Yes, Jungwoo has an older sister who isn’t work in the entertainment industry. Are you curious about her as well? In this article, Channel Korea will explain further details regarding NCT’s Jungwoo’s sister, so please keep on reading!

Let’s Meet NCT’s Jungwoo’s Older Sister!

NCT’s Jungwoo‘s is one of the NCT 127 members with sisters aside from NCT’s Taeyong and NCT’s Yuta. His family consists of a mother, a father, and an older sister. Since she is a non-celebrity, the information that has been revealed to the public isn’t very much. However, Jungwoo’s sister was born in 1995, making her three years older than Jungwoo, born in 1998. Meanwhile, Jungwoo’s sister’s real name or occupation isn’t revealed to the public. On the other hand, fans are curious about his sister’s physical appearance, and some others believe that she must be pretty similar to Jungwoo. However, some of NCT’s 127 members once ‘spilled the tea’ and gave the fans a couple of hints regarding NCT’s Jungwoo’s older sister. “I’ve seen Jungwoo’s older sister,” Mark once said. Furthermore, Johnny added, “Jungwoo’s sister is like… pretty Jungwoo,” which made the other members laugh, and Doyoung agreed, “That’s right! A female version of Jungwoo.” Then Jungwoo commented about his sister’s appearance, “Just me with long hair.” Well, can you imagine that?

Moments Between Jungwoo and His Sister

NCT’s Jungwoo seems strictly private regarding his family members and older sister, although he once admitted that his sister looked like him with long hair. However, Jungwoo also radiates such a good brother vibe to his sister and even avoiding to introduce the other NCT 127 members to his sister. When the group members were being asked which member they’d like to introduce to their siblings, Jungwoo made a shocked expression and said, “My sister? To these people?” which make the others burst into a laugh! Aside from that, Jungwoo is very protective of his sister since he seems always take things seriously whenever topics about his sister come out, and it was well-known among the members.

He even firmly pointed out NCT’s Johnny as one of the members he never introduced to his sister, then pointed out NCT’s Taeil as someone who might get along. “I think Taeil and my sister would be compatible since she likes a calm guy,” Jungwoo responded.

NCT’s Jungwoo’s Sister’s Instagram

The more Jungwoo keeps his older sister private, the more people dig information about her, just like her Instagram account or other social media platforms. However, it seems like Jungwoo’s sister doesn’t run an Instagram account, or she keeps her account private for the sake of privacy. Well, let’s respect her privacy and her decision, shall we? That’s a wrap for details regarding NCT’s Jungwoo’s older sister’s information! Although the information isn’t that much since we need to keep her identity for her privacy, we can tell that she is just as sweet as NCT’s Jungwoo. Let’s always cheer up for these two adorable siblings! What do you think about NCT’s Jungwoo as a younger brother? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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