With this article, Channel-Korea will bring you some of Chenle’s funny moments with the other members of NCT. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article to find out more.  

NCT Dream’s Ramen Mukbang with Chenle, Jisung, and Jeno

NCT Dream’s Jeno invited Chenle and Jisung to join the last episode of JSMR and they were already a mess right from the beginning, as Chenle and Jisung couldn’t control themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh7RJ7zgPX8 For this last episode. Jeno had already prepared various types of ramen for them to choose. However, Chenle and Jisung were greedy to take more than one cup to eat. Even after Jeno scolded them to eat only one cup at the time, Chenle’s madness didn’t stop until that. He was making loud plastic noises during the ramen process and singing the Doochi and Puuchu theme songs along with Jisung, which made Jeno sing along, shaking a bottle of soda. At the end of the video, Chenle shared his thoughts about his appearance on JSMR’s last episode in a funny way, with Jeno having a hard time handling his laughter.  

NCT Dream’s Chenle’s Funny Moments

Since he is one of the maknae of the group, Chenle is one of the most active members who like to talk and have random interactions with his fellow members and fans. Most of the time, Chenle likes to show his confident side first, rather than wondering if he is right or wrong. There are many moments when he looks like a different person, rather than being normal among his group members.    

NCT Dream’s Chenle vs Renjun

During the promotion for NCT Dream’s Boom, SM Entertainment uploaded several videos on YouTube which paired NCT Dream members to give TMI Quizzes about themselves. At the beginning of the video, he indirectly stated that he is funny, as he was supposedly paired with Jisung, but then he was paired with Renjun because Jisung is not funny (we all know that the NCT Dream members often roast one another, so he said it as a joke).

We can see Chenle’s naturally cute personality when he used his dolphin voice when he knew the answer to Renjun’s questions. There was a question from Renjun about when they fought for the first time, and it was revealed that they fought over the color of an Airpod when Renjun purchased one.  

Chenle’s Dolphin Voice

If you’re thinking about the dolphin voice of NCT, the first person that comes to mind is Chenle. His laughter sounds like a dolphin, and it is part of Chenle’s particular charm. His bright personality shows whenever he laughs, especially during the NCT variety show, NCT Life ‘Entertainment Retreat’ with Super Junior members Leeteuk and Shindong. He uses his dolphin laugh when he’s happy or devastated during the never-ending-dice-game.


NCT Dream’s Chenle as Nation’s Baby Boy

As the maknae-line on NCT, it is normal that the older members dote on him a lot. He is naturally cute, which encourages the older members to baby him (and Jisung) a lot.

Since Chenle is the youngest of his family (he has an older brother who is 11 years older his senior), it makes sense that he has that younger-brother-charm, and it has appeared when he’s with the other NCT members. They always play with him and take care of him, just as brothers should.  

Chenle as Taeyong’s Biggest Fan

Well, who doesn’t love Taeyong? He’s a beast on the stage, but he’s adorable off the stage. Don’t forget his striking-handsome face that made his own members startled. He is so charming that his own members became his fans, including Chenle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEfZKtBjhxw We often saw Chenle follow Taeyong’s rap parts on NCT U’s Boss and NCT 127’S Simon Says, and it was seen that he loves his Taeyong-hyung a lot. He once said that you have no choice but to like Taeyong (I can relate, boi). And of course, his Taeyong-hyung also loved Chenle a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6OyKoWrlt0 That was all for the information about NCT DREAM’S CHENLE’s FUNNY MOMENTS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!  

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