-hyuk finally makes his move, and his move is very smooth. From a simple kinship into holding hands, it is official that they are in a relationship. Nam Joo-hyuk can’t hide his feelings, and both of them look comfortable with each other.

After finding out that he isn’t her first love, Nam Do-san needs confirmation from Seo Dal-mi. Seo Dal-mi says, “You are the reason, that’s all.”

The perks of being a couple at the workplace are many. One of them is flirting and kissing after small discussions. But, be aware of coworkers nearby! Start-Up is very popular with K-drama fans. If you haven’t watched this romantic drama, then it is your lucky day to start watching Start-Up. Don’t forget to recommend this article on your Twitter page!

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