So, when you see some talented idols from other countries besides Korea, it’s really not new. Even since the early era of the 2nd gen of K-pop, 2 PM has a member from Thailand, Nichkhun. Since then, there are many K-pop idols from Thailand that you can name, Bambam, Sorn, Lisa, Ten, and Minnie. Nothing different from Thailand. There are a lot of idols who came from Japan as well. Fans called them Japanese-line. The idols from Japan that are still active these days are Yuto from Pentagon, Yuta from NCT, Mina, Sana, Momo from Twice, etc. Not only talented in their specialties, but they are also good in Korean, just like a native. However, in this article, we won’t be talking about foreigners or Japanese idols in general. Instead, we will talk about this one Japanese K-pop idol who just made a debut in 2020 and already got his first daesang in a few months after his debut. It’s none other than Osaki Shotaro! Who is he, and where did he come from? Not only basic info of him, but we will also discuss Shotaro’s full story starting from his life before his debut to this day. Let’s get to know Shotaro in the sections below!

NCT Shotaro’s Profile

Shotaro or also known as Taro for short, is in charge of the main dancer and sub-rapper in NCT. As you can see from his name, he came from Japan, more specifically in Kanagawa. Shotaro made a debut along with Sungchan, as the two new members added to the NCT line-up simultaneously as the NCT2020 era announced. So, let’s see more of Shotaro from his profile below! Full name: Osaki Shotaro Korean Name: 쇼타로 Japanese Name: 大崎将太郎 Stage Name: Shotaro Nickname: Otter, Taro, Taerangi, Soda, Otter Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan Nationality: Japanese Birthdate: November 25, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Position: Main dancer, sub vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: A Family: Parents, younger brother, younger sister Debut year with NCT: 2020 Agency: SM Entertainment Instagram: @nct

NCT Shotaro’s Facts

We have seen the basic things about Shotaro, now let’s get to know more about him by reading some facts about him. Sure, there are a lot more things about him that you may haven’t known before. Do you know that Shotaro was a backup dancer for a Japanese boy band named Exile before? No wonder he became the main dancer in NCT. So, let’s see more interesting facts about Shotaro down below!

Shotaro received the daesang or grand prize of AAA awards 41 days after he made a debut. Shotaro’s favorite foods are sweet foods such as crepes and sushi. When Shotaro goes to a cafe, he ordered Yuja tea or Honey Citrus Tea. Shotaro’s hobby is watching food videos, and his specialties are dancing and basketball. Shotaro started to learn Korean in March 2020 in Japan. Then he went to Korea. Shotaro knows how to whistle magically. Shotaro likes the scents of detergents and fabric softeners perfumes. Shotaro’s favorite color is blue. Shotaro shared the dorm with Sungchan. Shotaro wanted to be a singer because he watched the performance of NCT127 in Japan. Before made a debut, Shotaro shot for a commercial, Pocari Sweat. Shotaro has a part of his left ear that got pierced. He did it in high school.

NCT Shotaro’s Pre Debut

Shotaro was born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. He was born with a full name, Osaki Shotaro, and sometimes the members in NCT and the fans call him Taro. Shotaro was born on November 25, 2000, making him one of the 2000-line members in NCT along with Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, and Jaemin. Now, let’s start the story of how can the Kanagawa boy become a member of NCT! Unlike his cute appearance that has been known among Czennies or NCT fans, Shotaro is not the youngest child in his family. Instead, he is the eldest son. He has a younger sister born in 2005 and a younger brother born in 2012. Along with his siblings and parents, Shotaro spent his childhood and teenage life in Kanagawa. In his house, there is also a puppy named Choco that he raised along with his family. As a child, Shotaro already started to dance when he was 5 years old. Gladly, his parents were supportive of him. That’s also because Shotaro’s mother likes dancing. He joined one of the best dance academies in Tokyo, EXPG Studio, a training center under LDH Company for those who want to debut as artists. Due to Shotaro’s hard work in dancing, his talent caught the attention, and he was appointed as one of the back dancers for Japanese singers Gackt and Exile. Shotaro has a compelling hip-hop style dance. Even before he made a debut and went to Korea, he has shown some of his dance performances on YouTube or TikTok. Many fans who discovered his accounts when he still hasn’t debuted yet were impressed by his moves. Let’s see some videos of Shotaro when he was still in Japan.

Shotaro really had an impressive dancing skill when he was a student in EXPG. If he continued his career in Japan, he probably would be a J-pop idol instead of debuting in Korea. However, in November 2019, he got cast to join the audition of SM Entertainment. Due to the amazing dancing skill that he has, Shotaro passed the audition and got trained for several months.

NCT Shotaro’s Debut with NCT

Since 2013, SM Entertainment adapted the J-pop industry culture to introduce the trainees to the public by revealing some of their potential trainees to SM Rookies. Some of the trainees who got introduced then debuted as SM Entertainment’s new boy group, NCT. NCT itself has an interesting concept compare to other boy groups. If other boy groups only have certain members that usually fix and offered a contract for several years when they made a debut, NCT has a concept of having a lot of units that they can match with various concepts. The number of members of NCT is always increasing each year. As of 2020, they got two new members, made their members’ total to be 23. Can you imagine stanning 23 talented and handsome guys? Well, Czennies can relate. Anyway, Shotaro is one of the new members that being introduced in 2020 along with Sungchan. In September 2020, SM Entertainment announced the news of NCT 2020 YearParty. People who have been anticipating the rumor of NCT that would make collaboration between all of the members were so excited regarding this news. Especially when we see the video, two new members were being introduced.

Shotaro, who hasn’t even been in Korea for a year, finally made a debut as an idol, not for J-pop, but K-pop instead. He started to learn Korean at the beginning of the year, and his skills are improving each day. No wonder he was included in one of NCT units in NCT Resonance Pt. 1 album with a song called “Make a Wish”. Let’s see the video of Shotaro with his debut song in NCT, “Make a Wish”!

There are Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas, Xiao Jun, Jaemin, and Shotaro in this unit. The boys are promoting the song in some music shows. The members in this unit were originally from NCT 127, WayV, and NCT Dream. Hopefully, Shotaro will get closer with all of the members, and the members will treat him well!

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